10-year old unlocks his Mother's Apple iPhone X as Face ID gets fooled

With the majority of PhoneArena readers who participated in our poll saying that they don’t trust Face ID, the video we have for you to look at sitting at the top of this story is extremely relevant. A video made by an Apple iPhone X owner shows her tenth anniversary model getting unlocked by…her 10-year old son! We don’t want the kid to get a big head, but according to Apple’s data, this young man is one-in-a-million. After all, that was the failure rate that Apple gave for Face ID.

Apple has said that kids under 13 have a better chance of fooling Face ID “because their distinct …

Security firm beats Face ID with a mask

Security firm Bkav has allegedly created a mask that has defeated Face ID. If you’ve been Rip Van Winkling your way through the last two months, we should tell you that Face ID is the security system that Apple uses on the Tenth Anniversary iPhone X model to replace Touch ID. Because the premium handset features an edge-to-edge screen and has very slim bezels (4mm wide), Apple had to come up with a way to replace the fingerprint scanner that powers Touch ID. So the gang in Cupertino decided to use a facial recognition system to unlock the device and verify Apple Pay transactions.

Apple …

The magical selfie cam: Ego Cam creates videos that are stabilized and always centered around your face

What’s the most annoying thing when watching a video taken with a phone’s selfie camera? Well, besides the contents of your everyday vlog, it’s usually the shakycam — the inevitable shakes, trembles, and flutters that happen when a user is trying to keep a camera on their face and move around. The frontal snappers on our handsets don’t have optical image stabilization, and even the ones that do aren’t exactly Gimbals.

Ego Cam is an interesting new app, which looks to remedy this. Using advanced face-detecting algorithms, it will figure out where your mug is in every …

Is Apple really giving away your Face ID data to developers?

The Apple iPhone X uses Face ID, an innovative and highly advanced system to get a unique 3D scan of your face that allows the phone to recognize it is you looking at it in a split second. Having that data stolen is naturally a big privacy concern, but Apple has gone out of its way to reassure customers that their Face ID data never leaves the phone and is securely, encrypted on the phone itself.
But now, reports have surfaced that Apple will actually give your face data to developers. Publications of all ranks including the likes of Reuters …

Apple reduced accuracy of key Face ID component in order to have iPhone X on time

Apple’s iPhone X security relies hugely on a brand new feature that has never before been put in a phone: 3D face recognition, or Face ID. An array of complex sensors projects more than 30,000 infrared dots onto a person’s face to create a detailed 3D facial map. Apple proudly said the probability of someone else unlocking an iPhone with Face ID is 1 in 1,000,000, much more secure than the 1 in 50,000 chance with Touch ID fingerprint recognition.
But when it came to actually making the iPhone X on time and the tight deadlines, Apple was about …

Top Apple analyst says TrueDepth Camera and Face ID will come to the iPad Pro next year

According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, versions of the Apple iPad Pro to be unveiled next year will include the TrueDepth Camera, like the one found on the Apple iPhone X. The camera is used for the Face ID feature on the tenth anniversary phone, which allows users to unlock their handset with a simple glance at the device. At the same time, Face ID also verifies the identity of the phone’s owner when Apple Pay is being used to make a payment.

According to Kuo, with the TrueDepth Camera coming to the Apple iPad Pro, so is Face ID. He believes that Apple is trying to make the high-end …

Android manufacturers now prefer 3D sensing, Face ID over a fingerprint reader embedded under glass?

KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo is one of the top analysts in the business right now (and certainly one of the most quoted). According to Kuo, the introduction of the Apple iPhone X last month has Android manufacturers shifting their focus from trying to figure out how to embed a fingerprint scanner under the display, to how they can make a version of the TrueDepth camera with 3D scanning and facial recognition for their upcoming Android models.

Ironically, this comes after both Samsung and Apple spent months trying to get their respective fingerprint scanners to work while embedded under the …

Brave, brave woman lets a huge spider crawl all over her face


After a woman in Pensacola, Florida discovered a golden orb weaver (a type of spider) in her home, she decided to relocate it to a “more appropriate location” — one that we assume is not inside a house.

But before being subjected to relocation, the spider decided to crawl around on the woman’s face. Surprisingly, the woman seemed fairly cool with that, a reaction to which I absolutely cannot relate. (To be fair, it’s not a particularly aggressive spider and does have a low-risk bite, but … still.)

Here’s hoping this yellow friend has now woven a beautiful circular web somewhere in the Great Outdoors. Read more…

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Instagram adds face filters for live video

Social media app Instagram announced today that users can now employ face filters while sharing live video. Among the selections you can choose from is a new sunglasses filter which will be exclusively available for live video over the next week. Instagram thought of everything; you can change the scenery reflected in the glasses with a simple tap. Once you’ve completed your live video, you can have it replayed in stories. Or, you can delete the broadcast by tapping on discard.

To use face filters during a live video, before or during your broadcast you need to click on the face icon …

Huawei takes a jab at Apple for iPhone X Face ID fail, vows to deliver "real AI" phone next month

After releasing its P10 and P10 Plus flagships in the early months of this year, Huawei is preparing another high-profile smartphone announcement. On October 16th, the Chinese phone maker is set to unveil the new Mate 10 – a near bezel-less phablet that will be the first to feature the company’s latest Kirin 970 chipset.
Huawei’s marketing campaign for the device has been a bit peculiar, however. The firm has used every opportunity to taunt competing businesses. 
When Samsung announced the Galaxy …