Spotlight: Adapticons is an exceptional Android app that lets you customize your own icons

Customization geeks, here’s a noteworthy app that will likely soothe the customization needs you didn’t know you had.
Adapticons is an Android app that lets you customize the icons of the apps you have installed on your phone to a certain extent. For example, you can take a ton of shapes and plaster them as backgrounds for the icons. This way, you can easily create a circular icon out of an otherwise square app icon, or even go for the trendier squircle, hexagon, roundy, and other shapes. You can also select a color for the background or let the app select …

LG G6 has an EXCEPTIONAL screen-to-body ratio: here's a size comparison vs Galaxy S7 edge, Pixel XL, iPhone 7 Plus, LG G5, V20

After tons of teasing, rumors, and a few leaks, LG has finally unwrapped its 2017 flagship smartphone — the long-anticipated G6. Imbued with the hopes to reimburse G5’s shaken market positions due to the lackluster G5, the G6 is a phone that drops all the controversial gimmicks in favor of all the essentialities that make a good device. 
It has a flashy new design with rather high screen-to-body size ratio, full metal build, and the good ol’ dual setup that’s already beginning to qualify as a signature feature of LG’s top-end …

Spotlight: Email by EasilyDo is an exceptional altrnative to Gmail, Inbox, and Outlook

Developer: EasilyDoDownload: AndroidCategory: ProductivityPrice: Free
Android surely has a large selection of neat email apps. Gmail, Inbox, Outlook, K-9 Mail, or BlueMail — chances are you are using one of those as your daily email driver. There’s always room for a new entrant on that scene, especially if we are talking an app with exceptional origins. 
That’s exactly what Email by EasilyDo is. Previously an iOS exclusive, this app has finally made the jump over to Android, where it will be treating its users with a clean, …

Is the HTC Legend Truly as Exceptional as Everyone Says?

You will have noticed, HTC has a new phone, the HTC Legend. This great new little brother of the HTC Hero is released on many types of sites as quickly, cool and exquisite. The question is if the Legend really feels incredible in your own hand. If the telephone really has usable and practical new gimmicks. And if the latest version of the Google Android operating system will in fact be easy use and speed things up, as promised!

When you are interested in a newer phone, you want to know where you stand before you pull your pocket book. Obviously you can evaluate mobile phone on pages that are made to display the mobiles. But do you really know what you choose? Take a look at the web presentation of the Htc legend mobile phone for example. Nearly every text you see will tell you that this awesome HTC cell phone has a fantastic feel to it, with its nice stable design and its one piece lightweight aluminum frame. With a overview of the cell next to the written text, you can evidently instantaneously see if the Htc legend mobile phone is a mobile phone handset which you want to be seen with. And if you bother going to see this phone a shop, you’ll know whether or not this also feels good in your hands.

Less clear is this for the cool features and techniques of the HTC Legend. These you obviously can’t check from the outside. Frequently you only know what is realistic using it. Therefore it is clever to determine which keen prime features you’ve heard of of other mobiles. And which you would like to see in your great new mobile. Does the HTC Legend provide you with all of the functions that your new cell phone must have? Thanks to a good clear list of features of the HTC Legend you will come a long way. Just put this list together with your wish list and compare! Are your wishes fulfilled by what the mobile can provide? Does the HTC Legend really have ingenious gizmos that you will enjoy in your new mobile phone? And is that user-friendly operating system also a good choice for you? Ensure you are well informed before you buy!

Here a list of feature you can look for when buying a mobile:

Call Waiting and Call Hold
Conference Calling
Call Forwarding
Voicemail with Message Alert
Phone Directory
Alarm Reminders
Automatic Call Delivery
Roam Indicator
Message Indicator
Automatic Redial
Dialing an emergency number
Date Book
Mobile Internet
Pictures, games and sounds
AOL Instant Messenger
Speed Dialing
One Touch Dialing
Car Phone Charger
Barring a Call

This is just an example list of features. The most important thing is to remind yourselves when you look at a new phone don’t rely blindly on the reviews. Make a list and compare the list of features you want with the features of the phone you want to buy.

Chris James Wood site:HTC legend

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