List of Top 10 downloaded apps in Q1 shows our supercharged smartphones are basically Facebook machines

The smartphone you are reading this on might not be the latest and greatest model. It could cost $100, or $1000 – doesn’t matter. It’s guaranteed to be at least several hundred times more powerful than the computer in the Apollo 11 that took mankind to the Moon over 40 years ago. So, how does humanity make the most of this immense computing capacity?

In SensorTower’s Top 10 most downloaded apps in Q1 for Google Play and the Apple App Store, the Facebook app is the #1 download on Android; Messenger tops iOS downloads; WhatsApp is the most popular app overall, and …

Snap shells out $7.7 million for a patent just to keep it away from Facebook

Remember Mobli? It’s sort of an Instagram competitor that launched back in 2011, but didn’t really make it that far. The Android version of the app is now officially dead, while the iOS version is not among the highest-rated apps on the App Store. The fact that it works on a subscription scheme doesn’t do it any favors, too, we suppose. Well, the app’s maker — Mobli Media — still just made a bucketload of cash by selling a specific patent to Snap for $7.7 million.

The patent in question details the idea of placing geofilters (location-based filters) on your photos. You may have noticed that …

People are kissing a car on Facebook Live for a chance to win it, and yes, it's dark


I’ve waited hours for things before, so I can assure you: Standing around with little sign of a foreseeable end is pure and utter misery.

But because humans seem to delight in public schadenfreude, we now have ways to broadcast that misery. And it’s bleak. 

Take the thousands of viewers livestreaming a current “Kiss a Kia” contest on Facebook. Participants are trying to win a Kia Optima by smooching it until they’re the last man standing. Because, late capitalism.

The shameless contest was organised by Austin radio station 96.7 KISS FM. It started with 20 contestants on Monday morning. By the evening, there was only 15 left. Read more…

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Wozniak: Apple, Google and Facebook will be bigger in 2075

Next weekend the Silicon Valley ComicCon will be held and the theme will be “The Future of Humanity: Where Will We Be in 2075?” We expect to be right here, writing about the Samsung Galaxy S66 and the upcoming Apple iPhone model. The three-day conference was partially created by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak last year. In an interview with USA Today, the Woz says that he expects that companies like Apple, Google and Facebook will be even more bigger and more popular in 58-years.

By 2075, Wozniak predicts that new cities will be created where deserts now exist. There will be no housing problems, …

Facebook cracks down on bogus 'likes' and zombie accounts in battle against fake news


News isn’t the only thing that’s sometimes fake on Facebook.

The social network said Friday it has shut down a massive spam operation that generated thousands of “inauthentic likes” on publisher pages.

The announcement comes days after the company claimed to have deleted 30,000 fraudulent accounts in France ahead of the country’s presidential election.

The scam targeted in the more recent crackdown operated at a more sophisticated level than the French network, according to Facebook’s security team. 

The fraudsters used various technical tricks to mimic human behavior, like running traffic through proxies to create the impression that the accounts were spread across Asia and the Middle East instead of a centralized data center. Read more…

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Your Facebook Messenger app is getting a new AI assistant

Facebook is rolling out a brand new AI assistant to its Messenger app. The new feature, dubbed M, analyzes your conversation by locating certain key words and then offers relevant suggestions based on the context of your dialogue right on your chat screen.

As everybody loves to brand their assistants as “AI” these days, one might assume that the capabilities of the new Facebook virtual helper are comparable to Google Assistant, Siri, or even Bixby. The reality is that M isn’t as advanced as the above, but it should help streamline and simplify all the texting …

Facebook creeping is no longer totally anonymous


Facebook’s new “Stories” update is here, and it ruins the best part about the entire social network: Mindlessly plumbing your friends’ lives without fear of getting caught.

When you watch a friend’s Story — which exists for 24 hours and is comprised of one or more photos or short videos — that friend will know you’re creeping. This is how Stories work on basically every platform that supports them (Snapchat, Instagram), but in the context of Facebook, it’s kind of messed up.

First, for reference, here’s what that looks like:

Here's a story I posted today.

Here’s a story I posted today.

Image: Facebook

A list of people who viewed one of my stories.

A list of people who viewed one of my stories.

Image: Facebook Read more…

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Share your location on a real time map with Facebook Messenger's Live Location

Starting today,  Facebook Messenger will include a new feature called Live Location which tracks your position in real time, and displays it on a map which can be shared during a one-on-one or a group chat. This allows you to show someone how close you are to a pre-arranged meeting place. You can be tracked for as long as one hour. 

The new feature will be available for both iOS and Android users. On both platforms, you can stop sharing at anytime, even before the hour is up. On iOS, you can open Live Location by tapping the Location icon, or by tapping the More icon and then …

Facebook to scrap support for Messenger on Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 at the end of March

Following the demise of Skype app on Windows Phone 8.1 early this month, Microsoft is about to lose another messaging service at the end of March, Messenger.

Facebook recently started to send emails to those using Messenger on Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 devices to let them know it will end support for its application at the end of this month.

The decision is not surprising considering Windows Phone market share had been shrinking to less than 1% worldwide in the last year or so. That’s one more way to say Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 doesn’t matter anymore, and if you’re still using a smartphone …

Facebook launches Messenger Day around the world and its a complete rip off of Snapchat Stories

Ever since its inception, there have been no shortage of copycats that have tried to replicate Snapchat’s formula for capturing and sending photos that self-destruct after a certain amount of time. Although it started out as a simple tool for sending photos and videos up to ten seconds in length to friends and family, Snapchat eventually added its popular Stories feature – the section of the app that allows you to post photo and video content that automatically vanishes after 24 hours.

Last August saw Instagram release its own take on Snapchat’s Stories …