Why no one has 're-invented' email yet


You may remember the great tech crisis of 2014: Email was broken! We were getting so overwhelmed by the deluge of messages flooding our inboxes that we were missing more of the important ones. Our inboxes had evolved from helpful, at-times-cheery (“You’ve got mail!”) tools into overstuffed lockers of digital dread.

I’m not talking about about spam, either. That problem was more or less solved in the late 2000s with better filtering. But as email evolved to become the primary method of “asynchronous messaging” — basically, messages you can get to later — it began to include every newsletter, deal offer, message, bank statement, receipt, and notification that we, in some way, asked for. Read more…

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AOL/Verizon launch their new Alto email client for Android and iOS

This morning, AOL/Verizon launched a new email client for iOS and Android called Alto Mail. The app allows you to see email from all of your accounts in one place. For example, email you receive on your AOL, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Office365, iCloud and Exchange accounts will be easily found on Alto Mail. Alto will divide your mail automatically into different categories; this allows you to scroll through lists of attachments and images, and you can easily find messages that came from people on your contacts list.

Thanks to the native client’s Dashboard feature which is integrated …

How to fix your chaotic nightmare of an email inbox


We’ve all been there. Missing that one important email because your inbox is cluttered with garbage. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Thankfully, there are numerous tricks you can use to make sure that you see the emails you want to see, when you want to see them. While the specifics of your digital streamlining will vary depending on your email provider of choice, that’s OK! We’re here to break it all down for you, nice and easy like. 


Google’s Gmail offers up numerous options to flag important incoming emails, and even employs one of them by default. The default flag is called an “importance marker,” and it’s slapped on an email after Google’s fancy algorithms have used a variety of factors to determine that it’s worth giving a damn about.  Read more…

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Google's Inbox adds new feature that disables notifications except for "high priority" email

You might recall Google’s Inbox app. Originally offered by invitation only, the app helps organize your email inbox (hence its moniker) and bundles similar messages. This allows users to delete a ton of emails they don’t want, with a single swipe. Emails can be snoozed and returned to your inbox when you are ready to read and/or reply to a specific message. The app is designed to work best with Gmail.

Google has added a new feature to some users of Inbox that allows them to disable notifications on emails except for those considered “high priority.” The feature can be toggled on or off …

Before email, there was V-mail: The WWII program that scanned letters onto microfilm


Image: Fort Missoula Museum

Shortly after entering World War II, the United States military found that shipping and delivering immense volumes of mail to and from servicemen overseas would be a challenge, especially given the need to reserve cargo space for critical weapons and supplies.

The solution, based on the British Airgraph Service, was called Victory Mail — V-Mail for short.

The Eastman Kodak-designed service launched on June 15, 1942 and became the primary method of communication between soldiers on the front lines and family at home.

A V-mail letter would be written on a piece of standardized stationery, then photographed and transferred onto a roll of microfilm. Upon reaching its destination, the letter would be blown back up to a readable size and printed. Read more…

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Mike Pence wants an apology after the AP publishes second lady's email address


Vice President Mike Pence’s email controversy is growing. 

Pence is demanding the Associated Press take down the private email address of his wife, Karen, after the AP published it, in a report detailing how the Pences used private email addresses to carry out official business for years when Mike Pence was the governor of Indiana. 

Mike Pence believes the AP owes his wife an apology. 

Last night the @AP published my wife’s private email address, violating her privacy and our security…

— Vice President Pence (@VP) March 4, 2017 Read more…

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Spotlight: Email by EasilyDo is an exceptional altrnative to Gmail, Inbox, and Outlook

Developer: EasilyDoDownload: AndroidCategory: ProductivityPrice: Free
Android surely has a large selection of neat email apps. Gmail, Inbox, Outlook, K-9 Mail, or BlueMail — chances are you are using one of those as your daily email driver. There’s always room for a new entrant on that scene, especially if we are talking an app with exceptional origins. 
That’s exactly what Email by EasilyDo is. Previously an iOS exclusive, this app has finally made the jump over to Android, where it will be treating its users with a clean, …

800-961-1963- Email Help and Support for Outlook.com, Outlook for iOS and Outlook 2016

1. Switch your email to Outlook.com
Outlook customers are enjoying the new Outlook Mail experience.
In today’s digital world, the protection of your personal information on a computer system is essential, and this has become possible with Outlook.com. It offers you a security and reliability of keeping your Outlook.com emails safe and secure from an unauthorized person. If you want to avail an ultimate emailing experience of Outlook.com without any hassle, then you need to dial an Outlook technical support phone number. With the help of the phone number, you can also take the tech support for switching your email to Outlook.com conveniently.

