Private companies could have access to this country's facial recognition database


Signing up for a phone contract? Telecoms companies could be getting another way to check you’re the right person.

When the Australian government announced in October it would add photos from government identification and driver’s licences to a national facial recognition database, there was plenty of concern from privacy advocates on the security of this data, and how it would be used.

According to a report by The Guardian, the federal government has been in talks with telecommunications companies to allow them to access the Face Verification Service (FVS) for a fee.

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Apple HomePod manufacturer sees facial recognition eventually coming to smart speakers

The company that assembles Apple’s HomePod smart speaker, Inventec Appliances, said last week that it expects features offered by 3D-sensing cameras to eventually be available on smart speakers. That would include facial and image recognition that could make the product “more convenient and…easier to use,” according to Inventec Appliances president David Ho. The executive did say that he isn’t sure that a smart speaker with AI would be in demand by consumers.

While Ho didn’t mention Apple’s HomePod by name, he did say that Inventec Appliances is also producing a voice enabled smart speaker …

Reuters: Apple to share some facial recognition data with developers

Privacy experts are up in arms today after Apple stated that some of the data mined by the facial recognition system on the iPhone X will be released to developers to help them build apps and games. For example, the data would be useful to help developers build games with characters that mirror the user’s facial expressions. According to a dispatch released today by Reuters, Apple is allowing developers to grab a “rough map” of the user’s face along with 50 different expressions. The developer must get customer permission to obtain the facial data, and also must promise not to sell it to a third …

Report: Apple iPhone 8 sensor will handle facial recognition while lying flat on a desk

The bottom line seems pretty clear. Neither Apple nor Samsung will be first to the market place with a fingerprint scanner that will be embedded under the front display. In fact, at the moment, that accomplishment will apparently be first credited to Sharp and its Aquos S2 device. Samsung is relying on the use of its rear-facing fingerprint buttons for biometric control, and it seems that Apple will be hoping that its 3D scanning facial recognition system will be able to unlock phones and verify identity. The main question is whether the financial institutions partnering with Apple on Apple Pay …

LG Innotek to supply brand-new facial recognition front camera modules for the next iPhone

Korean media reports LG Innotek is supplying Apple with facial recognition cameras for upcoming iPhone(s). LG’s semiconductor division, also responsible for imaging sensors, has its work cut out for the foreseeable future. Reportedly, the company poured as many as $238.5 million into a brand new facility built solely to handle Apple orders.

Since 2016, the iPhone maker and LG Innotek have been co-developing a 3D facial recognition camera system designed for security and entertainment applications. The technology is going to be entirely new. Existing facial recognition solutions, such as …

Galaxy S8+ April security update released in Europe, facial recognition feature gets an upgrade

Samsung is in the process of rolling out its first Galaxy S8+ update in Europe. The new OTA includes Google’s April monthly security update, which consists of fixes for 49 CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) found on Android and a patch for 16 issues which are specific to Samsung’s Galaxy devices. 
SamMobile obtained the entire changelog in Dutch, and the translated information suggests that the new update also brings improvements to the algorithms of the facial recognition feature on the S8+.  
As …

Report: Samsung to use a mix of fingerprint, iris, and facial scans for mobile payments with the Galaxy S8

Mobile payments have now been around for more than a couple of years and are slowly dripping their way down to the mainstream, as vendors pick them up and consumers get acquainted with them. Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, a rumored LG Pay, and who knows what else — mobile payments are obviously going to become the norm in the future.

Back to present day, however, the technology is still not fully trusted by users. Yes, it does require a fingerprint scan in order to authorize a payment, but numerous hackers have been successful in spoofing and fooling a phone’s scanner.

So, a …

Kuo: all new Touch ID tech for OLED iPhone, Apple exploring facial recognition security

Knowledgeable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo served interesting specifics about some of the technology that could go into this year’s or future iPhones. According to his research report, Apple is reworking its Touch ID technology to support a “zero bezel” design. As a result, the OLED iPhone’s fingerprint sensor won’t be placed under the glass, as previously reported, but it’s going to live under the display panel. The technology is said to be in early development stages. It also requires specific OLED panel customizations to which Apple’s display suppliers have to oblige.

Mentioning an iPhone with …