Fire Emblem Heroes brings Nintendo nearly one third of a billion dollars in just one year

It was truly a great year for Nintendo and not just due to the success of the Switch, but its mobile gaming business seems to have brought the Japanese company a lot of money. As expected, Super Mario Run is far from being the most financially successful game launched by Nintendo, and neither is the rather newly released Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

According to new data published by SensorTower, Fire Emblem Heroes is Nintendo’s most successful mobile game to date. The title that was launched last year already brought the Japanese company $295 million in worldwide player spend, which is …

What cost film studios millions of dollars can now be made with just an iPhone X and few extra costs

What used to cost millions of dollars and was possible only in special movie studios can now be done with just an iPhone X and a few extra costs.

A brilliant illustration by KNL Studios shows how you can use a cheap body mockup model and body trackers with an iPhone X to achieve impressively accurate virtual avatar of your own self.
The technology is possible thanks to the Face ID camera in the iPhone X and below you can see a demonstration of the avatar in action, plus you can see the somewhat crazy mounts and gear used. It’s mind-boggling to see that …

Apple executives are awarded stock bonuses that could be worth tens of millions of dollars

Certain Apple executives, including marketing chief Phil Schiller and retail head Angela Ahrendts, combined to receive Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) that won’t vest until fiscal year 2022. Other executives included in the awards are Eddy Cue, who is in charge of internet software, software engineering head (and star of the Apple iPhone X unveiling) Craig Federighi, CFO Luca Maestri, Hardware Engineering chief Dan Riccio, Hardware Technologies leader Johny Srouji, and COO Jeffrey Williams.

Overall, 128,584 RSUs were handed out by Apple’s Board of Directors. On October 1st, 64,885 RSUs were …

Apple now has 246.09 billion dollars in the bank. What are you doing with your life?

Apple has so much money now, it’s basically the Pablo Escobar of consumer eletronics. The iPhone maker closed the first quarter of 2017 with a $246.09 billion cash reserve, up $8.49 billion from a year ago.

We wish we knew how this much money looked like in real life so we could laugh at the ridiculousness of it all, but then again, having these stacks on hand is no laughing matter. It may seem like unlimited money, but Apple still can’t afford to buy Microsoft at its $500 billion market value. Still, it can, theoretically, buy Sri Lanka.

Of course, Apple is cautious about acquisitions …

Samsung navy marketing denigrate competitors fined ten million NT dollars

In addition to ” font door” to Samsung’s annoyance , the company recently hired network of water army due to denigrate competitors in Taiwan was regulatory penalties.

According to Taiwan media reports, Taiwan’s ” Fair Trade Commission ” recently on its website a notice that Samsung violates the principle of fair trade , employment in the network of water army disparage competitors smartphones, malicious promote their product, so Samsung Company sentenced 10 million yuan NT ( about 2.064 million yuan ) fine.In addition, the associated companies and suppliers in Taiwan Pangthai Dolly companies were sentenced to three million yuan NT , NT $ 50,000 yuan fine . The report also revealed the Samsung employment act navy criteria such attacks is not conducive to the remarks of Samsung products , helping Samsung for Samsung product marketing as well as giving positive praise and so on.HTC: Previously had indeed been discreditedAlthough Taiwan’s ”

Fair Trade Commission ,” the report does not mention the Taiwanese company ‘s specific name . However, according to previous media reports , HTC is considered to be a direct victim.

HTC on its official micro-Bo said, ” In the Internet era , network of water army to the normal order of business a great deal of harm. This is not just a question of business ethics , it is the lack of restraint mechanism , called on the mainland like Taiwan can there are third-party ‘ fair Trade Commission ‘ . “However , HTC relevant person in charge told the “Daily Economic News” reporter, the performance is still very low-key , but also said he has indeed been discredited before, but would not comment on the matter .Reporters learned that the case originated in April this year , a number of Internet users in Taiwan , said that Samsung hired students through their local agents posted on the network attacks HTC products, and recommend the Samsung phones. Subsequently, Taiwan’s ” Fair Trade Commission ” to investigate this in August . Investigation eventually found that Samsung does the existence of such misconduct .In this regard, China Mobile Internet Industry Alliance Secretary-General Lee Yi told the “Daily Economic News” reporter interview that Samsung has taken such extreme means of marketing and homogenization of the smartphone industry trends seriously not unrelated. “

Including Apple ( 525.96 , -5.95 , -1.12 % ) , Samsung, Huawei and other brands in hardware innovation has encountered a bottleneck , the future is more a marketing and channel competition .”However, he believes that the navy marketing model is not desirable , but also long-term development of the non-branded meter .Samsung through public relations company hired navyPublicly available data show that in 2012 the global PR market, Samsung cost $ 558 million , in 2011 to $ 476 million .

According to news media reports, in addition to HTC, Samsung did not stop attacks against other competitors , was pointing his finger at Apple .CNNMoney columnist PhilipElmer-DeWitt has written articles , referring to Samsung’s highly likely through a number of personnel in the network discredit Apple , his comments in the article, Samsung is likely in the United States to deploy a large number of professional navy .

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