You can get 24/7 support for Outlook.com emails by certified Microsoft Outlook technicians from a third party technical support providing company, like Intelli Atlas. Here you can get a comprehensive Outlook.com tech assistance from a qualified tech staff.

Moving your available email account to the feature-rich Outlook.com provides lots of benefits and works great on Lumia, Nokia X, and Asha. If you wish to import your emails from Gmail to Outlook.com, you need to follow the below steps.

Let’s follow the easy steps for importing the emails from Gmail to Outlook.com:

* First, you need an Outlook.com account. You can login with your existing credentials, or generate a new one.
* Run the import wizard. Instead, go to your account settings and discover the Aliases category.
* Simply, add an account alias by entering the Gmail account you want to migrate to your Outlook.com.
* You will be welcomed with a welcome note ‘import from YourEmail@Address screen’. And with this, you need to accept the agreement.
Finally, Outlook.com will begin to import all of your emails conveniently.
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2. Outlook for iOS Email Support and Help

With the launch of Outlook for iOS, Outlook users have started enjoying the services of the email client on their mobile devices. Outlook for iOS permits a user to manage Outlook.com contacts, calendars, and files without switching between different apps. Outlook for Windows and Outlook for Mac are still massively popular in many enterprises, so the iOS version will surely appeal to the users. If users want Outlook iOS email support via a certified Outlook technician, then they need to dial customer support number. With the help of the number, they will get linked to a qualified tech staff of a third party technical support providing company, like Intelli Atlas.
With the company, users can discuss all their technical queries related Outlook for iOS email conveniently. Outlook for iOS supports the newest email techniques, including GIFs, responsive design, and web-fonts. Outlook for iOS offers iPhone 6 Plus support, along with a split-view landscape layout.
These days, users prefer a smartphone rather than a computer system to manage their emails in one place. Activities like classifying through the large bulk of email, managing calendar, and sharing files need many steps or several apps that don’t work together fine on the handset. The new Outlook app has brought together the core tools, like email, contacts, calendar, and files, which help to manage all things done on the small screen. For iOS email help, dial customer support number for Outlook iOS help. With the help of a support number, users can get a professional email support and help instantly. Outlook successfully runs on Android 4.0 and iOS 8.0, and has an ability to sync email, calendar contacts, and files from Gmail, Exchange Online, iCloud Office 365, Outlook.com, Exchange Server, and Yahoo mail.

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3. How to AutoArchive Your Email in Outlook 2016

Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Mac is an email client app which is widely used by maximum  number of people globally. It has various features, like you can manage numerous email accounts, web browsing, note taking, calendar, contact manager, task manager, a journal, and much more. In case you are facing any specific technical difficulty while managing your emails and your mailbox is getting full with miscellaneous mails, you need to take tech support by dialing a toll-free Outlook phone number. Outlook customers looking for archiving emails get support from Outlook.com for Mac by calling Outlook 2016 for Mac support phone number.
With the help of the number, you can easily get a perfect support by getting linked with certified Outlook technicians. Many times, it happens that the size of the mailbox gets full. In such a situation, you need to achieve the messages in the mailbox. This manner, you can easily archive messages to a definite folder or storage place defined by Outlook users. For getting a convenient technical guidance, you need to contact a third party technical support providing company, like Intelli Atlas.

