Security woes as backdoor in OnePlus devices is discovered, allows for easy gain of root access

A potentially dangerous backdoor in multiple OnePlus devices has been just unearthed by a knowing developer, revealing a hidden app that can be potentially used to gain root access and take control over the device.
Dubbed “EngineedMode”, the app has been created by Qualcomm to most certainly test out hardware, but OnePlus has taken it to itself to tamper with the app, customize it, and preload it on a plethora of devices, including but not limited to the OnePlus 5, OnePlus 3, and OnePlus 3T. The app gives unprecedented access to a host of security-sensitive …

Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have a secret built-in dark theme, enabling it is easy

A dark interface theme and theme support in general have been among the top-requested features for any major iteration of Android for more than half a decade now, yet Google still refuses to bake in this already widespread functionality of third-party Android distributions.
Yet the wall is beginning to crack a little, as the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL launcher is, you see, boasting an automatic dark theme that kicks in when you apply a darker wallpaper as a background. So far, it seems to be working with the built-in Pixel launcher only, but we are certain a workaround …

DolphinAttack: the surprisingly easy way to hack every voice assistant out there (Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant too)

There is a surprisingly easy way to hack voice helpers like Siri and the Google Assistant on every modern phone out there using nothing but a $3 hardware with a simple amp and a speaker.
The list of vulnerable devices includes Apple iPhones and Androdi phones, as well as just about every smartphone with a voice assistant out there.
tSo how is it done? It turns out that microphones on our devices can hear tones at ultrasound frequencies the human ear cannot easily discern. All it takes then is an amp that will convert …

Check out how easy it'll be to hail one of Airbus' conceptual autonomous flying taxis


Hailing a flying taxi will someday be as easy as pulling out your phone and pressing a button. 

That’s the future presented by a number of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft projects, and major transportation movers and shakers, most notably Uber and its partners, have outlined plans to take the ride hailing services currently stuck on the ground to put them in the skies.   

One of the busiest companies in the space is Airbus, which just dropped a new video of its autonomous flying taxi hailing project. The video is just a CG demo of the concept, but it’s still an exciting vision of the future of mobility.   Read more…

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OnePlus CEO Pete Lau says the OnePlus 5 will be easy to buy

Early this morning, we told you that Chinese on-line retailer had received over 75,000 registrations for the first OnePlus 5 flash sale set to take place on June 22nd. Of course, since it is a flash sale, we won’t know how many units will be sold sold until afterward. Meanwhile, OnePlus co-founder and CEO Pete Lau posted a message on his Weibo account that the OnePlus 5 is going to be easy to buy. The since-deleted post was a response to a comment posted by another Weibo user who wrote that the OnePlus 5 will be hard to find after the device is released next week. Historically, new OnePlus …

Here's how easy it is to switch to an LG G6 (from an iPhone, or another Android phone)

LG this week released a bunch of videos showcasing how easy it is to switch from an older smartphone (and transfer your data) to the company’s G6 flagship handset.

As you can see for yourself in LG’s new videos (embedded below) you can switch from Android handsets (including LG ones) either wirelessly, or with the help of a USB cable. This isn’t the case when switching from an iPhone – you can’t make the switch wirelessly, so you’ll definitely need a cable. 

Anyhow, the process is fairly simple regardless of your older smartphone, although, if you have a non-LG Android …

Logitech Universal Folio tablet cover: a new easy way to get your office mobile

Working on productivity tasks using a tablet is not always the most effective way to do things right unless you have a good case with convenient keyboard. Fortunately, there are dozens of keyboard covers on the market and they can make the situation easier. But while many accessory makers prefer to tie their cases to specific tablets, Logitech goes a different way, by offering one case that fits many models. The advantage here is that you can use the same solution even if at some point you decide to buy another tablet which is about the same size. 

