The Flame in the Flood arrives today on PlayStation 4

When it was released last year, The Flame in the Flood garnered a lot of attention for its big name developers and unique take on the wilderness survival genre. Today, PlayStation 4 players who have been missing out the experience will finally get to take a trip up the game’s fictionalized Mississippi river and through a dystopic version of the American South.


Announced last month, the PS4 version was ported by Curve Digital and arrives as The Flame in the Flood: Complete Edition, which includes Director Commentary from game studio Molasses Flood’s “team of AAA refugees,” a new dynamic theme, new system avatars and a few gameplay tweaks just for Sony’s console.

The studio’s experienced talent have some of the biggest titles in gaming under their collective belts — including BioShock Infinite, Halo and Rock Band — but The Flame in the Flood stands apart with its indie game ethos, crafting system and fast-moving exploration of a completely realized post-apocalyptic world. It doesn’t hurt that Chuck Ragan’s lively alt-country soundtrack was one of 2016’s best either.

The Flame in the Flood runs a reasonable $14.99 on PS4, but players will get a couple bucks off for the launch. And, of course, it’s still available for PC and Xbox One as well.

The Flame in the Flood arrives today on PlayStation 4 Video Here

Apple iOS 10.2 Has Three Nasty Surprises

iOS 10 is only three months old but with iOS 10.2 Apple AAPL +0.53% is already onto its fifth update (sixth if you include iOS 10.0.1 which Apple quickly bolted into the original release) and iOS 10.2.1 is already in testing. Why? Because ladies and gents, while iOS 10.2 does contain a fun surprise, it doesn’t bring the crucial fixes many users crave and instead carries something else you might not have been expecting…

‘Great Features’ and ‘Nasty Surprises’ are my regular columns investigating operating system updates for the best features / biggest problems hidden behind the headlines.


Nasty Surprise #1: ‘30% Bug’ Made Even Worse

Remember the ‘30% Bug’ I brought attention to in November? It is a problem which causes many models of iPhone to die when their battery reaches about 30% of charge remaining. The problem was subsequently referenced by the Chinese Government’s watchdog the China Consumers’ Association in a warning to Apple as it was failing to “meet basic consumer needs for normal wireless communication.”

Well iOS 10.2 brings no fixes for this issue. Given Apple continues to deny any model other than the iPhone 6S is affected (though it has widened the range of affected 6S model numbers entitled to free battery replacements), this is probably no surprise.

That said this also won’t do much to pacify affected users, notably on Apple’s official Support Communities forum where the 11 page thread I previously reported on has now ballooned to 50 pages. Moreover some users are reporting iOS 10.2 makes the problem even worse on their devices.

“Same here, iOS 10.2 actually made the problem worse,” says Apple Support Communities poster ricardo jb in response this growing theme on thread. “The battery percentage seems to get stuck at some level for a while, even with battery draining apps such as pokemon go running, then it drops different percentages at different moments, it’s really random.”

Many users claim the issue began with iOS 10.1.1 and it can affect all iOS 10 compatible iPhones (the iPhone 5 and above). So perhaps a fix can indeed be made in software without the need for a battery replacement, but if so then iOS 10.2 isn’t it.

Nasty Surprise #2: New Tracking Telemetry Is On Your Device

The plus side to the 30% Bug is Apple has promised to look into it and said it would release a software update this week which would track the battery consumption on iPhones to help the company get to the bottom of the problem.

That’s all well and good but – surprise – it turns out the tracking software is baked into iOS 10.2 and no mention of this was made in the release notes. Apple exclusively confirmed the integration of the telemetry tool with iOS 10.2 to me today and that it is installed on every compatible device, regardless of whether they are affected by the bug.

Needless to say that’s good news for some, but there’s no transparency here. Many would have expected the tool to be its own separate update and some users do not want new forms of tracking software on their phone – whether through personal preference or professional need. Especially when no specifics have been officially disclosed as to how it works, exactly how it tracks, where the information it gathers is sent, if it is anonymised or how long the data will be kept.

