Speedtest data shows a rise in Sprint's LTE Plus download speeds over the last 7 months

The future appears to be looking brighter at Sprint. At the beginning of the month, the company reported its first quarterly profit in three years. And today, the nation’s fourth largest carrier reported that its national average download speeds are on the rise. Data from the Ookla Speedtest app shows that over the last seven months, the download speeds for Sprint’s LTE Plus service have risen 28%. During that same time period, T-Mobile’s download speed is up 18% while AT&T and Verizon show declines of 7% and 8%, respectively.

Sprint customers increasing use of High Performance User …

Download this: Astro's email app comes with a built-in assistant


No matter what line of work you’re in, there’s a good chance you could use a little (okay, a lot) less email in your life.

Enter Astro, which won’t let you ditch email for good (sadly), but it will help make overflowing inboxes more manageable. 

The app has just about all the features you’d expect from an email client — priority inbox, customizable swipes and notifications, the ability to “snooze” emails for later — and then some. The app has a dizzying feature set that includes email tracking (to keep tabs on who actually opens your messages), scheduling, custom VIP lists, and integrations with Slack and Amazon’s Echo. Read more…

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YouTube Music now allows users to download songs, albums and playlist for offline listening

Until Google merges YouTube Red and Play Music services, music lovers get to benefit from new features that are only available with a subscription. YouTube Red is a premium service that requires a monthly fee, but one of the features that its subscribers use on a regular basis is now available for free to YouTube Music users.

Starting with the latest update, YouTube Music gains the option to save songs, albums, and playlists for offline listening, Google confirmed recently.

If you already updated to the latest version of your smartphone, you will find a new Save Offline option hidden …

Verizon reaches insane 953 Mbps download speeds outside the lab, tells T-Mobile 'eat crow'

TMo eats crow. When the verified last place network crows about made up network quality results they pay for.  #factsmatter #TMoIndigestion pic.twitter.com/DUkZ2XkG2B— Jeffrey Nelson (@JNels) August 2, 2017

While 1Gbps+ download speeds aren’t technically 5G, you can rest assured that carriers may try and brand them as such, that is why the news that Verizon has hit the whopping 953 Mbps outside the lab with real-life equipment in Boca Raton, Florida, is quite significant. Despite that a tad higher speeds have been achieved in synthetic lab setups, including by …

Android O's native Clock app now available for download in the Google Play Store

Android O is just around the corner, but we already know quite a lot about the some of the new features it will bring. Last month, Google revealed a new native Clock app that will be coming along with Android O.

The new Clock app is available to everyone who flashed any of the Android O Developer Previews Google released in the last few months, so some of you probably know what the new app looks like.

Well, the good news is Google Clock for Android O is now available for download in the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, it will not work on devices that aren’t running Android O Developer …

Scramble to download VPN apps as they vanished from Apple's China App Store


As VPN apps started to disappear from China’s iOS App Store over the weekend, users in the country were frantically downloading as many as they could.

On Saturday, Apple pulled the rug out from under Chinese iPhone users’ feet, by taking down VPN apps from the App Store.

VPN apps allow people to access websites that China blocks at an ISP level. This includes popular sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and all of Google’s services including Gmail and search.

The move means China was successful in pressuring Apple to comply with its growing stranglehold on data freedom in the country, and comes amid a broader ongoing crackdown on social media users. Read more…

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Download all the new stock MIUI 9 wallpapers right here

Come on, we know you love wallpapers and regularly cater to your needs.
Today we are doing that by providing you with all the new wallpapers that Xiaomi released alongside MIUI 9 and the new Xiaomi Mi 5X. There are vibrant, they are neat, and… they are mostly suited for 1080p devices as they max out at 1080 by 1920 pixels. 
Anyway, you can check all these wallpapers in the gallery beneath and if it so happens that any tickles your fancy, feel free to download the full-res version by visiting the link we’ve supplied just below!

Download …

Samsung prepping a tool for game streamers, download link inside

So game streaming is a pretty lucrative to make some money (or lots of money) — you get to do what you love for hours each day and gain a following for it. Well, it sounds much, much simpler than it actually is. But even if you don’t aspire to become the next PewDiePie, you may still find some enjoyment in streaming your gameplay and interacting with viewers. And, with games slowly, but surely becoming more “serious” on mobile devices, it’s expected that phone game streams will also become a thing in the very near future.

We’ve already seen hints that Apple may be preparing for such times …

Camera apps: do you use your stock one or do you download a 3rd party one?

Nowadays, most mid- to top-tier phones have pretty elaborate camera apps. They can feature filters, manual settings, and various shooting modes among any unique goodies the manufacturers may have thought of. And that’s definitely a welcome thing — smartphone cameras have been getting better and better and some manual tweaks can go a long way to get that perfect scene.

But there’s also a plethora of 3rd party apps out there, many of which bring their own stuff to the table. Be it a super-handy interface or focus peaking, or even a 24 FPS mode for more cinematic-looking videos. …

Skype 8.0 for Android now available for download in the Google Play

Early this month, the Skype team announced a new version of its messaging application would be released to mobile and then to desktop. Well, it looks like it took the developers slightly more than a week to make the new version of Skype available in the Google Play.

Skype 8.0 brings a bucket-load of new features and improvements that we’ve already discussed in a previous article. However, here is a quick recap for those who missed our initial post about the new Skype app.

First of all, group chats have been redesigned to look more lively and expressive. Users can now customize Skype …