Google, Microsoft, Facebook and other tech giants take Apple’s side in its months-long legal dispute with Qualcomm

Apple and Qualcomm have been stuck in a legal deadlock since the start of the year, without any indications of a looming resolution, whatsoever. A few days ago, Qualcomm’s CEO made a comment that he would expect an out-of-court settlement, which kind of made us think that the two sides might soon talk out an agreement, but we haven’t seen anything further to those comments. If anything, Reuters has reported today that representatives of other tech companies are jumping in on the ‘fun’ by siding with Apple in its dispute with the chipmaker.

A lobbying group, called the Computer & Communications …

Facebook is secretly reviving Google's modular Project Ara

Many of our readers will probably remember Project Ara, Google’s futuristic modular smartphone research project which got cut off from the branch before it could produce a single public prototype. And safe for Motorola’s Moto mods, which sort of continues the idea to this day, Ara was the only major implementation of smartphone modularity, so its untimely death was taken as a sign the idea itself is doomed.

But while Google isn’t interested in further continuing its development, Facebook seems to have quietly taken the reins of Ara instead. According …

How do you do, fellow kids: Facebook now lets you create wacky GIFs, because of course

When was the last time you felt like capturing an augmented reality GIF of yourself, all part and parcel with an animated disco ball and wacky rainbow-colored sunglasses? How about an RGB split, surely you can never have enough of those aesthetic RGB splits! You might as well just fire up the Facebook app on your phone right about now and do just that as Zuckerberg’s totally-not-creepy social network now lets you create GIFs (with a hard “G”) and share them with your buddies.
You can’t just shoot and save these to your device, however, so it’s either just …

Facebook and other tech giants unite against ‘1984’-like governmental gag practices

Almost seventy years ago, as he wrote the ‘1984’ bestseller, British author George Orwell described an anti-utopian form of existence, where every move and word are monitored by an ever-aware government. The novel tells of a scenario where the state knows of what and when you eat, where and with whom you go, when or where you sleep – and obtains such info at its own will, without any notification. The only happening that Orwell did not manage to predict in the book was a wave of independent commercial bodies that have the scale and influence to challenge large scale unconstitutional …

Facebook rolls out Find Wi-Fi feature everywhere in the world

Last year, Facebook launched a new feature called Find Wi-Fi on iPhone and Android, but it was only made available in a handful of countries. The new functionality would allow Facebook users who are traveling to find Wi-Fi hotspots nearby.

Well, starting today, Facebook announced that it’s expanding the availability of Find Wi-Fi globally on both the Android and iOS platforms. Users who receive the feature on their smartphones will be able to locate available Wi-Fi hotspots that have been shared by businesses with Facebook from their Page.

In order to find …

There's an easter egg when you post or comment about Harry Potter on Facebook


Facebook certainly didn’t forget about Harry Potter’s 20th anniversary.

The social media giant quietly rolled out an easter egg in time for Jun. 26, the day J.K. Rowling first published Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in 1997 (which Americans will of course know as Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone).

If you post or comment the name of any of the houses in Harry Potter on Facebook — that’s Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, or Ravenclaw — the name will be displayed in the color of the house, and out pops some magic. You can also click on the word to make the wand appear again. Read more…

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Facebook is training local organizations to help combat extremist content

As part of an ongoing effort to combat the spread of extremist content, Facebook has launched the Online Civil Courage initiative in the U.K.  By creating a dedicated support desk for local non-government organizations, the initiative gives such organizations a direct relationship with Facebook, as well as funding and training to ferret out and report extremist activity.
Last week, the company authored a news post which released details on how it attempts to thwart terrorism on its website. Chief among their methods is the utilization of AI, an already …

Facebook to launch new app aimed at video creators later this year

As part of an update to Mentions that will be released in the coming months, Facebook plans to introduce a new app targeting video creators. Just like Facebook Live, the new app will make its debut inside Mentions later this year.

The announcement was made at the annual online video conference VidCon Friday. The new update will add a new Community tab that will allow video creators to connect with their Facebook, Instagram and Messenger followers much easier.

Also, the app will feature special tools aimed at video makers that will allow them to add intros …

Facebook is finally letting us add GIFs in comments

GIF images and animations have been around for the last 30 years, but only recently have they become a popular way for expressing thoughts and emotions, mainly thanks to social media. And they seem to be a hit on Facebook. Do you know that people send nearly 25,000 GIFs on Messenger every minute? Тo celebrate the 30th anniversary of the GIF as well as the popularity of the image format among its users, the company is finally letting everybody add GIFs in comments, effective today, June 15th.

You know that you can already post GIFs in Facebook’s status updates, …

Facebook allows users to raise funds after a crisis in its new Safety Check update

Facebook has had its Safety Check feature for a while now. It started as a way for people to let their friends they were safe in the event of a natural disaster or other crisis in their area. Today, the social media giant announced an update to its Safety Check system, which adds a few new features.

The most notable addition to Safety Check is the ability to start and donate to a fundraiser straight through Facebook. The feature will start to roll out “in the coming weeks in the US.” It appears that it will be exclusive to the United States for the time being, but …