Samsung Internet Browser is now faster than ever, and protects you from malware

Samsung this week updated its Internet Browser for Android (pictured on the left), making it faster and better than ever. 
The latest version of Samsung Internet Browser (v. 7.2) uses an upgraded engine – Chromium M59 – thus offering a speedier browsing experience and enhanced graphics in online gaming.  
The new Internet Browser from Samsung features protected browsing (alerting users when visiting sites that try to steal information or install malware), and various interface improvements (including an “Add to home screen” icon …

Galaxy S9 should land Android 9 faster

The new features that the latest Android 8.0 Oreo update brings to the table, and to the newly-announced Galaxy S9 and S9+ in particular, aren’t overwhelming, but one of them is of particular note – Project Treble. 

It is Google’s final push to remedy slow Android updates by separating the basic, core Android framework, from the manufacturer image, thus allowing it to be updated much faster than before, as it will be uniform across the board.

There are a few Project Treble phones currently on the market, like Huawei’s Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro, but …

The rapid rise and even faster fall of an HQ trivia champion


HQ trivia, the live game-show app that launched in July, is ridiculously hard to win, but contestant Allan Gibbons repeatedly finds a way.

Better known by his username “AllanG,” Gibbons is an HQ trivia celebrity, born from his knack for dominating the game show’s daily competitions. The 28-year-old radio DJ from Owen Sound, Canada has earned more than $870 from the nine games he’s won and has sat at the top of the all-time leaderboard for about two months.

Sure, maybe his winnings sound like chump change in comparison to the game’s jackpots that range from $500 to $10,000, but it’s been enough to earn him a position atop the leaderboard, and therefore, the envious eyes of the hundreds of thousands contestants who have spent time with the iPhone app over the last six months.  Read more…

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Google improves on three features making it faster and easier to get answers to your search query

Google has been quietly improving its Search app by working on three different features that make it easier to learn about the topics that you have an interest in learning more about. For example, when you ask Google to search out information on a very specific topic, the results sometimes come in the form of a Featured Snippet. Using algorithms, these are “quick, relevant” answers to your search query that you would find on the web. Google has started adding more images and related searches dealing with your search. Let’s say you searched for Baby Spider Monkey. With the improved Featured Snippet, …

Apple Watch Series 4 to have faster LTE connectivity

This year, we saw the first Apple Watch that can be connected to your cellular provider — the Apple Watch Series 3 with its eSIM. The gadget allows you to leave your phone at home and still be able to make and receive texts and calls, get and reply to emails, chats, and so on. As for the next generation, it seems Apple is working on doing much of the same, but faster.

In the latest iPhone 8 and iPhone X, Apple uses a new type of flexible circuit board made from a liquid crystal polymer. It’s employed in the construction of the antenna designs and is lauded for being …

The CDMA version of the Apple iPhone X is faster over LTE than the GSM model?

Last year, Apple used Qualcomm and Intel modem chips on the Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus. CDMA models for Verizon and Sprint carried the Qualcomm component while the GSM variants for T-Mobile and AT&T had the Intel modem chip on board. Because the Qualcomm modem chip was much faster over LTE than the one made by Intel, Apple was forced to throttle its speed so that there wouldn’t be a huge discrepancy in performance between the CDMA and GSM models.

The same situation is happening this year with the Apple iPhone X. The CDMA version sports the Qualcomm Snapdragon X16 modem chip …

Faster iPhone X delivery times due to improved production, not weak demand

With Apple iPhone X delivery times down to 1 to 2 weeks on new orders, the reason for the quicker delivery times depends on your world view. If you’re not an Apple fan, you say that delivery times are dropping because no one is buying the phone. If you’re an Apple fan, you might take the opinion that Apple has finally figured out to produce the tenth anniversary model at a faster pace.

A research note sent to KGI Securities clients last week by top Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo takes the latter position and says that the faster iPhone X production has allowed Apple to as much as triple the …

iOS 11.2 will allow your iPhone to charge faster wirelessly: 7.5W of Qi goodness

According to a tip revealed by accessory maker RAVpower, the upcoming official release iOS 11.2 will be the software update that will unlock faster wireless charging for the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X. It looks like the feature is already part and parcel of the iOS 11.2 beta, which is available to developers and adventurous folk alike, and is enabling all three iOS devices to get topped up by at 7.5W by compatible Qi wireless chargers.
As a reminder, all new iPhones support wireless charging, but as of iOS 11.1.1, which is the latest official software, …

Google's new Pixel 2 phones support even faster charging

We already knew that the new Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL both support fast charging and unlike some other companies actually ship with a fast charger in the box, but did you know that you can get even faster charging speeds with a more powerful adapter?
The Google Pixel 2s ship with an 18-watt Type-C + PD power adapters, but new this year is that the phones can actually support 27W charging from compliant PD chargers.
So if you do get one of those more powerful 27-watt chargers, you will be able to charge …

T-Mobile defiant: sorry, we are faster than Verizon, and will keep preaching it

The National Advertising Division (NAD), an ad industry watchdog, demanded that T-Mobile stop claiming its network is faster than Verizon’s recently, as these claims are at best hard to prove, and may be misleading customers. 

‘T-Mobile is still the fastest LTE network and we’ll continue to let consumers know that.’T-Mobile has long been using crowdsourced app logs from Ookla and OpenSignal, citing their reports on which carrier has the fastest average download speeds, latency, and so on, in advertising. It also claimed that its network covers 99.7% …