LG V30 UX video shows your favorite features

The talk around the water cooler on Friday remained the LG V30. If taking pictures and video is your thing, the LG V30 should be at the top of your short list when it comes to deciding which new phone to buy. And on Friday, LG Mobile released a video titled LG V30: UX Video. The video shows the user experience of the phone including the always on display. Revised for the P-OLED screen that the LG V30 sports, the always on display can be customized for the user’s needs.

The always on display shows quick tools, notifications, battery settings, and controls for the music player. And …

Which is your favorite feature of the Galaxy Note series?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is up for pre-orders already and, with everything we know about the device, it’s definitely a heavy-hitter. Well, that’s sort of a running themse for the Note devices so far — they usually come some months after the Galaxy S flagship for the year and are either packed with slightly better hardware, have more software features, or both. Of course, we also have the Samsung S Pen stylus, which is still pretty much uncontested by rival smartphones.

But it’s the Note’s top-shelf features that actually make it a niche smartphone — it came out …

Here are all Nokia 8 colors and finishes: which one is your favorite?

The new Nokia 8 is finally official, and it’s the first flagship by HMD Global, the company that now owns the rights to the Nokia brand and hopes to bring back the DNA of excellence that the company was known a few years ago.
The Nokia 8 is out there with the best phones: it has the most powerful Android chip – the Snapdragon 835 – and it packs a dual camera system.
But what this new phone takes specific pride in is the craftsmanship, design and finish. It is offered in two different finishes: a glossy, “polished” one and a matte, “tempered” …

Here is why you can't find your favorite Nokia-branded smartphone yet

It’s true that HMD promised to bring all three Nokia-branded smartphones in just about every meaningful market by the end of June. Unfortunately, the Finnish company has yet to achieve what it said in its previous statements.

Although it might be that many countries have already received one or two of the Nokia smartphones, stocks are dwindling, and HMD is hardly able to keep up with the high demand.

If you’ve already purchased the Nokia 3 or 5, then you can consider yourself lucky, as HMD is now gathering data from suppliers and will announce new release …

Wonder Woman mashups frame iconic women as your favorite superhero


The success of Wonder Woman at the box office is leading to predictions of a $100 million opening weekend and waves of praise on social media

And while Wonder Woman was already iconic, the film is inspiring brilliant new fan artwork, including this series of mashups from our old friend, Brazil-based artist Butcher Billy

Billy’s new series takes the familiar look of Wonder Woman and applies it to some of the most famous women in entertainment history, including the late singer Amy Winehouse, Siouxsie Sioux (leader singer of rock group Siouxsie and the Banshees), and actor Lindsay Lohan. Read more…

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Google Assistant can now help you cook your favorite dish

Google Assistant has just become even more useful for those using an Android device or the Google Home. Thanks to Bon Appetit, The New York Times, Food Network and a couple of more publications, Google Assistant users will now be able to access more than 5 million recipes.

Basically, you won’t be needing any cooking books since you’ll now be able to find just about any recipe that you can think of. More importantly, Google Home users can listen to a recipe and their favorite music, at the same time.

The ability to cook with the Google Assistant on Google …

Latest Google Trips update may turn the app into your favorite travel companion

The Google Trips application was launched more than seven months ago, but no one gave it any chance since it had to compete with the likes of TripIt and other similar travel apps.

It appears that Google doesn’t want to let its app die so soon, which is why the newest Trips update brings lots of new features and improvements that significantly enhance user experience.

But first of all, here is a quick rundown of Google Trips’ main features. Well, the app has been specially designed to automatically organize one’s travel information and make it available offline.

Google …

Wonderwall is my new favorite Android wallpaper app

There is a ton of wallpaper apps on Android, but if you are looking for one that is right for you… good luck looking. You probably already know about some cool wallpaper apps: the trendy Android Wallpapers by Google brings some nice artwork for a wallpaper, and Muzei has plenty of customization options. While these are two great apps, I have recently stumbled upon a simpler app that has a more refined focus: it brings high-quality, portrait-mode optimized wallpapers in a simple and ad-free package.

The app is Wonderwall for Android, and I appreciate …

TechCrunch’s Favorite Things of 2016

stuff We made it! 2016, the year that might go down in history books as “The one where the simulation glitched out a little” is… just about over. We see a lot of stuff at TechCrunch. Lots and lots of stuff. Gadgets. Apps. Stuff that has inexplicably been made “smart”. Stuff that solves huge problems — and stuff that solves problems literally no one on earth… Read More

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Now A Favorite In The Top Segment Of Super Phones – The Samsung Galaxy S2

There had been a lot going on in the market since the time Samsung had brought this topic out about their S series going to rule the markets. All the brands were braced and were ready for the competition but they had no idea that Samsung was going to simply explode into the scene with something like the Samsung galaxy s2 which is not just a smart phone but something more like a super phone and there is a lot about this phone which is driving the market sales figures to new heights with each passing day. So here is a good look at the Samsung S2 along with the various specifications of the phone.They are high on their functionalities, looks and are also very strategically priced in the international markets.

The S2 is quite a large phone and with the large screen comes a lot more than just size. The first thing that one will notice is that the phone is unbelievably light for its size as it weighs just around 116 grams. The first glance brings us face to face with the 4.3 inch super AMOLED panel of the screen and the protection of the corning gorilla makes it all the more better. The 4th version of the user interface makes the s2 equipped with smooth interface. The phone is at the summit in nearly all the departments and one can easily see that the phone has all the best options for connectivity with even the latest NFC which is available in a selected few networks as per the limitations. The internal memory of the phone is also quite huge and can be updated to 32 GB. This is followed by the tremendous support from the SD cards which can be extended up to another 64 GB.

The Samsung galaxy s2 hit the markets earlier with the ice cream sandwich OS but now with the latest version out from the android stable, things are looking very bright and the latest version is out with the ICS OS making the s2 all the more a favorite. The only flaw that one can particularly find out is the lack of a dedicated camera key and a completely plastic body.The Samsung range of smart phones are known for being able to cater to the different segments of the market and are able to do it in one of the best possible ways.

Now A Favorite In The Top Segment Of Super Phones – The Samsung Galaxy S2

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