Google Lens can recognize the breed of your dog or cat and tell you facts about it

Google Lens is Google’s augmented reality software for picture analyzing, available in both Google Assistant and Google Photos. The way it works is you point the camera at something and Google Lens will give you some information based on what it sees. For example, holding your camera against the Statue of Liberty would make Lens give you info about the building, including location, height, weight and so on. Google Lens is still in testing phase but gets smarter and smarter as days pass. As of today, the app can recognize different cat and dog breeds and give you information about them.

The …

This dog did himself a scare after snoring so loudly he woke himself up


We’ve all been there.

A video uploaded on Friday has gone viral on Twitter. It stars a very sleepy dog named Moose.

His own snoring woke him up and I cannot stop laughing

— lex (@axwaclawski) March 16, 2018

This simple act of startling awake struck a chord with the huddled Twitter masses.

not to be dramatic but i would die for Moose 😭

— des. (@sincekidrauhl) March 18, 2018

When you’re asleep in class and you you do that jump thingy we all do then wake up and look around knowing everybody saw you

— Ryan Almond (@theryanalmond) March 18, 2018 Read more…

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Dog is flippin' excited to see owner


Dogs are too good for this world.

That’s an undisputed fact, but in case you needed some convincing, check out this dog enthusiastically greeting his owner who’s just returned from vacation.

The dog is so excited that he leaps from the car window and races over to his owner, skidding across the ground. There enough barks and tail-wags to warm even the coldest of hearts.

The good boy is scooped up by his owner and given a long hug and kiss, before resuming his enthusiastic barks and tail wags. 

Try not to tear up at this blissful reunion.  Read more…

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Pro-tip: Watch your dog so they don't eat 21 pacifiers


Dogs eat anything. 

Okay, maybe not anything, but we do know of one dog that ate 21 pacifiers and that should serve as a warning for pet owners everywhere. 

A 4-year-old Shar-Pei named Dovey underwent surgery last week after his owners were concerned about how much weight he had lost over a short amount of time and brought him to see his long-time vet, KFOR-TV reported

Hs family, based in Oklahoma, also had noticed Dovey stealing one pacifier from a countertop and separately throwing one up. An X-ray revealed the pacifiers were in Dovey’s stomach: Read more…

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Footage of dog being rescued from frozen creek will thaw your ice cold heart


2017 is in dire need of heartwarming tales, so here’s one about a dog that fell into a frozen creek and was successfully rescued by a team of firefighters.

Last week, Denis Pilon, a fire chief at Swift Current Fire Department in Canada, shared a video on Facebook of several firefighters and members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police rescuing someone’s pet dog. 

“STAY OFF THE ICE!!” Pilon wrote, explaining that the dog wandered onto the ice and fell through after its owners let him run off-leash. 

To bring the dog back to shore the team secured one of the firefighters with a rope and sent him out onto the frozen water. The ice was so thin that the firefighter also fell through, but thanks to the rope he was able to recover the dog and pull it to safety. Read more…

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6 incredibly smart and thoughtful ideas for improving the dog walking app Wag!


Wag! is a popular dog walking app that has been described as the “Uber of dog walking.” Within minutes while you’re away, you can schedule for a walker to come to your apartment and take your dog out for a walk for 30 to 60 minutes. 

While on a walk, the dog walker then sends notifications through the app to the owner at given points during the walk: when the walker arrives at the apartment, checks the leash, when the dog poops and pees, and when the dog is returned to the apartment. 

However, as a user of the app, I’ve come up with some helpful improvements so the dog owner can have an even fuller idea of how their dog’s walk is going. Read more…

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Brits are celebrating the 6-year anniversary of a dog chasing some deer and it's still funny


How time flies. Almost as fast as a bunch of deer being chased by a labrador.

Six years ago today a video of a dog named Fenton chasing some deer to the dismay of his human went viral. People have been celebrating this happy day on Twitter.

Happy Jesus Christ, Fenton! Day

— IanVisits (@ianvisits) November 13, 2017

Fenton! FENTON!

— Patrick Smith (@psmith) November 13, 2017

It’s six years since FENTON! – and it’s still absolutely hilarious

— Kimberley Hunt (@arthausfl_) November 13, 2017 Read more…

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Lost dog rescued from an abandoned mine shaft turns out to be a total superstar


There are two types of “lost pet” stories: The happy ones, where good Samaritans lend a helping hand and everything works out in the end, and the unhappy ones, which we don’t talk about.

Well. Here we are, talking. I’ll let Portia Scovern, the non-canine hero of this story, explain (via her Facebook post):

A subsequent update on Ms. Scovern’s post confirms that the owner was located within a day. The little pup — whose name is Cheyenne — had been missing for just over two weeks, but her human caught wind of the Facebook post and stepped up to recover his furry friend.

In comments on Ms. Scovern’s Facebook post, owner Michael Captain expressed confusion over the idea that Cheyenne could have fallen down the abandoned mine shaft. As it turns out, she’s an extreme hiking dog! Read more…

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The cutest photos from the annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade


Now in its 27th year, the annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade in New York City continued its reign as October’s cutest event on Saturday, bringing together New York’s fluffiest pets and their ever-creative owners. 

This year’s crop of dog models – dressed in costumes that ranged from the Pope to the Devil to Kellyanne Conway – put on a delightful show for spectators. 

We’ve collected the resulting photos for you here, because really, no one should have to miss this:

The annual Tompkins square park Halloween dog parade is the best thing ever@CBSNewYork

— Reena Roy (@reenaroy) October 21, 2017 Read more…

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The heartwarming moment a family discovers their dog survived a deadly California wildfire


A family was elated to discover that their Bernese Mountain Dog, Izzy, somehow managed to survive the wildfires that have ravaged areas of California. 

Jack Weaver and his brother-in-law Patrick Widen hiked miles to Weaver’s mother’s home in Santa Rosa earlier this week. Despite being turned away by police, the men managed to make their way to the property for an important mission. 

Although most valuables had been destroyed in the wildfire that ripped through the city, the men returned to the burned down home to retrieve the body of the family dog, which was presumed dead, the Associated Press reports. Read more…

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