There’s no reason to believe Apple is doing something deliberately nefarious here, I suspect the intentions are well meant – it’s just good manners to ask first.

And, at the very least, to put the inclusion of the tracker on the release notes. After all if “Fixes an issue where VoiceOver users could not re-order items in lists” was deemed important enough to make it then so should “[Temporary anonymised] battery tracking telemetry to investigate battery problems as reported by users/Forbes/the Chinese government’s consumer watchdog”.

Update: Apple has contacted me to say the battery data reporting software is a diagnostic tool not a tracker and is for users who have opted into diagnostic tools. If it provides further information on how the software works or why it was left out of the release notes I will update again.

Nasty Surprise #3: Broken EarPods Stay Broken

Another Apple Support Communities hot topic, this 11 page thread has grown to 24 pages since I reported on it two weeks ago and affected users have been complaining about it since September. In short: the microphone from Apple Earpods is malfunctioning during calls due to a software glitch.

Ending and restarting calls can temporarily rectify the problem but not for long and even a full Factory Reset has not solved the issue for affected users. Posters say Apple Support has only suggested they keep restarting their devices for now, so there were high hopes iOS 10.2 would provide a better solution – but the response is pretty uniform.

As such, while iOS 10.2 brings niceties like ‘TV’ (which replaces the ‘Videos’ app) and 100s of new emoji, it seems a smaller number of more pressing issues will have to wait for the arrival of the iOS 10.2.1 – at the earliest…

Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Business Productivity With VoIP Download Smart Mouth Mobile

There are many emerging technologies that can boost the overall productivity of the business. Every organization wants to maximize profit and reduce cost. This calls for affordable services which keep the firm running each day. Take for instance, phone calls. According to experts, there is a high correlation between the quality/length of the calls and the number of sales made in each period. So, bearing this in mind every establishment should consider hanging with cheap international calls as they can actually improve the clients’ base while at the same time reducing all the costs associated with calling.

Making a Voip Call

Any individual or a company employee wishing to make a voip call should have a phone which is data enabled or a computer having internet connection. All new models of phones are GPRS, WAP, EDGE or 3G enabled and can be hardy when it comes to voip calls. On the hand, those wishing to use a computer to make the calls should buy a modem or contact an internet service provider to install a WIMAX radio receiver to the business or home premises. However, if one is in a publicly accessible internet hotspot, modems and mobile wireless carriers are not necessary. Once you have a working connection download a voip application from the internet.

How the app works

Cheap international calls are made once an application synchronizes your phonebook and makes the contacts available in the app database. Once that procedure is done, you can see who is online via the same app and you can start calling or sending free text messages. The process is simple and it just requires pressing a single button. On the computer you are supposed to have a headset intended for this purpose which usually comes with an inbuilt microphone and earpiece.

Advantages of such calls

Since the calls are not carrier dependent and are not billed by your mobile services provider, they are far much cheaper as compared to regular phone calls. An individual or a business can even upgrade to the available saving plans on the app which will allow one to call any type of phone including mobiles and landlines. Portability is also one of the benefits associated with this app as one can make a call using a normal phone. The overall saving margin is up to 90%.

Voip and Security

Cheap international calls service providers understand that your personal information is private and do not sell or give your personal information to spammers. Since in most cases you will be required to sign up for the service your name, email address and phone are kept securely in a remote server guarded with anti-session hack tools. So, don’t waste your business or personal capital anymore, but consider having a good application to talk to your clients and increase your market leads and share.

Turn Your iPod To iPhone And Start Making International Calls

It can be very expensive nowadays to make international calls which cost a lot and sometimes quality and delay can be very questionable. To eliminate this, majority of people are adopting voip strategies to make unlimited calls worldwide without having to worry about carrier charges. Voip is great for individuals and business and is carrier independent and requires a user only to have a data plan. However converting an iPod to iPhone to make that valued calls can be very hard without the proper knowledge.

