JLab Epic Sport Wireless Earbuds hands-on

Exercising can be grueling, especially when you’re building up a sweat and constantly moving around. Not all headphones can endure the intensity that exercising brings to the table, but the JLab Epic Sport Wireless Earbuds may have what it takes to be the single pair of headphones you use for the occasion going forward. Some headphones just become loose as moisture and sweat builds up, however, these are looking to stay put.

We recently got to quickly check out this latest Bluetooth enabled pair of earbuds from JLab, the same company responsible for the Epic Air Wireless Headphones …

Qualcomm turns down Broadcom's takeover bid; this could be the start of an epic Wall Street battle

As expected, Qualcomm this morning said no to the largest tech takeover bid in history. Fellow chipmaker Broadcom had offered $60 in cash and $10 in stock for each Qualcomm share, a transaction valued at $105 billion. Qualcomm told stockholders to reject the tender offer, stating that it amounts to Broadcom trying to buy it on the cheap. Despite the rejection, there are still ways that Broadcom can execute an end around past its target’s board.

Broadcom is said to be considering a proxy contest, asking Qualcomm stockholders to vote on replacing the latter’s current board with a slate of …

JLab Audio Epic Air Wireless hands-on: True wireless for only $150

Wireless headphones, they’re all the rage nowadays. Everyone is making the leap and transitioning from the usual Bluetooth wireless headphones that are typically tethered together with a cable, to these discrete looking, independent wireless earbuds – think popular ones like the Apple Airpods, Samsung Gear IconX, and Jaybird Run to name a few. You might not have heard of the company JLab, but they have a pretty convincing offering that’s priced to sell!

The JLab Audio Epic Air Wireless follows the trend we’ve been seeing, a pair of Bluetooth earbuds that are independent …

Insane Clown Posse's Juggalo March takes to the D.C. National Mall, and the photos are epic


When the FBI published its 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment, the report drew ire for an unusual new addition: Juggalos, the fanbase of Detroit hip-hop duo Insane Clown Posse.

Now, 6 years later and still classified by the FBI as a gang, ICP fans descended on Washington D.C. for the Juggalo March, a coming-together of music fans looking to peacefully protest a classification they feel is unjust.

The march took place on Saturday at D.C.’s National Mall, and according to The Hill, hundreds gathered to take a stand.

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Fox announces new Marvel mobile game featuring "exciting storyline, epic moments"

FoxNext Games and Marvel Entertainment have just announced a new mobile game features the latter’s super heroes and super villains will be launched later this year.

The name of the new action-RPG hasn’t been revealed yet, but we do know the game will be developed by Aftershock, the studio acquired by FoxNext Games last month. Aftershock formed as a spin-off of Kabam, the famous mobile game developer that was purchased by Netmarble Games last year.

The new mobile game announced today is Aftershock’s first game, one that will be “special” according to Jay Ong, …

'Black Panther' just debuted some new footage at Comic-Con and it looks friggin' epic


Unlike his buddy Thor, Black Panther didn’t release any new footage online during Marvel’s Comic-Con panel. But luckily for you, we were in the room where it happens – and let’s just say this thing looks friggin’ epic

Like, “worth standing in the Hall H line for” epic.

We were treated to both a longer clip and a trailer-style sizzle reel. The former looks, basically, like Marvel’s take on James Bond. T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman), Okoye (Danai Gurira), and Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o) are all dressed to the nines as they enter a South Korean luxury casino that looks like something out of SkyfallRead more…

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'Game of Thrones' Red Keep recreated in Lego is tiny yet epic


You might think you’re a Game of Thrones fanatic, but until you devote yourself to doing something insane like recreating the Red Keep in Lego, you’re just a run-of-the-mill admirer of the show. 

The detail and construction of the replica of the show’s blood-soaked and drama-filled hall was posted on YouTube by a user named Tusserte on Saturday. Not only does the replica include the stained glass and pillars as depicted on the show, the guy even reproduced the Iron Throne. 

And if you think this is something you can tackle yourself over the weekend, keep in mind that this took him a year and a half of meticulous Lego-centric crafting using 15,000 Lego pieces to get everything just right. Finally, for any doubters regarding the replica’s exactitude, the creator even spliced in clips from the show for comparison.  Read more…

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Get these “Epic Platformer” Android games for just $1

Humble Bundle is back with another pack of great games aimed at Android users. The new pack is called “Epic Platformers” and, not surprising, it contains some of the best platformer games you can get on Google Play.

The bundle contains nine games initially, but at least one other will be added next week. You can choose one of the three price tiers, which will offer access to a different number of games.

The lowest tier is priced at $1 and includes access to three platformer games: Devious Dungeon, Devious Dungeon 2, and Eggggg – The Platform Puker. For more …

Sony Motion Eye camera explained, or how the Xperia XZ Premium shoots epic slow-motion videos

Remember the bullet time special effects introduced by the Matrix movie? Remember the action scenes of Neo caught in a mid-air battle against the evil, all-powerful agent Smith? Man, those were epic! Such stunts required some serious gear to pull off, and even though it has been two decades since then, I doubt that a modern smartphone would be enough to reproduce them. But perhaps there’s a couple of phones that could get close.
At this year’s Mobile World Congress, Sony introduced the Xperia XZ Premium and Xperia XZs, both of which feature …

Epic Games shows off Google Tango-based app

At GDC 2017, Epic Games — the creators of Unreal Tournament and the ubiquitous Unreal engine — showed off new tech based on Google’s Tango augmented reality platform.

Epic announced “Project Raven” – a new special effects platform co-developed with Chevrolet and production company The Mill, that allows filmmakers to quickly add CGI effects into live-action movies. Complex CGI effects usually take days, if not weeks, as well as a lot of horsepower to be rendered fully.

As part of the announcement, Epic Games also showed off a cool mobile AR app that lets you …