Android 8.0 Oreo factory images available for download for Pixel and Nexus devices

Despite the fact that Google announced Android Oreo is not yet ready to be pushed to compatible Pixel and Nexus devices, the Mountain View company has already published the factory images that allows users to upgrade their smartphones today.

Factory images for the following devices are now available for download via Google’s website, but you’ll have to flash them manually:

Pixel Pixel XLNexus 6PNexus 5XPixel CNexus Player 
If you own a Pixel or Pixel XL smartphone, then you’ll probably receive Android 8.0 Oreo via OTA (over the air), so you …

Asus's ZenFone 4 series is now official, six new devices announced

It’s fair to say that Asus’ ZenFone 4 series has had a bit of a rocky launch — following months of delays, it debuted semi-officially with a single device limited to Russia, after which we saw mostly radio silence from the company (plus a ton of leaks). But now the entirety of the lineup has finally been made official, and things are a bit wild.

You see, while most manufacturers out there would be content to announce only one or two devices at a time, Asus went in the exact opposite direction and showed off an impressive lineup of six different …

Qualcomm unveils its first depth-sensing camera technology for Android devices

Chipset maker Qualcomm has just introduced its new camera technology, which will soon make its way to Android devices. The new depth-sensing camera technology comes as an expansion to Qualcomm’s Spectra Module Program, but the US-based company hopes to implement it on its Snapdragon Mobile chipsets.

The new IPSs feature a new camera architecture designed for advancements in computer vision, image quality and power efficiency. Moreover, the camera module program will include a trio of camera modules, including an iris authentication module, a passive depth sensing …

Google Contacts updated to work on all Android devices running Lollipop and above

The last major Google Contacts update dates from May when a new UI and lots of tweaks have been added to the app. Today, the developers announced another important update, which is meant to expand the availability of the app to even more devices.

Starting with this update, the Contacts application will be available for download on all Android devices running Lollipop and above. Previously, Google Contacts was only available to Pixel, Nexus, Android One, or Google Play Edition devices via Play Store.

The compatibility with just about any Android device is the most important change …

Google Camera v4.4 rolling out for Pixel, Nexus, Android One devices: Lots of improvements

Google has just released the latest version of Google Camera, namely version 4.4, to the Play Store meaning that all users of compliant Pixel, Nexus, and Android One devices should be receiving the update shortly. The latest update to the app for all users boasts the novelties that were introduced alongside Dev Preview 3 of the Android O beta. 
After the new update, you will be able to switch between video and still image modes more easily than before – instead of swiping up or down on viewfinder, update 4.4 adds a button beside the shutter button that …

Samsung Internet beta now works on most Android devices, not just Samsung's

Even though Samsung is often criticized for its software offerings, one of its apps has always stood out as a highlight: Samsung Internet. The company’s in-house browser has proven itself as a worthy competitor to Google’s Chrome, thanks to its multitude of extra features, the most notable being support for extensions and contend blockers.

Being Samsung-made, however, meant being exclusive to the company’s own devices for quite a while. This changed back in March of last year, when the beta version of the browser became available on Google’s Nexus devices. And now, the beta has …

YouTube for Android rolls out speed controls for video playback on some devices

One of the special features that YouTube reserves for its desktop version only is speed controls: being able to speed up or slow down a video is especially useful for those trying to learn moves from videos, or just looking for those tiny details that are not easily noticeable.
Now, YouTube seems to be mulling adding speed controls to its mobile application. 9to5Google has noticed the option to select video speed on YouTube for Android, version 12.29.57, but the option is not yet available to everyone out there (we don’t have it yet).
The …

This one ingenious magnetic cable will charge all of your mobile devices

Charging cables are a nuisance: they are often flimsy made and they tend to be not as durable as one would like. A new Kickstarter project wants to make a cable that is extremely durable and also one that you can use with all your devices.
The Anchor Cable still has a few days to live on Kickstarter before its creators start producing the durable cables, and you can still back the project and get one for a cheaper price.
The signature feature of the Anchor Cable is its magnetic end: you can simply attach a USB-C tip, …

Plex brings Live TV broadcasts and DVR support to Android devices

The folks behind Plex had been beta testing Live TV and DVR support for a while, but haven’t provided Android users with a release timeframe. Well, there’s no need for that now since both features are now available to all Plex users.

For the time being, these two new Live TV and DVR support will only be available to Android mobile device, Android TV, and iOS users, but Plex developers plan to bring them to Roku, Fire TV, as well as Smart TVs.

Keep in mind though that these new features are behind a paywall, which means you’ll need a Plex Pass subscription: …

HMD promises to fix the Dolby Equalizer issue affecting Nokia 5 devices

If you happen to own a Nokia 5, then chances are you’re being affected by a strange issue that prevents the smartphone from opening the Dolby Equalizer settings from certain music apps.

Many Nokia 5 users have noticed that when they try to open the Equalizer app from Google Play Music or Spotify, they get a white screen instead of the audio settings.

Although Dolby Equalizer does work when not specifically opened from those two apps (maybe others too), HMD Global has already acknowledged the problem and said they are already working on a fix.

For those who would still want …