Report: Soon you'll watch DirecTV on your large screen set using the AT&T Mobile TV Cast Moto Mod

Just the other day, we told you that next month, Amazon’s Alexa will be accessible through a new Moto Mod that will attach to the back of Moto Z and Moto Z2 handsets. Now, a report published today states that Motorola and AT&T have partnered to develop the AT&T Mobile TV Cast Moto Mod. With this accessory, you will be able connect to a compatible television set allowing you to watch DirecTV on a larger screen.

Of course, for this to have any value, you have to be a subscriber to DirecTV Now. This is an app that features streaming video in the form of live TV channels and on-demand …

AT&T shakes hand with CBS for DirecTV Now streaming, Showtime included

Back in the fall, AT&T launched its zero-rated DirecTV Now streamer, aimed at cord-cutters everywhere, for the extremely enticing $35/month introductory offer, which includes more than 120 popular channels to choose from. Despite the great limited-time price, there were some caveats, like the lack of CBS, though AT&T promised that it will work with CBS execs to fold it in, and will add more features to the streamer further down the road.
It just delivered on that promise, and included programming as well as on-demand content from CBS …

AT&T offers BOGO deal on iPhone 7 or free iPad when you switch to DirecTV

Major US carrier AT&T has two interesting deals for those Apple fans who don’t mind committing to a long term contract. The subject of these deals is the iPhone, but both require customers to sign up for a new AT&T agreement.

The first promotion is a simple BOGO (buy one, get one for free) deal on the iPhone 7 32GB. So, you buy one and get one for free when you buy both on AT&T Next with monthly eligible wireless and DirecTV service.

In order to qualify for the deal, the first iPhone 7 can be a new line or an upgrade, but the second one must absolutely …

AT&T bundles unlimited data plan and DirecTV Now for as low as $70 a month

DirecTV Now is an app that allows you to stream more than 60 live channels. Priced at $35 a month, the app has not generated the kind of revenue that AT&T was hoping for. Now, AT&T is offering those who are subscribers to its $60 a month Unlimited Choice wireless plan, the opportunity to subscribe to DirecTV Now for just $10 month after a $25 a month coupon. This bundle gives you unlimited data and all of the “Live A Little” content from DirecTV Now for just $70 a month.

Here are some of the specifics of the $70 bundle:

On AT&T Unlimited Choice a single line starts …

AT&T is offering HBO for free or at a discount to DirecTV Now subscribers

DirecTV Now has been out in the wild since November 30, and things have been far from smooth sailing since its launch. Just a day after the service went live, subscribers were faced with heaps of sign-in errors, content that was being blocked for no discernible reason, and a lot more. AT&T (DirecTV Now’s owner) seems to have ironed out most of these issues, and announced today that customers who have stuck it out through these growing pains would be getting rewarded with free HBO.

If you’ve been a subscriber to DirecTV Now since March 6 or earlier, you’re eligible to receive …