Best wireless Bluetooth earbuds and in-ear headphones to buy right now (January 2018)

Wireless headphones are nothing new as this old and proven concept fits in particularly well with the nature of accessories whose purpose is to comfortably and  unobtrusively pump sound in your ears while you go by with your daily business. Truly, die-hard audiophiles probably cringe and wince at the thought of surrendering their high-end cans for Bluetooth earbuds, but this wouldn’t make a difference to the average Joe out there who will certainly value the comfort and added ease of use of the wireless buds.
But which ones to buy? You’d be forgiven to be a little …

Some of Sony's older wireless headphones, earbuds will receive Google Assistant support via OTA

Sony revealed a bunch of new wireless Bluetooth earbuds at CES 2018 just the other day, with a couple of these coming with built-in support for the Google Assistant, namely the WF-SP700N and WI-SP600N earbuds. Well, at least the support is there, but the actual Google Assistant will arrive at a later date with an software update.

That same software update will obviously transcend to some older Sony headphones and earbuds, as the company is on track to bring this trendy new Google Assistant functionality to its last-year tongue-twisters, the WF-1000X, WI-1000X, WH-1000XM2, WH-CH700N, …

Sony introduces new wireless earbuds fit for your workouts and with strong bass

Sony has just introduced a pair of new, Bluetooth-based wireless earbuds that combine light weight, digital noise cancellation and sweat resistance that makes them suitable for workouts.

The new earbuds go by the brilliant WF-SP700N (for the cord-free model) and WI-SP600N (for the neckbuds) names, and Sony claims they are the first one to combine BOTH noise cancellation features and water resistance.
First, the WF-SP700N, the “true” wireless kind: battery life on them is 3 hours, considerably less than the 5 hours you get …

Buttonless Bluetooth earbuds can seriously improve gym life, and they're 50% off


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Headphones serve a strictly utilitarian purpose, so you’d think shopping for them would be a breeze. But in reality? It’s a total nightmare.

With tons of brands, styles, and price points to choose from, there are simply too many options. And once you buy a pair you think will do the trick, they’re uncomfortable, bulky, or have superfluous buttons.

Ergonomic, powerful, and currently more than 50% off, Cresuer Touchwave Bluetooth Earbuds might be just what you need. Read more…

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Deal: Samsung's Gear IconX (2018) wireless earbuds are now $50 off

Released in the US less than two months ago, the Gear
IconX (2018) are Samsung’s latest fitness earbuds. Replacing the  Gear IconX from 2016, the new earbuds were priced
at $199.99 at launch. Now, you can get them for $149.99 (that’s $50 off) via Samsung,
Best Buy, and Amazon.


Available in three color variants – black, pink, and grey –
the Samsung Gear IconX (2018) earbuds are completely wireless, so they’re
perfect to use when working out. Compatible with both Android, and iOS devices,
the new Gear IconX can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth, and will
provide up to 5 hours …

Samsung's new wireless earbuds are good, but they're no AirPods


Even if you still have a phone with a headphone jack, chances are you’re interested in true wireless earbuds — they’re the ones without a cable connecting the two nubs that go into your ears — because who actually likes wires?

There’s a ton of wireless earbuds flooding the market this holiday season. Most are aimed at Apple’s AirPods, like Samsung’s new Gear IconX 2018.

At $199, they’re pricier than AirPods, too. So how do they stack up?

The IconX 2018’s are Samsung’s second stab at true wireless earbuds. The original ones took a fitness-first approach, cramming in a heart rate sensor inside. Read more…

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Deal: Samsung Gear IconX wireless earbuds on sale for just $49.99 ($150 off)

Need a pair of decent wireless earbuds for a ridiculously low price? Samsung is now selling its Gear IconX earbuds for just $49.99, so you’ll be saving no less than $150.

The deal is only available via Samsung’s online store. Also, although the South Korean company offers free shipping on all orders, it will take between 7 to 10 business days to ship the earbuds.

Customers can choose between three color options: black, blue and white. However, out of the three color versions on sale at Samsung, just the black and white ones are still in stock.

Keep …

Video shows consumers comparing their headset to the HTC USonic earbuds

Inside the box with the HTC U11 handset comes the manufacturer’s USonic earbuds. These have a number of features that you won’t find on many headsets. First, the USonic scans your ears to find the best output level for you. The first time you plug in the earbuds, you are prompted to set up an audio profile. You can turn the personal audio profile on or off by going to Settings and tapping on the HTC USonic on/off switch.

Based on your personal audio profile, the USonic earbuds will adjust to the sound level around you. While you are using the them to listen to a video or some music, …

HTC U11 hands-on: all the color options, noise-cancelling earbuds, and more

Last week, HTC stepped up to join companies like Samsung, LG, and Sony with a new H1 2017 flagship smartphone, as it introduced the HTC U11. While for years the manufacturer’s stuck with its favored aluminum unibody design for phones like the One M8, M9, and last year’s HTC 10, it’s finally time to break from tradition and head out in a bold new direction, with a colorful glass-backed look for the U11 that’s earning the phone a lot of attention.

We already brought you an early hands-on with hardware, but that didn’t provide us with a lot of time to really check out the U11 in the full …