How to go about it

If you have an iPod making a phone call can be very expensive as it requires an upgrade whereby you are supposed to pay some money but thanks to the available apps for doing the job. Before you start calling your friend you require a special mic which is a cheap dongle that plugs in the syncing port of your iPod. Once you got the right hardware, you need to install the right app which is copied so easily using your iPod installer. If one does not want to do this manually, one can use SSH and install the voip app successfully using a desktop application supporting ftp such as Filezilla for windows or Cyberduck which works with all operating systems.

Setting up the Voip Account

Unfortunately when you convert iPod to iPhone you can not make calls with the most common voip services available but you have to open an account with the providers who are providing the voip applications for download.. One is only required to create an account and register his/her details. Once your account is successfully configured you may be required to purchase calling credits which are by far cheaper as compared to regular mobile phone charges. Some of the voip service provider will even give you a free trial period.

Launching the application

We have successfully acquired the right hardware and have installed and configured the right software. Next we want to make sure we put the right settings in the software so that they reflect those being held by the voip service provider. Just go to the app settings enter your username and password and hit connect button. Depending on your voip provider, there may be other details which need to be completed, just do as required and you will be back on track.

Making and receiving calls

Luckily our method of changing an iPod to iPhone has succeeded and we need to make that call. Making a call is just as easy as dialing your recipient’s number but the hard part is receiving calls. However, one can still call friends or buddies who are also using the same application. Receiving a call world wide may require that your register your free call account with other services providers who will then give you a routing number to ring your iPod touch but is location dependent. So, make a move and start making those calls.

Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Business Productivity With VoIP Download Smart Mouth Mobile

Download the Best iPhone 6/Plus Video Converter to Convert MKV, AVI, MTS, MP4, FLV, WMV Videos

The recent released Apple’s 2014 new iPhone, called iPhone 6 (Plus) , is finally pegged on September 9, and it amazes the iPhone buffs with a 4.7-inch 1334 x 750 (348 ppi) screen iPhone 6 and a 5.5-inch 1920×1080 (401 ppi) screen iPhone 6 Plus. For sure, the new iPhone doesn’t disappoint us. And following the halo of this great honor, Apple lovers may cast a trend of the iPhone 6/Plus video converter hunt for changing various video formats into the new iPhone 6 playable ones.

A video converter for iPhone 6 is absolutely necessary for every iPhone 6/Plus users to watch movies or videos unlimitedly. Many common video formats like WMV, MKV, MTS, AVI, FLV, etc cannot be played on iPhone 6 directly. But with an appropriate video to iPhone 6 (Plus) converter in hand, the video format incompatibility issue with the new iPhone 6 will be solved.

Do you want to a good iPhone 6 video converter working properly for you? Never mind, MacX Video Converter Pro is all that you need. Constantly updated for the latest mobile devices, the Mac video converter works with iPhone 6, iPhone 5S/5C/5, iPhone 4S/4, etc flawlessly, as well as other mainstream Apple, Android, Windows and Microsoft devices like iPad Air, iPad Mini with Retina, Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, etc. Built-in 370 video and audio codecs, this award-winning iPhone 6 video converter is able to convert MKV, M2TS, MTS, AVCHD, MP4, AVI, FLV, WMV to iPhone 6 supported formats like MP4, MOV, M4V, etc within a short time.

For more information about MacX Video Converter Pro:

How to Convert HD & HD Videos to iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus with Ease

Step 1: Add Video
After free download this iPhone 6/Plus video converter, launch this video to iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus Mac converter, click “Add Files” to load the video Choose the output format as you like.

Step 2: Select Output Format
To convert video to iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, simply hit Apple Device -> to iPhone Video and choose iPhone 6 as the output format etc. Or you can go Mac General Video and select iPhone 6 viewable format like MP4 or M4V as the output format.

Step 3: Select Output Folder.
Click “Browse” button in output setting area to save your converted movie.

Step 4: Start Converting Video to iPhone 6/Plus.
Hit the “RUN” button to start iPhone 6 video conversion. After a few seconds, you can import video to iPhone 6 for playing smoothly.

