Star Wars: Jedi Challenges AR experience hands-on

Stepping aside from the usual suspect of mobile devices we cover at IFA 2017, we stopped by the Lenovo booth to check out one new gadget that had a ton of people enjoying themselves. It’s the Star Wars: Jedi Challenge AR experience, which leverages the power of your smartphone to deliver a Star Wars AR experience like no other! That’s because you get to wield a powerful lightsaber and duel against enemies, all in full augmented reality glory.

Available this coming holiday season, sometime in the November time frame, Star Wars: Jedi Challenges is an AR bundle consisting …

Lenovo and Disney teaming up for immersive Star Wars VR experience

At a company event, Disney unveiled a VR system it has been developing with Lenovo to create an immersive Star Wars experience. For example, you can be playing HoloChess with movie characters, or engaging in lightsaber battles using a dedicated controller peripheral – that kind of cool stuff!

The Star Wars Jedi Challenges system comprises a special VR headset, a lightsaber controller, and apps ran on your smartphone. The headset is of the type where your smartphone is mounted in the front, so nothing too revolutionary here. But then again, this would help for a manageable price …

Monument Valley 2 review: a perfect visual experience, less so a game

The original Monument Valley game launched in the middle of 2014, nearly three years ago, and since then it has been a benchmark for excellence in graphics and atmospheric story-telling. In our review, we called Monument Valley “impossibly beautiful”. Yet as popular as it was, it was by no means perfect: the original game was way too short, ending in just an hour and a half or less, and it never felt like a ‘game’ per se, lacking nearly completely the competitive aspect of gaming, but instead feeling more like a walk in a beautiful virtual garden.

MV2 boasts creative …

SpaceVR, SpaceX to launch VR camera into space, bringing the astronaut experience to all


A couple of years ago we told you about a future project from startup SpaceVR that would send virtual reality cameras into orbit in order bring back immersive space video to VR users on Earth. 

On Friday, I held that future in my very hands, and it felt like most space bound objects — surprisingly clunky, but packed with all the mystery and promise of the universe.

During a meeting in Los Angeles, SpaceVR’s CEO, Ryan Holmes, allowed me hold his space baby, a large thermos-sized device that houses eight cameras (four cameras on each end). Those cameras will capture two to three hours of 360-degree footage per month over the course of nine months. After nine months, the device will fall back to Earth and burn up during re-entry.  Read more…

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Blackberry Developers: Provides All-in- One Solution For A Better Smartphone Experience

Catering to your business demands it is very vital to acquire most effective business answers keeping in mind the demands existing in the industry and the requirement of the hour. For useful to these business requirements the best solution is to contract out your business and its connected strategies. This can save you a lot of time effort and hard work and money and on other hand you can get engaged more in developing your business.
For attaining detailed services related to your business, outsourcing developers and programmers is the right process that must best fit into your business entity and huge profits can be created with it. Mobile application market is one such industry where the desire for selecting developers and programmers is at its climax. They are well trained and greatly qualified masters who come up with such apps for which the smart phone users go mad. This is why employing expert mobile apps developer is a amazing deal through outsourcing which can in turn save you a lot of time, money and significant assets.
Similarly Blackberry application developers and Blackberry playbook developer are excessive in demand. They have the skill to generate the finest BlackBerry mobile applications with the most current and enhanced technology. Below are stated some typical advantages that you can get by getting Blackberry developer for your business.
You can reside promised to get top quality services by hiring Blackberry developer for having BlackBerry mobile application development services for improving your business proficiency, as they are highly knowledgeable and holds skills by working with extensive spectrum of clients.
A blackberry developer that can do the software analysis, establishing established systems, systems programming, software better version, cordless or mobile applications development, distribution of the applications, etc. with the help of these support attainable with the BlackBerry mobile application development has made the total application development process very more basic.
By selecting blackberry app developers you can get excellent quality services for your Blackberry Application development at a very cheap price.
The best advancement is that blackberry developers can be hired on hourly, weekly and monthly basis that meets the demands of your business. This way the client can get the work done on time and the developer has the habit on meeting to the deadline day of the client.
By choosing blackberry developer for your blackberry mobile application development, you can always stick in the loop and make sure that everything is done correctly the way you wished for.
By selecting Blackberry developer at inexpensive prices you can gain the profits of cost reducing and can get quality services at cheaper rates.
You get classified services suitable for different business idea, personal convention and also the industry requirements by hiring blackberry developers.
As you can see that the profits of hiring blackberry developers are numerous and it gives you the best solutions for gaining lot of profits, huge group of customers and trustful environment for your business. So make confident you don’t procrastinate and continue last in this challenging industry. Start seeking for inexpensive Blackberry developer now.

