Skype 8.0 for Android now available for download in the Google Play

Early this month, the Skype team announced a new version of its messaging application would be released to mobile and then to desktop. Well, it looks like it took the developers slightly more than a week to make the new version of Skype available in the Google Play.

Skype 8.0 brings a bucket-load of new features and improvements that we’ve already discussed in a previous article. However, here is a quick recap for those who missed our initial post about the new Skype app.

First of all, group chats have been redesigned to look more lively and expressive. Users can now customize Skype …

Get the Android O beta download here

The first day of I/O was very fruitful for Google, as the search giant had quite a few announcements for Android fans. Android Go, Expeditions, Smart Reply for Gmail are just some of the new stuff that we’ve already reported about recently, but we’re expecting new announcements later today.

For those who can’t wait for the final Android O release, Google had something else prepared. An updated version of Android O Developer Preview is now available for download.

If you’ve already installed the first Android O Dev Preview, then the OTA image should be automatically …

BlackBerry Manager lets you download all of BlackBerry's major Android apps on your phone

BlackBerry is making a great comeback on the smartphone scene with the BlackBerry KEYone. It checks all the boxes: unique design, superb camera, and excellent battery life. Definitely a device that puts BlackBerry back on the map. 
It’s an Android device, true, but it comes with a neat selection of BlackBerry apps that you can’t get on any Android device. Or can you? XDA Senior Editor Cobalt232 took it to himself to emulate BlackBerry’s set of apps and make them available for any Android 5.0 or newer device. Great for all those willing to give BlackBerry’s …

Internet drops? Here's how to use Chrome's new offline download mode on Android

You know the drill – your in-laws have invited you to visit them abroad, and data roaming charges are killing your carefully selected cheapest wireless data plan, yet you still want to read that awesome lengthy article you saw when you woke up during the subway commute, just like at home. Fret not, as Chrome for Android now makes it much easier to download whole weblinks for offline viewing while you piggyback on your in-laws Wi-fi. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Get the latest version of Chrome for Android from Google Play;
2. Load the …

The emperor does have clothes: here are 23 of the best themes for the Galaxy S8 that you can download today!

Customization has been a major thing about Android since forever now. And while in the earlier days, users had to go to custom ROMs or specific launchers in order to change the way the app icons or specific UI elements look throughout, in recent years, a lot of manufacturers have launched their own theme stores and support for third-party themes.

Samsung has been on this bandwagon since the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge and, as can be expected, its theme store has slowly amassed quite a lot of items. You can download wallpapers, icon packs, background pictures for the Always-On …

Here are some paid iOS apps that you can download free for a limited time

It’s always fun to go through the list of free iOS apps that usually cost you some money. That is, if you own an iOS powered device. You never know when an app on the list happens to be one that you’ve been thinking of buying. To go through the list of these apps, all you need to do is click on the slideshow. There you will find the name of the app, a link to its App Store listing, and a brief description of the app.

There are quite a few goodies in the pile today, including Flight Tracker. This app allows you to track in real-time, all of the planes that are currently flying. You can follow …

Samsung tackling driver distractions with its new app: In-Traffic reply, beta download available

Phone usage while driving is more than a decade-old problem, which we just can’t seem to get rid of. As handsets become more and more advanced and entertaining, so grows our temptation to use them when behind the wheel. But it’s not just a question of resisting the temptation to check your Instagram likes — often, we feel pressure to answer a message or a call in an instant, especially when there is some serious context to it.

Manufacturers have been pressured to figure out a system that blocks a user’s smartphone when the phone’s sensors detect that they are in a car or on a bicycle. For …

Download the original Galaxy S8 high-resolution wallpapers here!

The stock Samsung Galaxy S8 wallpapers are now available for download in 2960 x 2960 resolution, courtesy of SamMobile. Mind you, the .png files are large, at 9MB to 14MB each.

There was supposed to be 18 of them, but the archive containing the high-res download fails to unzip two files (CRC won’t check out). No biggie, as 16 is still plenty to work with!

As you can see from the low-res preview of reasonable file size in the slideshow below, these are particularly pretty, without being obnoxious or distracting. Tasteful!

To get the Galaxy S8 wallpapers, pay SamMobile a visit …

Opera Mini's latest update makes download links easier to access

Opera is determined to beef up its Android browser in order to compete with the likes of Google and Samsung. The latest update for Opera Mini brings a brand new feature that is not available on any other mobile browsers that we know of.

In fact, it’s more of a tool rather than a new feature. Opera is working on an algorithm that will allow its Android browser to provide users with a direct link to whatever they wish to download from certain websites.

We all know that download sites hide their content under piles of ads, so you always have to click one more time just to get to the …

Super Mario Run for Android is now available to download

Last week, we told you that Super Mario Run would be released on Android on March 23, three months after debuting on iOS. While it’s not yet March 23 in the US (though it is in Japan and other parts of the world), the game can already be downloaded from Google Play – all you need is a device running Android 4.2 or newer. Oh, and you’ll also need an Internet connection to actually play the game.

Just like the iOS version, Super Mario Run for Android is free to download and play. However, only a limited number of levels are available for free, and you’ll have to pay $10 if you want the complete …