Besides common SD and HD video conversion for the 2014 new iPhone 6, MacX Video Converter Pro also performs as a fast YouTube channel downloader for you to download YouTube video to be saved in MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, etc for iPhone, iPad, Android as you like.

For more information about this resource, please visit:

Download the Best iPhone 6/Plus Video Converter to Convert MKV, AVI, MTS, MP4, FLV, WMV Videos

How to Download and Install iOS 10 on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

iOS 10 is out and available as a free download on a wide range of Apple devices. Installing the updated is pretty simple, but if this is your first time, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


While recent iOS 10 builds have been quite stable for us, the final version could have a few bugs that will be fixed in later updates. If you’d rather wait for that, then stop reading now. However if you are like us and always prefer updating to the latest version as soon as it is released, read on. Don’t forget to backup your iOS device before you download and install iOS 10.

How to download and install iOS 10
If you have enough free space on your iOS device you can update easily via these steps.
1. Go to Settings > General > Software Update.
2. Tap Download and Install.
3. When the download is complete, tap Install and tap Agree when Apple shows you its Terms and Conditions.
4. Your iOS device will restart and iOS 10 will be installed.

Download iOS 10 via iTunes
If you don’t have enough free space on your iOS device, you can install the update via iTunes. Here’s how.

1. If you don’t have iTunes installed on your PC, first download and install it.
2. Open iTunes.
3. Connect the iOS device to your PC or Mac.
4. In iTunes select your device’s icon on the top bar.
5. Click the Summary tab and then click Check for update.
6. Now click Download and update.
7. Follow the simple on-screen instructions to install iOS 10.

What are your thoughts on iOS 10? Let us know via the comments. For more tutorials, visit our How to section.

Download Blackberry Master Control Program Portable Free

Get Blackberry Master Control Program Portable for Free. MCp is an innovative tool designer to blackberry users, all leave users can access to this program.


You can use this program to take screenshots, set the device time, turn the radio/on off, recover memory, gather information, view/clear event logs, display modules, gather module information, create ALX/JAD files, backup and restore third party applications, factory reset, load, save and erase modules.

Download Blackberry Master Control Program Portable Free


Download iPhone 5 Video Converter and Enjoy Videos on the New iPhone 5

iPhone 5- It’s Almost Here
Apple becomes the focus of the technology universe on Wednesday as the world awaits a new iPhone 5. According to YouGov’s New Product Launcher (NPL) tracker, 21% of UK consumers attempt to buy the new iPhone. More impressively, 67% of current iPhone owners are considering upgrading to the iPhone 5 in the near future. Why iPhone 5 goes down a storm with UK consumers? This is because leaks and rumors portray the new iPhone as having a larger touchscreen than its predecessor, with quad-core CPU and life-extended battery. In other words, it will be more convenient to enjoy videos on the iPhone 5 especially when you are on a long boring flight.
There Is a Fly in the Ointment
However, like a blemish in an otherwise perfect thing, although iPhone 5 is rumored to have 4-inch screen, the new generation of iPhone retains the same video specs as the previous version, only supporting such a few video formats as MP4. In this case, if you want to watch videos on this new iPhone 5, it’s intelligent to find and download iPhone 5 video converter to get what you want.
Get the Best iPhone 5 video converter
Although there are many iPhone 5 video converters flooding in the market and claiming to convert videos to iPhone 5 that offers a larger touchscreen, they may sometimes let you down as some programs may be at a loss in terms of dimension and video scaling. Well, never mind, MacX Video Converter Pro brings you a good solution to convert any videos to iPhone 5 supported formats like MP4, M4V with few clicks. Besides, the adjustable video parameter settings and other advanced functions will definitely help you customize the video to your desirable one by clipping video segment, removing subtitles, shrinking video size, etc. This video to iPhone 5 converter is especially designed for Mac users and works perfectly in converting between HD videos like MKV, AVCHD, TOD, etc and SD videos such as AVI, MOV, FLV, MPEG, MP4 for compatible with QuickTime, iMovie, iTunes, etc.
To know more details about this iPhone video converter, please visit:
Get iPhone 5 Video Converter Downloaded Easily on Mac and Convert Video to iPhone 5
Step 1: Add Video
After free download video to iPhone 5 converter and install it, launch this Mac iPhone 5 video converter, click “Add Files” to load the video you want to convert.
Step 2: Choose the Output Video Format.
Choose “To iPhone” as output format for converting video to iPhone 5 supported video format. Once finish iPhone 5 video converter download, this program also helps to convert video to iPad Mini, iPad 2/3, iPod, Apple TV, Blackberry, Android, Music, and so on.
Step 3: Select the Output Folder
Specify output folder on your computer to save the output files. Click the “Browse” button to choose the path where you want to save the output files in.
Step 4: Press the “Start” button
Click “Start” button to start converting video to iPhone 5. You can view the conversion progress and cancel the converting process at anytime with this iPhone 5 video converter downloaded on your Mac.
Note: besides putting videos on iPhone 5, this downloaded program also serves as an excellent YouTube downloader, which is specialized in downloading and converting video from YouTube to video formats like MP4, MOV, MPEG, FLV, AVI and portable devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, and so. Therefore, you can enjoy any YouTube videos offline on your iPhone 5 anywhere anytime.
More resource can be found at:

