It's not you, it's Facebook: Messenger is down in many parts of the world

Facebook Messenger, the instant messaging platform used by over 1 billion people monthly, is currently down in many areas around the world. 

Some users can’t access, send, or receive messages regardless if they try this in the Messenger mobile app, or on a computer (via Facebook’s website). 

At this very moment, it looks like Messenger is down for most users on the East Coast of the US and in Europe, as well as for folks in Canada.

Facebook has yet to comment on the matter, but it certainly seems that the company is dealing with some serious issues right …

Facebook Live update adds new ways to interact with friends on Android and iOS

Two new features are coming to Facebook Live very soon, which are supposed to provide users with more ways to engage with friends. Live Chat With Friends and Live With should make it easier for Facebook Live users to share experiences and connect in real time with their friends.

Live Chat With Friends is available for both Android and iOS users. The new feature allows Facebook Live users to invite their friends to a private chat about a public live broadcast. It’s not required to invite friends who are watching the broadcast, as any person in your friend list can …

Facebook internal guides on content moderation revealed in recent leak


An investigation by the Guardian gives a first time look at Facebook’s content moderation manuals, related to hate speech, terrorism, pornography, racism, and others. Facebook moderators often have less than 10 seconds to review and action a reported post, meaning the possibility for inconsistent judgment is quite real. But, hey, with more than 6.5 million reported posts a week, those guys are not having a stroll in their 9-to-5. However, some of the rules seem quite confusing and look set to fuel social debate on how the company manages content.

In one of the leaked …

Secret Facebook documents reveal how site battles violent content


Facebook’s closely guarded, secret guidelines for monitoring violence, hate speech, and revenge porn have been revealed for the first time after an investigation by the Guardian. They show the extremely fuzzy and imperfect line between what’s considered dangerous material and acceptable content on the world’s leading social network.

Internal documents obtained by the Guardian explore the murky waters that moderators and executives must wade through on a daily basis as they judge user generated content. A Facebook user who exclaims “Let’s beat up fat kids” gets a pass, but a commenter who urges “Someone shoot Trump” is taken seriously. Read more…

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People are not okay with the leaked Facebook guidelines on sexual, violent content


On Sunday, the Guardian revealed internal documents from Facebook that uncovered how the social media corporation moderates everything from hate speech to live streams.  

The guide—which is filled with examples of how to handle sexual content, animal abuse and violent deaths—has pried open the conversation regarding online ethics, and people have begun to hop on Twitter to share their immediate thoughts, many of which aren’t so great for Facebook.

Folks have expressed their confusion about the subjective rules, and are questioning the logic behind particular parts of the guide.   Read more…

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Facebook rolling out food ordering feature in America

Constantly thinking of ways to make even more apps on your phone obsolete, Facebook is reportedly working on a food ordering option. It would work straight through the web and mobile versions of Facebook, making it possible to grab pizza without leaving the social network.

The new option can be found in the Facebook website sidebar, or under the app’s main menu. It’s probably limited to America, though, as deliveries are carried out via and Slice. Tapping the option will display a list of local restaurants that you can order from. The whole process can be complete through Facebook, …

Facebook Messenger gets a redesigned home screen, new ways to navigate the app

Facebook has just revealed the new changes that will be added to its Messenger app in the coming days. If the previous update was about the various capabilities inside conversations, the new one will bring some visual changes that are meant to make it easier to navigate across the app.

The most obvious change will be the new home screen, which maintains the same number of features but is better organized. The update is turning the Messenger into a personal hub for connecting with all the people and businesses users care about.

Also, across the top of the …

Facebook Fined $122 Million for Misleading EU Regulators Over WhatsApp Deal

Facebook has been under investigation over its acquisition of WhatsApp in 2014 for some time now. When the EU approved the deal, Facebook claimed that it would be unable to make any connections between the Facebook and WhatsApp accounts of individual users. However, in 2016 the team behind the popular messaging app announced it will be sharing user data with its new parent company.

This sparked an outrage from many users, and also lead to an investigation from the European Commission. Long story short, the Commission concluded that Facebook provided misleading information …

Ask Verizon's new Fios Chatbot what's on tonight through Facebook Messenger

Verizon is onto hip tech lately, launching a wearable and now, a brand-new Messenger chat bot. The Fios chat bot is designed to help users navigate the large Fios content library, manage your own playlists, and provide a personalized user experience. Wanna give it a try? Launch Messenger, search for Fios chatbot, and log-in with your Verizon credentials.

Once you’re talking to the bot, ask for things like content suggestion and programming overviews. Simple questions like “what’s on tonight?” or inquiries like “my set top box isn’t working” will trigger related responses by the bot. The …

Opera Max 3.0 released with all new design, data savings for Facebook

Opera Max, the powerful data savings and data management tool for Android devices, has just received a major update that brings a lot of visual changes, as well as under the hood improvements.

The most obvious addition to the Android app is the new design, which was optimized to make Opera Max easier to use. The developers have added a step-by-step tutorial that triggers when you open the app for the first time.

It offers useful tips in the form of cards, which are contextual to one’s usage. The new design can show “app by app” mobile and Wi-Fi data usage. …