The new accessory is called Universal …

Are the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ easy to repair? iFixit has the answer

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are officially launching on April 21, but they’re already shipping to some lucky customers. We ourselves got our hands on the two smartphones, so you can go ahead and read our Galaxy S8 review and Galaxy S8+ review. But, if you want to see what’s inside the Galaxy S8 series, there’s no better place to check out than iFixit.

Tearing down both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, iFixit unsurprisingly discovered that the handsets are pretty much the same on the inside – just as they are on the outside – although the S8+ includes a significantly larger battery.

iFixit …

iPhone Programming Path Made Easy

Hey Guys!

Are you interested to learn In this section we focus on important things useful in iPhone Application development. Most of the developers build views through programming. The brief approach is shared here and the detailed discussion with examples will be provided in the next Article.
Programming quickly and worried about time and efforts? Here is good picture and short path to initiate iPhone development.

Insight /Outlines briefly:

One should know the 8 base elements before start doing iPhone programming. The eight base elements indicate the programmer about the things involved and also a big picture on efforts. However everything made easy and clear to you and help you quickly give you a thumbnail view of the big picture.

1. Platform – Mac OS
2. Processor – 64 bit
3. Compiler – GCC
4. Application Framework – IOS SDK from Apple
5. Target Devices – iPhone, iPod and iPad
6. Language – Object C
7. GUI API – Cocoa
8. IDE – XCode

GUI Anatomy briefly:

Here is no confusion; the anatomy is simple layout of a native iPhone screen (view). However we see so many other layouts created by different developer groups using web (HTML5 and CSS) and native (Cocoa Touch) which are creative hybrid interfaces. See below the core native view.

Learning scope briefly:

Step 1: Registering as iPhone developer.
Registration is simple first activity to access free resources from Apple Developer site ( Download IOS SDK from
Step 2: Installing of IOS SDK.
Installation of IOS SDK is to create development environment. The development environment consists XCode IDE, iPhone development Framework and other tools.
Step 3: Joining Developer Program
Joining Developer Program is to get access to Apples extended developer facilities to sign and distribute applications.
Step4: Building simple App
Once the developer environment is ready, it is right time to test the developer environment with a sample application. Follow the below steps to run a simple application.

1. Open XCode (double click on Macintosh HD Developer  Applications  XCode).
2. Create New Project (File  New Project). Select “Application” from “iPhone OS” category and “View-based Application” for template.
3. Name the project as “Hello World”.
4. The finished Project contains folders like “Classes”, “Other Sources”, “Resources”, “Frameworks” and “Products”.

Note: Don’t worry about folder names, we will discuss in the later Articles. The Project sub-folders vary from IOS SDK version and Project options. Please don’t select “Story Board” option in case if you setup latest IOS SDK 5 environment.

5. Double click to open “HelloWorldViewController.xib” from “Resources” folder of the Project.
6. It opens the View in Interface Builder where User Controls.
7. Add Label control to the View (drag a Label control to View) and add “Hello, world” to it. Now save and execute.
8. Hello World Application is ready and opened in iPhone Simulator.

iPhone Programming Approach briefly:

In this section we focus on important things useful in iPhone Application development. Most of the developers build views through programming. The brief approach is shared here and the detailed discussion with examples will be provided in the next Article.

1. Tools (XCode, Interface Builder and Instruments)
XCode is to manage Project and its files. Interface Builder is to design GUI/View using standard UI Controls available in Library.
2. Language (Object C and Cocoa Touch)
Programming languages are based C. Discuss more about Object Programming and Cocoa Touch library in future Articles.
3. Design (iPhone Human Interface Guidelines)
Design involves creative GUI using Cocoa Touch and Object C. Apple provided more detailed information in its best practices document “iPhone Human Interface Guidelines”.
4. Processes (Testing, Provisioning and Distribution)

Note: Along with the above four pillars of iPhone programming, we also discuss on the important other pieces like XCode Project Types, View Controllers, Interface Builder, Instruments, Core Data, SQLite, Core Animation, Debugging, Provisioning, Distribution, Auto Release Pools, etc.

iPhone Programming Path Made Easy