About MacXDVD Software, Inc.
MacXDVD Software is a division of Digiarty Software Company, owns a professional multimedia software development team, providing a range of products for Macintosh Computer users, including MacX Video Converter, MacX DVD Ripper, DVD Author, DVD backup tools, etc, series of apps for Apple video player, and iPhone, iPad 2D and 3D video games. More information, please visit For editor or blogger who would like to request a free press kit with register key and full version, please feel free to contact our public relationship representative Sarah at

Pokemon Go Plus Allows Players To Play Game Sans Phone

Nintendo’s new mobile game Pokemon Go has become so wildly popular all over the world. Its gameplay that integrates augmented reality features makes it quite a fascinating game to play. People are quite fascinated with it that people play the game, moving around unaware that they may already be at risk of accidents. In fact, there are many reports of people getting into different accidents while playing Pokemon Go. That is why Nintendo is addressing this problem by introducing the Pokemon Go Plus, which allows players to play the game even without the phone.

What Is It?

The Pokemon Go Plus is a wearable device that allows you to play the game without constantly focusing at your smartphone’s display screen, the main reason why many players get into different kinds of accidents. This device can connect to your smartphone via low energy Bluetooth to notify players of certain events in the game happening nearby. It can alert users with LED and vibrations in case ther eis an appearance of a Pokemon nearby. Once a Pokemon is close by, players can press the button on the Pokemon Go Plus to throw a Poke Ball. The device will flash and vibrate when you are successful in capturing the Pokemon. The device will also alert you of any Poke Stop where you can retrieve items to be added to your inventory.

The Pokemon Go Plus is an ideal accessory for those who are quite addicted to playing the game and trying to capture all the Pokemons they can find wherever they are. At least with using this wearable device, players can avoid getting into accidents be becoming more aware of their surroundings as the move around and not put all their focus into the game. The Pokemon Go Plus is now available this month, although it may still be a challenge to find one online. But the accessory is expected to cost around $35 once you get hold of it.

WiFi Passwords Breaking Android Apps

“Top 10 WiFi Passwords Breaking Android Apps” because our many readers and also Android users requested me to write about most active Top 10 WiFi Passwords Breaking Android Apps so much easily. So, I just decided and think to write about Top 10 WiFi Passwords Breaking Android Apps. If you have any problem with downloading these apps for Android you can comments below. Because I just want to put my best and more best to provide 100% working Android apps.


