Jabra Elite 65t & Jabra Elite Active 65t hands-on

Jabra’s Sport Elite true wireless headphones might’ve had a lukewarm response from critics, especially when they were tagged with an unbelievable price that was way more than the rest of the competition, but here at CES 2018, the longtime headset maker is using the opportunity to introduce two, reasonably prices true wireless headphones. The Jabra Elite 65t and the Jabra Elite Active 65t. Essentially, one is geared more for causal music listening – while the other is an option to consider for fitness enthusiasts. 
Looking at the two, it’s almost …

Zagg's new Glass Curve Elite screen protector may be the best thing that happened to your Galaxy S8 or Note 8

Curved glass protectors are a pain to get right, and most of them, even from reputable brands, are a tradeoff when it comes to side touch functionality or aesthetics. Enter Zagg’s new Glass Curve Elite series for handsets with flexible OLED displays that are sloping to the sides, such as the Galaxy S8 or Note 8. Zagg’s previous curved protector efforts were as good as anyone else’s, barring those that have to be installed using ultraviolet baking. 

Most of the curved shields so far suffered from the usual touch sensitivity problems due to the adhesive being used at …

HP Elite x3 now available on Verizon, Windows Mobile is not dead (yet)

Microsoft this week started selling a Verizon-compatible HP
Elite x3 – following months of speculations about this. Originally released in
2016, the HP Elite x3 is a high-end smartphone running Windows 10 Mobile, a
platform that Microsoft will no longer be focusing on.


The Verizon-compatible HP Elite x3 can be found only at
Microsoft’s website (see the source link below), and costs $599 outright, free
Desk Dock included. It doesn’t look like you can buy the smartphone with
monthly payments. While Microsoft is mainly targeting business customers with
the Elite x3, nothing stops regular …

Jabra Elite 25e wireless headphones Review

The Jabra Elite 25e is one of many around-the-neck styled Bluetooth headphones in circulation, catering to both audio enthusiasts that want nothing more than to sit back and listen to music, as well as those busy bees who are always constantly moving around. You could say that it’s trying to strike a balance with its design and offerings! With so many options to consider, will this $79.99 pair of headphones offer consumers anything more compelling than the competition?


Let’s not run around the bush, the design of the Jabra Elite 25e has been done countless times …

More evidence suggests Verizon will carry the HP Elite x3 flagship

There’s much talk surrounding HP’s old Windows Phone flagship, the Elite x3, which is supposed to be launched in the United States at Verizon. Apparently, discussions between the major carrier and HP began early this summer, but nothing concrete was decided.

Last month, Verizon certified the HP Elite x3, but the smartphone is still MIA. Today, Microsoft revealed all the smartphones that are eligible for its new Windows 10 Fall Creators update and the HP Elite x3 (Verizon model) is listed among them.

That’s another reason that we believe Verizon will eventually …

HP Elite x3 still coming to Verizon?

During July, which seems so long ago, there was talk that the HP Elite x3 was heading to Verizon. For those of you unfamiliar with the Elite x3, it is a highly spec’d Windows 10 Mobile powered phablet. Actually designed for enterprise use, we have had a couple of months go past and yet, the HP Elite x3 remains unavailable at Verizon. From all appearances, it seems as though the Elite x3 has received its Verizon certification. It does offer Continuum2, which allows you to create a Frankenstein-like desktop PC using the HP Elite x3.  With Windows Hello, you can unlock the phone with a fingerprint, …

HP Elite X3 to reach its End of Life on Nov 1? HP says no, phone to run through 2019

The HP Elite x3 has had the best specs of any Windows 10 Mobile powered handset since the device was launched last December. Now, there is talk that the Elite x3 will go EOL on November 1st. For those of you unaccustomed to playing alphabet soup, EOL stands for ‘End of Life’ and it means that the phone will no longer be sold after that date. The report, out of Germany, would give the phone 5 more weeks on the shelves before getting pulled for good.

The problem here isn’t just HP’s fault. Microsoft’s decision to stop working on Windows 10 Mobile prevented HP from updating the Elite x3. According …

Jabra Elite 25e hands on

Rising from the ashes of a once booming Bluetooth headset
market, Jabra has successfully transitioned into making earphones and other
audio accessories – a feat that one of its main competitors *cough* Jawbone *cough* could not do. Earlier
this year Jabra released a pair of wireless sport earbuds, which boasted a
solid feature-set at a good price. This week the company has released a more
casual, but still “elite” follow-up: The Elite 25e.


The Elite 25e is a
behind the neck set of earphones, with buds strung along at either end of the
neck piece. The silicon buds themselves …

Jabra's new Elite 25e neckbuds promise best-in-class battery at a fair price

Around-the-neck wireless earphones are quite popular nowadays. Although people wearing them might be labeled as fashion criminals by some, these gadgets do have certain advantages – they don’t tangle, and they generally offer more time between charges than truly wireless earphones.

Today, Jabra unveiled an intriguing pair of neckbuds at the IFA ShowStoppers press event in Berlin. They are called the Elite 25e, and Jabra is selling them for $79,99/€79,99.
What do you get for that price? First and foremost, a battery life of 18 hours. …

HP is experimenting with Android for a successor to the Elite X3, rumor claims

HP’s Elite X3 might just have been the best Windows 10 Mobile device nobody bought. Reasons for this include its considerably high price tag, its focus on the enterprise, as well as possibly its biggest problem: the fact it runs Windows. But even a company as badly mismanaged as HP (hey, remember that time they bought Palm and ran it right into the ground in just a year?) knows when it’s got a good idea, and a recent rumor suggests the company is working on a successor.

And that idea is a smartphone that, when connected to a dock, results in a seamless …