Nova Launcher becomes one of the most popular Android launchers, hits 50 million downloads

We knew Nova Launcher is among the most popular Android launchers, but starting this week, the app has become even more popular. The beta version of the Nova Launcher has just reached more than 50 million downloads in the Google Play Store, an impressive achievement that wouldn’t have been possible without the support from the developers.

It looks like having a solid beta program and listening to what users want from your app has proven to be the winning formula for Nova Launcher.

TeslaCoil’s Nova Launcher is available for free, but a paid version can be …

Google's streaming video chat app Duo hits 100 million downloads

It took nine months for Google’s streaming video chat app Duo to reach its first 50 million downloads. It took only two months for the next 50 million downloads to take place, and right now Duo has been installed over 100 million times. While there aren’t any figures that tell us how often Duo is actually being employed, Google has made Duo a snap to use. In addition, starting last March Google released an update allowing audio calls to be placed over Duo. This makes the app even more useful.

Perhaps the most important thing that ran up the installation tally was the fact that in December, …

PSA: Netflix limits the number of downloads you get when watching offline content

Following years of customer demands, Netflix finally added the ability for mobile users to download and watch certain content offline late last year. But like all good things, this feature came with a couple of strings attached: firstly, there was the fact that even at the “Highest” quality setting the videos would still not be downloaded at their full quality. And now, as users are discovering the hard way, there also seems to be a limit to how many times you can download a certain piece of content.

As reported by Android Police, this aspect of offline …

Snapchat downloads are declining

It looks like Snapchat decided to sell its shares to the public at just the right time. The value of Snapchat parent Snap has declined by 26.5% since the shares peaked the day after the IPO. That was back on March 3rd. And last month, the company reported a net loss of $2.2 billion for the first quarter, which dropped the stock to a valuation under $20 billion. Even though the shares have rebounded a bit since then, the second-quarter might also bring bad news.

For the first two months of the second quarter, year-over-year downloads of the Snapchat app are down 22% according to data from …

Super Mario Run hits nearly 150 million downloads, but makes less money than Fire Emblem

Super Mario Run, one of the most successful mobile games launched by Nintendo this year, has reached almost 150 million downloads on both the Android and iOS platforms combined.

Although that’s says something about the game’s success, it appears that not many of those who downloaded Super Mario Run were willing to pay for it. As some of you might know already, Super Mario Run offers the first couple of levels for free, after which players must pay to access the full game.

Moreover, the second mobile game released by Nintendo in 2017, Fire Emblem has a bigger …

Snapchat passes the 500 million downloads milestone on Android

Shortly after Snap went public at a valuation of $24 billion, the Android version of Snapchat crossed the 500 million downloads mark on Google Play.

In spite of the latest achievement, however, everybody’s favorite image messaging app remains more popular on iOS devices. Still, the company promises that more efforts will be put toward improving the Android version of Snapchat, as it still lags behind its iOS counterpart on multiple counts.

On a semi-related note, riding the wave of recent successes, Snap last month made its camera-equipped spectacles available …

Super Mario Run sees 37 million downloads, $14 million in revenue in first 3 days

super-mario-run Nintendo’s investors haven’t been happy with the performance of the new iPhone game, “Super Mario Run,” which has led to falling share prices over concerns with the game’s payment model. However, the game has still eked out a respectable share of downloads and revenue, according to new data from app intelligence firm App Annie.¬†Looking back at the game’s… Read More

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