How to earn two top business credentials for less than $50


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Are you sick of getting passed over for promotions and raises simply because you don’t have an MBA? It’s difficult to stand out with just an undergraduate degree in business—and let’s be real, not all of us went to Harvard. Surprisingly, there are a ton of other business certifications out there that will give your resume the punch-up it desperately needs without shelling out for an MBA.

For example? The CBAP® & CCBA® Business Analysis Certification Training Package introduces you to two of these certifications focused on business analysis. The two-course bundle will help you build your knowledge in business analysis planning and monitoring, elicitation, requirements management and communication, enterprise analysis, requirements analysis, and solution assessment and validation. With these skills, you’ll be able to better prep for the IIBA-CBAP® and CCBA® certification exams.  Read more…

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Frenemies: Samsung to earn more from iPhone X than from Galaxy S8 parts

Samsung may be selling the iPhone X’s OLED display to Apple for at least $70 a pop, but it also supplies other components for it, and the Wall Street Journal has ordered a parts analysis that pegs Samsung’s overall revenue from each iPhone X sold to be $110. 

Since Counterpoint Technology Market Research, the firm that did the study, expects Apple to sell 130 million iPhone X units until the summer of 2019, this would bring many billions in Samsung’s coffers from Apple’s finest handset alone. 
For comparison, Samsung is expected to sell …