Google Photos update adds option to bookmark favorite photos

Google has been working to bring a lot of new features and improvements to the Google Photos app, but there is still a lot that hasn’t even been mentioned by the search giant (bring Folders please).

The last new feature recently introduced by developers is the option to mark photos as favorites by tapping the star-shaped icon that appears above every photo in Google Photos. Then, if you head to the Albums tab, you can view all your favorite photos in just one place.

The new feature is pretty neat and useful, but there are other improvements that Google must definitely add to …

Which is your favorite new feature coming in Android P?

OK, Google just announced the new features to come in Android P and there’s quite a bit to be excited about! While select smartphone users are now able to install the beta and enjoy some of the new features, the rest will have to wait until whenever the full version hits their handset in the latter half of 2018 or later.

So, what’s there to be excited about? The major new additions are:

Gesture-based interface — the home button turns into a mini-scrollbar, which lets you swap between apps or open the app drawer via simple swipes.

Digital Wellbeing …

'Fortnite' contest gives fans a chance to get their favorite dance into the game


In case you slept on the overnight sensation, Fortnite is the latest “battle royale” game to take over. Now, the #boogiedown competition is inviting fans to dance their way into the game itself.

Epic Games announced the competition with the help of two huge names in the Fortnite community: competitive player and Team SoloMid Fortnite captain, Myth, and popular streamer Ceez. They busted out some moves, encouraging others to join and share their own videos with the #boogiedown hashtag for a shot at the grand prize: having your dance digitally immortalized as an emote in the game. Read more…

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What's your favorite new Android P feature? (results)

Yesterday, we did a review of Google’s just-released Android P developer preview, detailing all the new features that may come with the final Android 9.0 release. These include new visuals, transitional animations, notification layout, privacy enhancements, wide color and high efficiency media format support, and a whole lot more. 
We were curious which of the chief new Android P features that got revealed in the developer preview has piqued your interest the most, and, as you can see from the poll results above, the new looks and privacy …

What's your favorite new Android P feature?

Google just released the Android P developer preview onto our unsuspecting heads, and detailed a few of the new features that will come with the final Android 9.0 release in the video above. There is a more where that came from, though, including new visuals, transitional animations, notification layout, privacy enhancements, wide color and high efficiency media format support, and a whole lot more.
If the update still feels a bit underwhelming to you, it’s because Google doesn’t want Samsung owners to be frustrated has been introducing front-facing …

What's your favorite smartphone trend for 2017? (poll results)

We didn’t ask for a lot of the overarching trends that phone makers forced on us in 2017, then jacked up the average selling prices, but they are here nonetheless, so we asked last week what’s your favorite of the tendencies emerged this year, like better screen-to-body ratios, or HDR displays. We got more than 2000 respondents, and 53% of those are of the opinion that the “all-screen” “bezel-less” trend is the most positive thing that happened to handsets this year. The increase in battery life (at least on average) was the second most welcome trend, while the rest …

What's your favorite smartphone trend for 2017?

The year is almost behind us, and what a rollercoaster it was waiting for the Infinity Display Galaxy S8 or Apple’s anniversary iPhone X to appear, and everyone placing their bets on an “all-screen” design of sorts in response. Well, the iPhone X arrived, notch and horns, and the move to bezel-less bodies seems here to stay, tagging along with it taller, narrower displays with 2:1 aspect ratio, or thereabouts. Some like it, some not so much, but overall, we will likely have to get used to it going forward. The year-on-year average battery life also improved, which can …

What is your favorite phone of 2017?

2017 has been a great year for phones as our mobile sidekicks got futuristic, nearly bezel-less screens, performed better, their batteries lasted a bit longer and cameras started taking even better photos and videos.
But of all the new phones in 2017, which one is your favorite?

Why do you love this phone?

It does not have to be the objectively best phone out there – and who knows if such a thing even exists – but it needs to be one that you personally love. So tell us: which one is it, but also tell …

Choose your favorite Instagram Stories from your Archive to create Stories Highlights

Instagram has introduced what it calls two new tools for members that will allow them to share their favorite Stories with others. Stories Highlights is a new addition to your Instagram profile. You can now make a “highlights” package showing your favorite Stories grouped together, and allow others to see it. This allows some of your Stories to remain on Instagram for more than 24 hours. In fact, they will stay on the app permanently until you remove them.

You’ll find Stories Highlights on your profile below the biography. To create a Stories Highlight, tap on the “New” circle on the far …