Google's Transition API allows developers to access context-aware features

Google says that it has heard from app developers who say that they are spending too much time working with location and sensor data just to determine when an Android user has started or ended certain activities like walking or driving. And all of the checking that an app needs to do to ascertain whether the user is just starting his travels, or is at his destination, takes a toll on a phone’s battery life.

To help preserve the battery on Android handsets, Google has introduced the Activity Recognition Transition API. Available to all Android developers, the API tells developers when a user …

WhatsApp for Android scores new group-related features in latest update

WhatsApp has just received a small update that brings a couple of new features and improvements to Android users. Some of these new features have been released on iOS one week earlier, so if you’re using an iPhone should already have the new group-related features included in the update.

The update brings a new ability that will allow Android users to add a description to a group in WhatsApp. That way, your friends will know about important info or the topic of a certain group. It’s also worth mentioning that group descriptions will be visible when inviting someone via the group’s invite …

Google Camera v5.2 brings new features and improvements to Pixel/Nexus devices

Google continues to improve one of the apps that have been specifically developed for its Nexus and Pixel devices. Google Camera recently received an update that includes a couple of new features and improvements, which haven’t been detailed in a changelog like we’re used to.

But no matter, as AndroidPolice dig into the app’s insides and learn everything there is to know about the current version of Google Camera, as well as information about possible future additions to the app.

Firstly, Google Camera v5.2 adds a new “Show dirty lens warning” option in the Settings menu, which …

Google Assistant now features native support for the Apple iPad

Thanks to an update to the Google Assistant for iOS app, the digital assistant now supports the Apple iPad. The UI is the same as the one found when Google Assistant is downloaded on an iPhone, but is designed to cover the the entire 7.9-inch to 12.9-inch screens that adorn different iPad models. Keep in mind that Apple will only allow a third-party assistant like Google Assistant, Cortana and Alexa to work when the app is open. Of course, the iPad comes equipped with Apple’s own Siri as its default assistant.

With Google Assistant, users can get the weather, news, sports scores, stock prices, …

4K 60 FPS recording or Super slow motion? Which of these camera features is more important to you?

With smartphones getting pretty even in power and screen quality nowadays, everyone is looking for ways to make their product stand out. We have the good old custom user interfaces doing a complete Android reskin, we’ve also got the ones that rock a pure Android experience and touting it as an advantage. Some are going well out of their way to add AI features where their usefulness is often questioned, and others will look into incorporating a ton of ways to securely lock your phone.

But the good old camera race is still ongoing. Nowadays, since everyone makes cameras that are more or less …

New LG V30 update adds all the AI camera features of the V30S ThinQ

When LG officially introduced the LG V30S ThinQ at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 last month, it promised to bring its unique camera features to the LG V30 and V30+ at some point.

Well, it appears that an update that contains most of AI camera features of the V30S ThinQ, so praised by LG, is now being rolled out to the LG V30. Although LG started the deployment of the update in South Korea, we can safely assume it will be expanded to more markets in the coming weeks.

The full changelog (translated) has already been posted by someone who captured the update, so here is what you’ll …

These ads show off the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ camera features

Samsung has released three ads to show off the reimagined camera on its Galaxy S9 and S9+. Each ad shows a distinctive feature of the camera in Samsung’s newest flagships, so without further ado, let’s take a look at them.Slow-mo waterfall

The first ad shows off the 960 fps 720p slow-mo video recording capabilities of the Galaxy S9 and S9+. Samsung is quite proud with this feature – it can turn 0.2 seconds of footage into a 6 second video, adding a dramatic effect to videos and allowing you to capture moments you’ve never imagined. This ad also reminds us that …

Microsoft Launcher getting loads of new features in an upcoming update

Microsoft is readying yet another major update for its Android launcher. Many, if not all, of the upcoming improvements, are already available to everyone who has the beta version installed on their devices.

Among the most important changes included in Microsoft Launcher v4.7, the developers mention some calendar notifications improvements, which will allow users to have all the upcoming calendar events shown on the lock screen.

Also, the new version of Microsoft Launcher allows users to get their new daily backgrounds from their own custom set of wallpapers in addition to Bing. You’ll …

Apple Music for Android update significantly improves stability, adds new features

Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music, Tidal, Deezer are just some of the music streaming services that competing for market share. Obviously, the fierce clash between the giants behind these services is good for customers since these companies are trying to make their products as appealing as possible.

Apple has taken another step towards making its music streaming service better than ever. The Cupertino-based company has just updated the Android app with important new features and improvements.

According to Apple, the update should significantly improve stability, “making music …

The new HomePod ad features music, dancing, and space-time bending

Ads can be quite the art. Apple has proved this not once and does it yet again with its most recent ad, which shows how easily you can be immersed in music. That’s in case you own the HomePod, of course.
The ad shows a young woman, played by English singer and dancer FKA Twigs, coming home on a rainy night. The moment she steps inside her loft, she asks Siri to play her favorite song. What then follows is a 3-minute spectacle including dancing and apartment extensions, while playing in the background is ‘Til It’s Over’ by Anderson .Paak. …