Some Apple iPhone X users troubled by buzzing and crackling noises coming from the earpiece

The latest issue to affect Apple iPhone X users appears to be buzzing and crackling sounds that come out of the earpiece. Word of this bug is getting passed along today, less than a week since some users posted photos of their iPhone X with a thin green line moving vertically down either the left or right edge of the display. The issue with the audio was mentioned on Twitter and Reddit, where several iPhone X users said that the buzzing or crackling sounds appear whenever the volume is cranked up to high or maximum during a phone call, while playing music or a video, or when a ringtone or alarm …

Some iPhone X owners report crackling sounds coming out of earpiece speaker

The iPhone X packs a good amount of tech that we haven’t seen on an Apple smartphone before. Cupertino’s $1,000 flagship is the first iPhone to feature an OLED display, a nearly bezel-less design, the new Face ID authentication system, and a unique gesture-based version of iOS 11.
Given the amount of new stuff present, the news of some iPhone X owners experiencing issues at launch isn’t exactly surprising. One of these issues came in the form of a green line running down the outer edge of the handset’s OLED panel. While the problem is …

Apple will fix iPhone 8's earpiece noise issue with a software update

After the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus reached customers last week, some users noticed an issue with the handsets’ earpieces. More exactly, during phone calls or FaceTime calls, random crackling or static noises can be often heard – on various carriers and in different countries. Thankfully, Apple has acknowledged this problem, and is working to fix it. 

According to The Verge, Apple says the earpiece issue is only affecting “a small number” of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus owners. The company further said that an upcoming software update will solve the problem …

What is the Best iphone Earpiece?

Apple recommend Iphone earpiece or apple earphone on the new apple iphone, and with the announcement of the new apple iphone, can be inserted into the earpiece socket. As expected, the new eyephone includes a 5megapixel camera, wifi and iphone earpiece.

The Apple Earphone includes a Remote and Mic and carries on with apple tradition as it adds a control capsule, this is placed on the cable of the right earpiece and includes a microphone and three buttons.

The new apple iphone beats all competition in the mobile phone market including the previous iphone. Features of the new apple iphone include text messaging, video calling, internet and itunes, Video chat is only available with iphone. Various new phone applications are available from the app store. You can get your free case for your new apple phone from the application store.

The iphone can be tracked through mobileme software, this tracks your iphone in the event of loss.

6 advantages of the new Apple earphone:

Enable auto lock

Enable passcode lock

Use wifi safety on the move

Securely access corporate web mail

Browse the web via safari

includes iphone earpiece or apple earphone

The new apple iphone is unlocked, so is available on these networks:

Orange – Apple iphone 3Gs network

O2 – Apple iphone 3Gs network

Virgin mobile – Apple iphone 3Gs network

T-mobile – Apple iphone 3Gs network

Vodafone – 3Gs – Apple iphone network

Talktalk – Apple iphone network

Sim free from apple – Apple iphone network

Available on all different types of contracts is the new apple iphone, you can purchase the eyephone without a contract, but is available with all the main phone providers, the box contains an apple earphone or iphone earpiece, eyephone adaptor charger and USB docking connector.

The new apple iphone uses microsim technology, which is your standard sim card in micro form. This new technology used by the new iphone is a world first.

Working perfectly with the apple iphone is the apple earphone and iphone earpiece.

Features include Control music and video playback, volume adjust, with + and – buttons and the ability to Answer and end calls. The apple earphone or iphone earpiece is supported by all ipods and makes the The apple earphone or iphone earpiece a perfect accompaniment to the eyephone. The eyephone continues apples green initiative, and at the heart of this is the pvc-free apple earphone or iphone earpiece.

The new apple iphone comes bundled with its own earpiece but there are many more available to get the best possible sound quality from your eyephone. A bluetooth iphone earpiece handset is a must have accessory for your new apple iphone.

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