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Simple Email Marketing Guidelines

What is Email marketing? Just from the term itself, you can deduce its meaning. First, it’s an online marketing strategy. Second, it’s all about sending emails to a bunch of people who can either be from a cold list or a customer database. And lastly, its purpose is goal conversion: acquire clients, initiate a purchase, present a cause, ask for donations, etc. If done correctly, this technique is quite effective. In fact last 2011, US firms spent $ 1.51 billion on email marketing alone. Based on forecasts, this figure is expected to reach $ 2.468 billion in 2016.
Email marketing is a very direct approach. Before you hit that send button, make sure your email has followed these guidelines as much as possible:
Use an attention-grabbing subject line.
Newspapers have headlines; magazines have front pages; email marketing has the subject line. Use this to spark your readers’ curiosity and ultimately, to make them read your entire email. Using a reward-based subject line works really well. This is the best time to use the words “free” and “discount.” For example, “Get a 50% discount on your 1st purchase” or “Sign up and receive a free Blackberry.” Although these words are used over and over again on the web, they are still powerful. Just make sure that whenever you tap into these words you can back it up.
Keep the clutter at bay.
Don’t stuff your email with photos. Photos are often slow to load and there’s a tendency they might not be displayed correctly. If you really have to use pictures, make sure they are “light” and properly sized. Also, don’t go crazy with fonts. Use clean, easy-to-read typefaces in your email.
Don’t go overboard with resolutions.
Having to scroll sideways just to see your email is very irritating. Make sure that the resolution you use is 500×650 or less.
Make your message short and sweet.
No one wants to read an email that is as long as an essay. So, be succinct. Go straight to the point and put your call to action right at the very beginning.
Send out replies.
Don’t let your reader hang. The least you can do for someone who responded to your call action is a “Thank you.” Let them know that you’ve received their reply to your email and show your gratitude. Set up an auto-responder and be as nice and friendly as you were in your first email.
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Email Marketing is very helpful for you and your customers to improve business level. eTEKY is one of the profitable websites to increase the online value of your business.

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50 Tips and Statistics For Email Marketing in the 2014

We’ll share some tips with you for a more successful email marketing campaign. Before we do that, let see the statistics to see how important email marketing actually is.

Statistics for email marketing:

1. The average subscriber gets 416 commercial messages each month.

2. The number of existing email accounts is around 3.2 billion.

3. In the 2012. the revenue of email ads has been $ 156 million.

4. 95% of all online consumers have email address.

5. 91% of the consumers said that they check their email minimum once a day.

6. Average internet user in the U.S. has 3.1 email address.

7. By the year 2017 the U.S. will have around 236.8 million email users.

8. There is a prevision that by 2017 the email audience will grow to 2.76 billion.

9. 78% of brand marketers in the UK said that they see the retention as the purpose of their email marketing programs.

10. 64% of all decision makers use their mobile devices to read the email.

11. 89% of the brand marketers in the UK said that the email is important part of their business advertising strategies.

12. Each $ 1 that gets spent on email marketing brings average $ 44.25 in return.

13. 56% of all businesses had intention to increase their email marketing in the 2013.

14. In the last quarter of the 2012, there were more than 90% of the internet users in the UK that have sent or received at least one email per week.

15. 70% of the email users said they always open the emails that come from their favorite companies. Only 18% of email users said that they never open the commercial emails.

16. 55.2% of all global users open the email on desktop computers.

17. The estimate is that the number of the adult email audience in the U.S. in the 2013 will be 188.3 million and it will climb to 203.8 million in the 2017.

18. 93% of all consumers get at least one email that’s based on permission each day.

What about mobile devices?

1. 66% of all emails on Gmail get opened on mobile devices and only 19% in web browsers.

2. When creating the campaign for multi-devices, we need to remember that the most important content has to come first. The content should be ordered in the top-down hierarchy. This idea is one of the basics in journalism.

3. The size of the text body should be at least 13px. If you want to avoid zooming, use the text size 15-16px, depending on the font family and also preview how it looks on a mobile device.

4. Mobile devices provide highly interactive experience of use. Each mail gets viewed in stages and a good email marketing plan will do a research and create special design and content for each stage.

5. Some claim that there are already 50% of the email messages that are opened on mobile devices.

6. One of the basic principles in marketing is that we need to know our audience. If more than 10% of our brand’s audience is using mobile devices, then it’s time to do a mobile optimization.

