Google Maps new UI and icons make it easier to use

Google Maps is getting a new UI and some fresh icons. A change is coming to the driving, navigation, transit and explore maps that will allow each section to focus on what is important to users looks at the specific category. For example, you might see a focus on gas stations in the navigation map, and train stations under transit. This way, you won’t be overwhelmed with information that doesn’t matter to you.

In addition, Google Maps will have a new color scheme and new icons to help you quickly identify certain places of interest. If you need a hospital quickly, knowing the icon and color …

7 wedding apps that will make planning your big day a whole lot easier


Your wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life, but actually planning it can make you want to pull your hair out. 

Lucky for us, we live in a time of smart phones and we all know there’s an app for just about anything. So if you are having trouble organizing your big day, we’ve compiled a list of the best weddings apps to make the process as painless as possible. 

1. WeddingHappy 

OK, so where do you even start? This free iOS app is great if you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing. Just put in your anticipated wedding date, and WeddingHappy will design a schedule complete with a checklist and suggested due dates.  Read more…

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Ikea and Apple will use AR to make choosing a BJÖRKSNÄS even easier


Apple’s new ARKit will help to bring an onslaught of new AR games and apps to your iPhone, and at least one of them might wind up saving you some headaches on your trips to IKEA.

The Swedish home goods behemoth was mentioned as a potential AR partner at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) earlier this month, and Tim Cook himself name-dropped IKEA directly in a recent interview. He said Apple had “talked” to IKEA about an app that would inject 3D models of its goods onto an iOS device’s screen, which could take most of the guesswork out of the furniture shopping experience.   

IKEA’s digital transformation manager Michael Valdsgaard shared some new details about the progress the company is making on the AR app in an interview with Swedish tech site Digital.di, which was spotted by 9to5MacRead more…

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This '4D' printing method could make packing for outer space much easier


These tiny objects made with 3D printers can dramatically expand when exposed to heat.

Scientists have created a pair of compact, unfurling structures that could pave the way for innovations in biomedical devices or space exploration, where payloads can cost tens of thousands of dollars per pound.

A team at the Georgia Institute of Technology crafted these objects using “tensegrity” — a structural system of floating rods in compression and cables in continuous tension. Researchers crafted the rods and cables, called “struts,” from shape memory polymers that unfold when heated. Read more…

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A year after the Error 53 fiasco, Apple is now making it easier to replace your iPhone's fingerprint sensor

Getting your broken iPhone repaired isn’t exactly a fun experience – going through the official channels means either hoping your local Genius Bar isn’t overbooked (if you have one at all, that is), or sending your device for a mail-in repair, which can take a considerable amount of time as well. Of course there’s always the option of going to an unlicensed service location, but doing often bears the risk of getting a sub-par repair job, or even an outright broken device.

But in some cases, such as when the Touch ID on your device breaks, the latter …

Making your own 'Wonder Woman' costume is easier than you thought


Just in time for the new Wonder Woman film watch as the DIY Costume Squad show you how to make your very own DIY Wonder Woman costume! Impress your friends when you show up to the theater wearing this DIY awesomeness!

Visit for more episodes and movie-related content. Read more…

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Apple to Android users: "Life is easier on iPhone"

Apple recently updated some parts of its official website, which now includes a section dedicated to Android users who may want to switch to iOS. 

On its new Switch web page – accessible via the source link below – Apple is trying to attract Android users by mentioning that “Life is easier on iPhone. And that starts as soon as you turn it on.”

By scrolling down the page, you’ll discover several reasons why Apple thinks that switching to an iPhone is a good idea – starting with the fact that transferring your data (after downloading the dedicated Move to iOS app from Google …

Apple is lobbying to kill bill that would make it easier for normal people to repair iPhones

A new “Fair Repair Act” bill could make phones and iPhones in particular much easier to repair for normal people, but interestingly, rather than being met with support from Apple, the bill has seen the company oppose it and now evidence has showed up that Apple is investing money to lobby against the bill. The evidence was uncovered by Motherboard and uses public records from New York State’s Joint Commission on Public Ethics.
Proposed by the Digital Right to Repair Coalition, a group of small independent repair shops, the “Fair Repair Act” …

Updated UI makes it easier for Android users to video chat on WhatsApp

Video calling launched on WhatsApp last November. Already, the app hosts on an average day 340 million minutes of video calls. There are an average of 55 million video calls made each day on the messaging app, which was purchased by Facebook for a final price of more than $21 billion back in 2014. WhatsApp’s voice and video calls are free, even to other countries. That’s because both features employ a carrier’s internet connection.

Now, WhatsApp has made it easier for Android users to launch video chats thanks to an updated UI. A dedicated video calling button is available that starts …

How to rearrange the Galaxy S8 icons with a tap for easier one-handed use

Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 and S8+ flagships offer 83% screen-to-body ratio, the best in its class, and one of the best ever on an Android phone this side of the Xiaomi Mi Mix slab. The achievement is a result of extremely thin top and bottom bezels, curved screen sides, and new 18.5:9 aspect ratio for the display. That aspect ratio means that the phone is narrow but tall, and some of us short-fingered folks won’t be able to reach everywhere on the display while using the phone with one hand, despite that it is unbelievable compact for its 5.8″ screen diagonal.

Fret …