We provide blackberry developers who are well-trained and experienced professionals.Develop mobile apps offers wide variety of smartphones with exciting features and innovative apps. Our blackberry application developers works dedicatedly to create these apps and features.

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Experience High Defined Amzer Accessories For Scintillating Samsung Galaxy S III

Yes, the most awaited gadget of the year has been announced, it was sorrounded by unprecidented levels of hype, but it did live up to the hype – yes! We are talking about the next Galaxy – Samsung Galaxy S III. The superphone packs a beautiful SuperAMOLED HD screen, a quad core processor and 1GB of RAM. Not only that it has features never seen or heard of before – like eye tracking, voice commands along with a completely new and polished user interface running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. But what if there are no accessories to enhance its functionality and protect it from wear and tear! So Fommy Wireless Store brings you the widest range of Galaxy S III Accessories. Just take a quick look at the must-haves from our vast range.

1 Amzer Silicone Skin Jelly Case for the Samsung Galaxy S III:

This case is a universal hit because of its accessible, stylish and durable design. This case has been cut to the specifics of the Galaxy S III case, it has an accurate fitting with right cuts and spacing to give you seemless access to the buttons and the screen of your phone.This case is made up of premium silicone which is very durable. It will protect your Samsung Galaxy S III from accidental bumps and drops. The smooth and lasting grip prevents your Samsung Galaxy S III from sliding across your cars dashboard or angled surfaces. Its special anti-dust and scratch-free properties, preserves your phones shining look. At the price, this case is a must have for all Galaxy S III owners, also for the sake of variety we have over 10 colors in the same, so you are spoilt for choice.

2 Amzer Luxe Argyle Skin Case for Samsung Galaxy S III:

This case is one for demanding user, its a jack of trades and light on the pocket at the same time. It is user-friendly, stylish, and durable and the best part it’s the right mix of premium looks and pocket friendly price. This Luxe Argyle Skin Case for Samsung Galaxy S III has got material which adds glamour to your smart phone. It is quite flexible and durable case which resists negative impacts and abrasions to keep your smart phone as refreshing and shining as it was at the time of purchase.

This Amzer Luxe Argyle Skin case has got customized design which gives full access to all side controls and functions. Along with it has got distinctive embossed argyle pattern which offers solid protection with a bit of style factor. Its a must buy for the fashion conscious looking to add some glamor to their phone.

3 Amzer Super Clear Screen Protector with Cleaning Cloth for Samsung Galaxy S III:

In order to protect your Samsung Galaxy S III’s SuperAMOLED HD screen Amzer brings Super Clear Screen Protector with Cleaning Cloth which is a perfect solution for your smart phone. This Super Clear Screen Protector protects your Galaxy S III. It is made out of a thermo-plastic polymer which prevents your smart phone from scratches and dust. This protector has been cut out to match the dimensions of your screen – corner to corner and is very easy to apply.

This Super Clear Screen Protector comes along with microfiber cleaning cloth which can be used anytime and anywhere to remove dust from your Samsung Galaxy S III and keeps it shine intact. This great solution for protecting the gorgeous display is highly recommended for all Samsung Galaxy S III users. This great product with free Cleaning Cloth inside comes at a very amazing price.

Yes, the most awaited gadget of the year has been announced, it was sorrounded by unprecidented levels of hype, but it did live up to the hype – yes! We are talking about the next Galaxy – Samsung Galaxy S III.

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5 Safari plug-ins for a better browsing experience

One thing I hate when I’m browsing the web is being distracted. I hate those blinking, moving ads, auto-play videos, and all the other cruft that websites use to try to get you to click, click, click somewhere, rather than read the article that attracted you in the first place.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid the most egregious annoyances on the web. Some of them can be easily muted using browser plug-ins, like the five that I use with Safari to make my browsing experience a lot better. (Note: some of these plug-ins also have equivalents for other browsers, such as Firefox and Chrome.)

5-Safari-plug-ins-better-browsing experience


One of the worst offenders on the web annoyance hitlist is Flash animations. They can take the form of videos on YouTube and other sites (though YouTube recently made the default video format HTML5), or those moving ads you often see on websites. There’s nothing more distracting when you’re trying to read an article than something that moves, and that’s the whole point of these ads. They need to attract your attention.

The free ClickToPlugin extension blocks every item on a website that uses a plug-in, swapping them out placeholders.

