Facebook Messenger chief admits the app is too cluttered, will be streamlined in 2018

Facebook’s vice president of messaging products, David Marcus, has essentially uttered the essential complaints that tons of Facebook Messengers users have had for a while now – Facebook’s dedicated messaging service has become way too cluttered for its own good.

In a rather extensive blog post detailing Facebook Messenger’s plans for 2018, Marcus admitted that 2018 will be the year when the platform will ditch some of the useless features and become way more streamlined than it currently is. After all, there wouldn’t have been any incentive for the development of the Android-only Facebook …

Over 1,000 charged for sharing revenge porn on Facebook


Over 1000 people have been charged for sharing sexually explicit content without consent on Facebook in the biggest case of its kind in Denmark.

According to Danish police, two videos and a sexually explicit image involving two 15-year-olds were originally posted to Facebook Messenger, the platform’s private chat service. The video was then shared hundreds of times across the platform, and now, a total of 1,004 young people have been charged — and about 800 are male, reports Bloomberg. While the content was posted by someone within Denmark, it’s unclear if everyone accused of sharing it are from the country. Read more…

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Facebook is testing a new section to emphasize local news

Recently, social media has been heavily criticized for being a real catalyst for the way “fake news” spreads. Why? Well, a lot of news outlets — reputable or not — will have a big, eye-catching title, and will often be shared through social media channels by thousands of people who don’t read the actual articles. This issue has been a hot topic ever since the 2016 US presidential elections and Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been on a personal mission to end “fake news” sharing over his platform since.

The initiative is called the Facebook Journalism …

Facebook is out of the smart assistant game… for now: Its M chatbot to retire soon

Oh, M, we hardly knew ye!

Facebook has decided to kill of its short-lived smart chatbot, dubbed M, which was available inside the ultra popular Messenger service but never actually got out of beta. It used artificial intelligence to come up with relevant answers to users’ queries which have subsequently been checked by real humans for relevancy and comprehensiveness; apparently, people did that 24/7 – how’s that for a resume?
However, it would seem that Facebook was unimpressed with the direction M was going, so it will sing its swan song this January …

Facebook adds new face recognition feature to notify users when they're spotted in photos

Facebook has just announced it has added a couple of tools that are optional to users of its social network. These new tools are supposed to help Facebook users find out when they appear in someone else’s photos.

A new option has been added that, when enabled, should send you notifications whenever you’re spotted in a photo without you being tagged. It can also act as a security wall if someone else wants to use your photo for their own profile.

Facebook is giving you three options once it detects that you appear in a photo, but you haven’t been tagged. So, you can either tag …

Facebook will begin demoting 'engagement bait' in your News Feed


Facebook wants publishers to stop begging for likes.

The social network is taking action against so-called “engagement bait,” where publishers ask users to vote, like, or share a post in the hopes of bumping it to the top of people’s News Feed. 

The posts aren’t banned exactly, but Facebook will now demote those posts in the News Feed. Facebook Pages that repeatedly use these tactics will potentially get all of their posts demoted, the company announced in a blog post on Monday. 

Examples of "engagement baiting"

Examples of “engagement baiting”

Image: facebook Read more…

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Facebook Messenger introduces World Effects – augmented reality 3D objects – to rival Snapchat

Facebook just one-upped Snapchat by introducing World Effects – augmented reality 3D world objects on its own. The social giant’s popular messaging app, Facebook Messenger, has just scored a trove of new effects that let you add various objects to your pics and videos and send them to your pals or post them on your Facebook wall. Unlike the already-present camera filters that let you put on different masks and effects on your selfies, the new additions to the app allow you to throw in a dynamic object that sticks to an augmented plane and gives the impression of intelligently following a predefined …

Pakistan reportedly blocks Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube amid protest crackdowns


Pakistan has reportedly blocked Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter amid a broader crackdown on protests. 

The blockages come after six people died and 200 others were injured after authorities attempted to clear Islamist protests from highways near the capital of Islamabad, according to the Associated Press

Pakistan also instituted a media blackout, with many of its major TV stations going off the air

We are aware of reports that the Pakistani government has taken action to block Twitter service, as well as other social media services, and that users are having difficulty using Twitter in Pakistan. We are monitoring the situation and hope service will be fully restored soon.

— Twitter Public Policy (@Policy) November 25, 2017 Read more…

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The imitation game: Facebook is about to steal yet another Snapchat feature

It looks that Facebook is once again getting inspired by Snapchat’s features and importing these in its popular Messenger app. This time around, the sights are set on Snapchat’s streaks functionality, which is a fun little game that encourages you to send more and more snaps to your pals and adds an emoji to the names of your favorites.
It seems that a cartain amount of Facebook Messenger users have been chosen to test out a similar functionality in the messaging app, which will adorn your favorite Messenger contacts with a lighting emoji provided that you’ve …