WiFi Hacker for free

WiFi hacker for free is an app which is use for Android WiFi hacker as well as also WiFi password breaker that helps Android OS users to more easily get WiFi access wherever they go. If you want to use free internet right on your Android phone and also want to be a real hacker who can breaks down any WiFi network with their password then you will joy this application Android App.

WiFi Password Breaker

WiFi Password Breaker is an Android app which helps you to break WiFi password or hack WiFi password of any public WiFi networks and also gives you a new password for each network you tried to break the password.

WiFi Hacker Professional

Many users said that WiFi Hacker Professional Android app is the best application for pretending that you can break into WiFi network or password!

And Yes, you can tell your friends that you are a real WiFi hacker and you can hack your or any wifi password and also use free internet through WiFi!

WiFi & Router Password Finder

WiFi & Router Password Finder Android App is best offline app that can helps you to easily find the default passwords of any WiFi router. Using this app you can find out more than 1,200 WiFi routers’ default passwords.

Hack Wifi 2014

Hack Wifi 2014 Android app have a user-friendly interface and evs that helps you to hack any WiFi network connection. Hack Wifi 2014 is breaking Android app of 2014 that comes with modern technologies.

Wifi Password Breaker

With this  app wifi password breaker  you will have full  WiFi networks access around you so that you will receive the password.


WIFI PASSWORD KEY Android app is an  WiFi key generator for Android, you can use this Android  app to generate WiFi passwords.

WiFi password breaker

This  app WiFi password breaker is for those who are looking to break WiFi passwords of their near and WiFi password breaker comes with high-tech military grade WiFi cracker. This app uses high-end SSH-1a algorithms to bypass WiFi security to directly connect  to the WiFi.

Wifi Password Breaker

WiFi password breaker Android app is the best and fastest way to connect to any WiFi network with in a few  seconds.

How to run Android in a PC ( BlueStacks )

Android is the most widely used mobile OS while Windows is number one in PC operating system usage. How cool would it be if we can run both of them on a single device. I bet you wanted to do this at sometime when using your PC. In this article we provide necessary information to run all Android apps in Windows PC.



Possibly BlueStacks is currently the best way to run Android apps on Windows. It doesn’t replace your entire operating system. Instead, it runs Android apps within a window on your Windows desktop. This allows you to use Android apps just like any other program. BlueStacks also includes support for easy installation of apps from Google Play, so the process is as seamless as possible. Even better, BlueStacks runs Android apps and games with surprisingly good performance.

The UI is fairly simple and installing and running is a child’s play. This is only a solution for running Android apps on Windows. Unlike many of the other options here, this is a fairly stable and polished experience.

Similar applications, including YouWave and Windroy, lack the speed and easy app installation which BlueStacks offers.

Official Android Emulator

Google provides an official Android emulator as part of the Android SDK. You can use it to run the Android operating system in a window on your existing computer. This gives you complete access to the entire Android operating system. It’s intended for developers to test their Android apps.

Unfortunately, the official Android emulator is rather slow and isn’t a good option for everyday use. It’s useful if you want to test apps or play with the latest version of Android, but you wouldn’t want to actually use apps or play games in it.

To get started with the Android Emulator, download Google’s Android SDK, open the SDK Manager program, and select Tools > Manage AVDs. Click the New button and create a an Android Virtual Device (AVD) with your desired configuration, then select it and click the Start button to launch it.


Android-x86 is a community project to port Android to the x86 platform so it can run natively on Intel and AMD processors, allowing you to install Android on a laptop or tablet just as you’d install Windows or Linux. This project was originally noteworthy for providing a way to run Android on low-power netbooks, giving those old netbooks some additional life.

Only certain devices are officially supported at this time. The official page lists ASUS Eee PCs, the Viewsonic Viewpad 10, Del Inspiron Mini Duo, Samsung Q1U, Viliv S5, and Lenovo ThinkPad x61 Tablet as tested platforms. However, you should also be able to install it inside VirtualBox. This allows you to install Android inside a virtual machine.


Bear in mind that this project isn’t stable. You should exercise extreme caution when installing it on physical hardware.