Apple to Android users: "Life is easier on iPhone"

Apple recently updated some parts of its official website, which now includes a section dedicated to Android users who may want to switch to iOS. 

On its new Switch web page – accessible via the source link below – Apple is trying to attract Android users by mentioning that “Life is easier on iPhone. And that starts as soon as you turn it on.”

By scrolling down the page, you’ll discover several reasons why Apple thinks that switching to an iPhone is a good idea – starting with the fact that transferring your data (after downloading the dedicated Move to iOS app from Google …

Apple is lobbying to kill bill that would make it easier for normal people to repair iPhones

A new “Fair Repair Act” bill could make phones and iPhones in particular much easier to repair for normal people, but interestingly, rather than being met with support from Apple, the bill has seen the company oppose it and now evidence has showed up that Apple is investing money to lobby against the bill. The evidence was uncovered by Motherboard and uses public records from New York State’s Joint Commission on Public Ethics.
Proposed by the Digital Right to Repair Coalition, a group of small independent repair shops, the “Fair Repair Act” …

Updated UI makes it easier for Android users to video chat on WhatsApp

Video calling launched on WhatsApp last November. Already, the app hosts on an average day 340 million minutes of video calls. There are an average of 55 million video calls made each day on the messaging app, which was purchased by Facebook for a final price of more than $21 billion back in 2014. WhatsApp’s voice and video calls are free, even to other countries. That’s because both features employ a carrier’s internet connection.

Now, WhatsApp has made it easier for Android users to launch video chats thanks to an updated UI. A dedicated video calling button is available that starts …

How to rearrange the Galaxy S8 icons with a tap for easier one-handed use

Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 and S8+ flagships offer 83% screen-to-body ratio, the best in its class, and one of the best ever on an Android phone this side of the Xiaomi Mi Mix slab. The achievement is a result of extremely thin top and bottom bezels, curved screen sides, and new 18.5:9 aspect ratio for the display. That aspect ratio means that the phone is narrow but tall, and some of us short-fingered folks won’t be able to reach everywhere on the display while using the phone with one hand, despite that it is unbelievable compact for its 5.8″ screen diagonal.

Fret …

Opera Mini's latest update makes download links easier to access

Opera is determined to beef up its Android browser in order to compete with the likes of Google and Samsung. The latest update for Opera Mini brings a brand new feature that is not available on any other mobile browsers that we know of.

In fact, it’s more of a tool rather than a new feature. Opera is working on an algorithm that will allow its Android browser to provide users with a direct link to whatever they wish to download from certain websites.

We all know that download sites hide their content under piles of ads, so you always have to click one more time just to get to the …

Allo update makes it easier to access Google Assistant in chats and more

As we’ve said before, Google Allo is one of the underrated gems of Google’s software portfolio and deserves more credit than it has gotten (even if Google has consistently bungled its chat app strategy). We’ll hold out hope that the app gains steam, but it seems unlikely at this point. Even so, Google is continuing to work hard on the app in the hopes that people start to switch.

The latest addition to Allo is one that seems obvious, but somehow didn’t exist until now: a button to call up the Google Assistant within a chat. Previously, if you were chatting with someone, the Assistant …