When you see one of these placeholders, it shows you which plug-in is used. You can click it to load the item, or just ignore it. There’s also a Flash-specific version of the extension, ClickToFlash, if you only want to block Flash animations, but the full ClickToPlugin is more useful because it blocks all multimedia animations.

Both plug-ins have a number of settings allowing you to whitelist sites where you want plug-ins to load, and ClickToPlugin lets you choose specific plug-ins that will always load. This can be useful if your work involves the use of certain plug-ins.


While Flash is a scourge, ads in general can be a major annoyance. The donation-ware AdBlock scours your websites, making them much more readable. It blocks graphical ads, text ads, and even ads in YouTube videos. But it also lets you whitelist sites whose ads you do want to see, to support them (as you’ll probably want to do for, or because the ads may be useful, which is often the case for smaller websites that don’t use ad networks such as Google.

F. B. Purity

Facebook is one of the biggest culprits in terms of cruft. When you look at a Facebook page, only a fraction of what you see is content that interests you. The free F. B. Purity (which accepts donations) “alters your view of Facebook to show only relevant information to you.” It nukes spam, ads, sponsored stories, animated GIFs, game and app stories, trending topics, and much more.

F. B. Purity has lots of settings, allowing you to not only turn on certain blockers, but also create a list of custom text filters. So, if you have friends who are constantly talking about a subject that doesn’t interest you, like politics, sports, or religion, you can easily filter their posts.


I hate searching the iTunes Store in iTunes. It’s slow, and the search interface is limited. Many times, when you go back to the previous page, it’s not in the same view as it was when you left it. Good news: You can search all of Apple’s stores using a search engine. Run a Google search like this: “artist album”. This lets your browser do the work, but when you click on search results, they’ll open in iTunes (not necessarily a good thing).

Unless you use the NoMoreiTunes extension. This blocks the redirect code that bounces Apple’s store web pages to iTunes (or the Mac App Store or iBooks). In its place, you’ll see a small button allowing you to open the page in iTunes if you want.

This makes it a lot easier to search Apple’s stores, then go to their apps when you choose.


You probably know that you’re tracked on almost every website you visit. The free Incognito “prevents Google, Twitter and Facebook from following you on the web.” It doesn’t block ads, but it prevents these sites from tracking you. When you search for, say, cat shampoo on Google, you won’t see ads for cat shampoo on Facebook, or sponsored tweets from companies that make cat shampoo on Twitter. Incognito is more about protecting your privacy–it doesn’t prevent anything from being displayed, but it keeps your browsing a bit more private.

xRemote Next Generation of Smart Home Experience

Modern technology is utilized in homes, all over the world. A New type of Home automation Device and Universal remote control system is created by Ctrl X technology and the name of product is xRemote. It is designed to provide a next-generation control system that will transform your home into a smart home.

Universal Remote Control- You generally won’t need to search for the particular controller or particular applications to operate certain appliances. You can now control all appliances and smart systems from only ONE remote controller: your smartphone.

Full Signal Coverage- Simply put the xRemote on your coffee table and it will cover all appliances. The RF convention used will give full house coverage connecting our items regardless of what number of walls are between.

Long Distance Control- You can use your smartphone to control your home appliances actually when you are thousands miles far from home at whatever time you have access to internet.


Preset Control- With the preset subject mode like morning/sleeping mode, theater mode and party mode, your life will be a much easier. By simply clicking a button, the xRemote will execute a series of preset command automatically.

Indoor Location- The Hardware of the xRemote series contains a Bluetooth chip that permits it to connect with any gadget that has Bluetooth capacities like your smartphone. Presently the system can locate where you are in the house, and turn on the closest light for you. With the BLE labels, you can likewise check where your pet is or your wallet.

Geo-fence Automation- The xRemote uses the GPS in your smartphone to detect whether you have left home or not. The system will switch between Home Mode and Away Mode focused around your distance from home. This likewise permits the system to push notifications to you when there is a situation in your home.

Easy to Use- It can be easily set up within 5 steps. Download the smartphone application, plug in the xRemote, connect the xRemote to your home Wi-Fi, include all appliances and gadgets, and afterward let xRemote learn and record all infrared control guidelines. It shouldn’t be any more difficult than setting up a wireless router. The smartphone application user interface is basic and simple to use.

The Dream of Controlling your home and life with just 1 simple controller is here with xRemote. It is made by combining home automation and all your entertainment system, TV and Music Centre remote controls into 1 easy to use system that is connected to your smartphone or Tablet. It starts working with just one tap of screen and you can take advantages of the technology that surrounds you.