Something is fishy at Essential as the company loses its third exec in just one month

Bad news for Essential and all fans hoping the startup led by Android founder Andy Rubin would find a worthy place in the smartphone industry. After the successful reveal of its first product, instead of bringing the Essential Phone on the market as quickly as possible, the company kept delaying it.

Then, people started to leave the business, and we’re not talking about mid-management, but top executives picked by Andy Rubin to form a formidable team capable of competing with some of the most appealing Android and iOS devices on the market.

At the beginning …

The Essential Phone will finally start shipping in the coming weeks

Announced by Andy Rubin in May, the Essential Phone – one of this year’s most interesting handsets – hasn’t been released yet. However, Essential started accepting reservations for the smartphone right after announcing it, and now the company knows when the device will finally start shipping.

Andy Rubin himself sent out an update today, informing the world that customers who’ve registered to buy the Essential Phone should have the smartphone in their hands “in a few weeks.” 

We ourselves received an email with the very same lines seen in …

Android O: 8 essential upcoming features to look out for

Android O is just around the corner – we are likely to see it officially unveiled in just two or three weeks’ time when it’ll take the reins and supersede Android Nougat at the top.
We’ve already made a comprehensive overview of the upcoming major version of the operating system, but we are a bit too excited about it. Early-to-mid August simply can’t come soon enough!
With that in mind, it wouldn’t hurt to outline the important upcoming features that will make Android connoisseurs’ lives all the more easier.
We’ve …

Essential Phone release date, price, and availability: all we know so far

It was May 30 when the Essential Phone was officially announced. Its unveiling was a big deal – not only because we rarely see a new company entering the smartphone market, and not only because the phone itself was looking top notch, with premium, modern design, high-end hardware specs, and clean Android software to top it all off. The excitement around the young company and its first mobile product was also fueled by the fact that Andy Rubin, often referred to as the “father” of Android, is the man in charge of Essential. In other words, this phone had to be good if it …

Andy Rubin plans to bring the Essential Phone to the UK, Europe and Japan

You didn’t think Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone will be exclusively available in the United States, did you? Even though the company behind the quirky smartphone hasn’t yet come forward with an official statement to confirm its expanded availability, Financial Times reports the Essential Phone will be released in many other countries.

Apparently, Andy Rubin’s company negotiated the release of the Essential Phone in the UK with local carriers. Last week, Essential execs held talks with EE and other UK network operators to find a suitable time frame for the launch the …

Andy Rubin's Essential Phone is running late

Back in May, when the Essential phone was unveiled, Android co-creator Andy Rubin said that the device would ship within the next 30-days. Well folks, 30-days has come and 30-days has gone without any units shipped. The phone is available for pre-orders from Sprint, which will have the U.S. exclusive of the handset. The unlocked version of the Android flavored model will work with each of the country’s top four stateside carriers. The price? $699.  

The Essential phone features an edge-to-edge screen, and will ship with a brand new virtual assistant, thus far unnamed. The device comes …

Essential Phone prototype caught on video in public transit

So far, most of the world has only seen the Essential Phone in static images. There are no video previews, hands-ons, or reviews of Android creator Andy Rubin’s peculiar smartphone. The best we’ve got to work with for now is a newly published Snapchat video that’s only 10 seconds long, but is entertaining nevertheless.

Taken in public transit, the paparazzi video shows someone using a prototype Essential Phone. WhatsApp and the notification drawer are being used and clearly visible. The prototype phone looks exactly like the final unit up front, so this is as close as seeing the real thing …

Sprint will be the only US carrier to offer the Essential Phone

Until now, the only place to order, or more precisely, to make a reservation for the Essential Phone in the US has been the official website of the company. The situation is about to change, however.

As confirmed by Essential’s President Niccolo de Masi, Sprint will be the exclusive carrier partner for the Essential Phone in the US. Only Sprint will sell the phone in its online and physical stores, and only Sprint’s customers will be able to get it with subsidies. This could prove crucial to Essential’s success, as the majority of phones in the US are still …

The Essential Phone features an LED notification light

Announced last week as one of this year’s most interesting high-end Android handsets, the Essential Phone should be released soon in the US (likely before the end of June).

While we know pretty much everything about the Essential Phone’s specs, one thing that hasn’t been made evident from the beginning was whether or not the handset would have an LED notification light. Fortunately (and despite the thin bezels surrounding its screen), the Essential Phone does come with a notification LED – this has been confirmed by Essential via its official Twitter account. 

The …

The Essential Phone will (probably) receive monthly security updates

Officially unveiled yesterday, the Essential Phone will be released sometime in June as a pretty different alternative to most handsets out there. The brainchild of Andy Rubin (co-founder of Android and ex-Googler), the Essential Phone doesn’t feature any logo, and is a near-bezel-less, high-end device made out of titanium, ceramic, and Gorilla Glass 5.

As already announced, the Essential Phone (model number Essential PH-1) will run stock Android 7 Nougat out of the box. But what about software updates? Well, right now, Essential can only say that the company’s …