7. The most used email client for Gmail opening is the built-in iPhone’s mail program. This program opens 34% of all mails on Gmail.

8. Smartphone users represent 55% of the whole mobile population in the U.S. and the time has arrived to stop dividing email messages on mobile and non-mobile ones. Our subscribers will see our messages on many different devices, that include desktop, laptop, tablets and smartphone devices.

9. Instead of focusing only on a click-based interaction with subscribers, think about it more widely. Use a grid-based layout and provide a content that’s easy to read and understand.

10. There are subscription forms that ask their subscribers only to provide an email address. The idea is to keep it simple as possible.

11. Create the one-column layout, because it’s always the most responsive one. If you want to stick to the multi-column layout, test how its elements behave on different devices and consider using a grid.

Master the Inbox

1. How can you lower the bounce rate? Find the emails that generated the highest number of bouncebacks and explore the source of that list.

2. Respect all the terms of the CAN-SPAM federal legislation. You also need to assure that all the removal requests are honored and that those subscribers get removed from your mailing lists.

3. 33% of all email recipients open their email messages only because of the subject line.

4. People most often read emails about travel and their finances.

5. On a typical workday, most emails on desktops and smartphones have been opened between 10a.m. and 4p.m.

6. The recipients will most often read only the subject line or few first lines of the text of your email. That’s why you need to include your CTA early in the email.

7. The subject lines that contain less than 10 characters have 58% of opening rate.

8. Google said that they had more than 425 million active users of Gmail in the June 2012. Litmus’ tracking service of emails showed that around 4% of all email opens were made by Gmail users, in the same month.

Email B2B marketing

1. 61% of the worldwide marketing professionals in B2B sector claimed that CTR is the most useful indicator for the analyze of the email campaign performance. 48% of the B2C marketers claimed the same thing.

2. Auto-responders are great for managing simple, returning mails. You can constantly use them for testing the marketing automation area. They’re perfect for it because you’ll send them often to all the new followers and subscribers.

3. The images are becoming more popular in our inboxes, all since the Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter showed us how to deal with them. You need to smartly choose the images in your email, because they’ll talk about your brand as well. B2B emails can use some fresh designs to make their emails unique.

4. We see more B2B marketers that act smart by personalizing their campaigns to their subscribers’ interests. They use behavioral data and wide selection of online personalization instruments.

5. Use the best marketing practice for creating your email templates, forms and homepages. Most automation providers will offer you the base for your implementation, from design of the template to the content that’s already included as an example.

Data is important.

1. You need to collect detailed data from your subscribers and you need to customize each part of your message to make it relevant.

2. E-mail marketing is great because it will provide you the data about your company’s best customers. Then you can target them with the special offers and discounts in order to stimulate them to share it with their friends and to talk good about your brand.

3. 77% of all marketers said that the history of purchase had great impact on the return on investment (ROI). They are using the data they’ve collected in the past to create campaigns that will influence on their buyer’s process of making decisions.

4. 7 out of 10 people said that they’ve used the a coupon or the other discount that they’ve received in the marketing email in the previous week.

5. If you’re collecting the addresses from the submission forms, you should consider the use of confirmed opt-in. With the confirmed opt-in, your subscribers will be asked to enter their email address in order to access to the content of your website. When they make a registration and give you their email address, they’ll receive the verification email that they’ll need to confirm. This way you’ll get only the active and valid email addresses from your new subscribers.

Email and the social media

1. Any digital marketing campaign needs to pay special attention to sharing options of their email. It is advisable to include the buttons for social sharing at the top of the email. Create the interesting content that will be displayed on the social sharing websites and provide a shortened link for your whole content.

2. A survey in the 2013, conducted on the internet users in the U.S., had shown that the users spent more time on email than on any other digital activity. The email was used an hour longer than the popular Facebook.

Melissa Kay has 10 year in email marketing article writing. Some articles include 50 tips and statistics for email marketing in the 2014. She has consulted Fortune 500 companies including IBM, Dell, General Electric and AT&T. She also focuses on sg business email database in singapore

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