Next Exynos may have neural engine co-processor for AI, similar to Apple's A11

“Apple A11 Bionic neural engine,” “Google Pixel Visual Core” – those are all buzz phrases to mark a growing trend in today’s latest smartphone chipsets, namely specialized co-processors for niche tasks that offload those from generic main processor cores. This way the job in question – processing sensory input and Face ID visual calculations in Apple’s case, or aiding the HDR+ camera algorithms in Google’s Pixels – gets done much faster, way better, and with less battery drain than if you task it to the stock processor.

Needless to say, Samsung may soon be following …

Air France flight to LA makes emergency landing in Canada after engine blows out


An Air France flight en route from Paris to Los Angeles made an emergency landing in Goose Bay, Canada after its engine blew out over the Atlantic Ocean Saturday. 

The Airbus A380 left Charles de Gaulle Airport Saturday morning and landed around 1:40 p.m. in Canada, CBC reported

The plane landed safely, but part of its engine cowling was missing and it scattered debris across the runway. 

Fire crews arrived to help, but didn’t need to do much apart from clean up the debris. 

Passengers on the flight and others watching the landing observed that the plane definitely looked “broken.” Read more…

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Report: Google to pay $3 billion to Apple to remain the default search engine on iOS

Securities firm Bernstein sent a note to clients today, stating that Google will end up paying approximately $3 billion to Apple this year to remain the default search engine on the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad. That is triple the amount that Google paid Apple three years ago for the same licensing rights. The revenue from Google is counted by Apple towards its rapidly growing services business. According to Apple, if its service business was considered a separate company, it would qualify for the Fortune 500.

Bernstein analyst A.M. Sacconaghi Jr. said in his firm’s missive to investors that …

2017 Apple Production of Cars Without Driver

Imagine how much investment would be required for the creation of the Apple Car? .It Has been definitely will take a lot of money, manpower and time. But perhaps even more than that to create these vehicles to enter sales. The project is actually named “Titan” and currently accounts for approximately 600 people. But eventually the number that will grow with the increased workload. Despite having little experience in this field, IT giants Americans believe that it could create a real revolution in the automotive market. Certain appearance is still unknown, but rotating the image of the concept of the individual. Or assumptions, how these vehicles can be seen. Probably will not appear in the next few years because of this large and complex job. But once there is a will, there is a way pesti.



On the streets in California we can see a test of unmanned vehicles, which attract a lot of attention. But one of the problems is the place where Apple will produce the vehicles. It is necessary to provide a good manufacturer of battery drive, which also will be the heart of the car is. Actually fully autonomous vehicles. This means that you will have the Auto-Pilot and manual control. So the driver can steer the vehicle,

What will happen?

In this sekarng era we certainly expect a futuristic vehicle with all the necessary auxiliary equipment, ranging from comfortable chairs and above all a sophisticated communications system. However, the company still remains secret. Because when something like this happens as a rumor by one of the manufacturers, it’s all just a matter of time. The biggest competitors in this field, in the opinion of many people, maybe Japan. They have professional people, the drive unit and the necessary capital. according to the information Apple made a deal with the organization of the AGM that utilizes the former military base in Concord. Which is located about 25 miles from San Francisco. Basic was abandoned in 2007. It has a lot of miles and miles of roads were left with the functional intersection, tunnels and crossings. This is exactly what is needed someone who tested the vehicle.


The future of the car industry

Many find it difficult to believe in the progress of this kind occurred in the automotive industry. But in fact we do not know what is being prepared by professional people in the giant company in the world. Perhaps one day we will enjoy it. Who knows what the company thinks. because it is a surprise for us. Wait for it.

5 Search Engine Optimization Predictions for 2016

In the last ten years we have heard search engine optimization proclaimed ‘dead’ around a trillion times, we have seen tools arrive and exit and we have survived endless algorithm updates. During this point it probably is safe to bet that SEO as an industry is not going anywhere, yet if history is any indication, we are in for a wild ride.

Therefore, what might we expect for the year 2016? Below are a few of the top predictions by one of the best SEO companies in Toronto, SEO Gorillas, on what we’ll expect over the next couple of years. So take heed and get ready for the upcoming storm!

Mobile Continually will dominate

Mobile gradually has been increasing dominance as Apple initially uncovered the iPhone 1. Though, it is just more recently that mobile devices officially have overtaken desktop computers as the leading way to get on the Internet.

Structured Data and Voice Search

Tying in with the growing prominence of mobile search includes the increasing importance of ‘voice search’. Individuals do not like to search Google by entering in words when they are on the run, meaning they now are more than likely to just ask Siri, Cortana or Google Now to locate what they are searching for.

Local SEO is going to be More Important than ever

According to our top SEO companies in Toronto, local SEO always has been important yet for 2016 it’ll be more important than ever. As the competition grows online, going local is going to provide one of the top ways to discover your audience within an ocean of other results. Local search has a clear synergy with voice search and mobile search, and Google’s latest update has shown their dedication to this aspect. Be certain you are prepared by remaining on top of your local SEO with updated Google Maps, smart keywords, app integration, and information.

SEO is going to ‘Merge’ With Other types of Digital Marketing

The ones who’ve been paying attention ought to recognize that the way you describe search engine optimization changed in recent times. Now, SEO is often synonymous with ‘content marketing’, which will say a lot about the concentration Google is currently placing on quality content.

A good SEO campaign, at the same time, must incorporate elements of social media to assist in building organic links and benefit right from the likes of Google Plus, according to the exerts at our SEO companies in Toronto.

Bing is going to Offer Increasing Competition

Bing has been increasing in momentum as a serious competitor with Google for a while now and numerous key moves upon Microsoft’s part will mean it’s likely to continue.

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