While under oath, AT&T's CEO reveals $15/month TV streaming service for mobile devices

Plenty of strange things have been revealed by people testifying under oath. But what came out of Randall Stephenson’s testimony yesterday might have been a first. The CEO of AT&T, while on the witness stand and under oath in a courtroom, revealed a new AT&T streaming service called AT&T Watch. Designed for those who like to watch streaming television on their mobile devices, this will be a low-cost service priced at $15/month. Unlike the carrier’s DirecTV Now streaming app, which is priced at $35/month, AT&T Watch will not carry any sporting events in order to keep the price down.

Stephenson …

Wireless Android Auto arrives on Pixel & Nexus devices

Select Android users can now use Android Auto without a USB cable. Until now, in order for the driver to use Android Auto with their devices, smartphones were required to be connected via cable at all times. Now, however, after a number of previous leaks hinting at the feature, wireless support is now available, albeit to a limited number of device owners.

In order to gain access to the feature, drivers must own either a Pixel device, be it a first or second generation smartphone, or a Nexus 5X or 6P. In addition to this, the devices in question must be running stock Android 8.0 Oreo or …

Dept. of Homeland Security says it found evidence of rogue cellphone listening devices in D.C.

Worried that foreign spies are eavesdropping on the conversations you have on your cellphone? If you live in Washington D.C., you do have a reason to be concerned. Remember, it isn’t paranoia if someone is out to get you. The U.S. government today acknowledged that rogue listening devices known as cell-site simulators have been discovered in the nation’s capital. These devices work by tricking cellphones into believing that they are real cell towers and the phone locks into the simulator. This allow those spying to see the location of the ‘fooled’ cellphone. Some versions of the device can trick …

iOS 11.3: here is a full changelog and all compatible devices

Starting today, you can download iOS 11.3 for your iOS devices and get all the new features that come with it: the new battery health info, ARKit with support for vertical surfaces, business chat and health records in the US, and other improvements.

We have already told you about the major new iOS 11.3 features here, but if you want to know all the features including the smaller ones, you need to look at the full changelog for this update.
Right below, you will find just that: everything that is new with a very short explanation by Apple itself. This information …

Verizon CEO: 5G phones and devices to have monster battery life

Imagine a future where your phone will have to be charged just once a month. Crazy? Verizon’s CEO begs to differ. While taking part in a panel discussion during a tech conference, he clarified that what 5G networks will bring in terms of added value aren’t crazy high download speeds, as 4G LTE can be fast enough at the moment, too, rivaling home broadband, but low latency, and the ability to handle much more crowded tower connections.

Lowell McAdam pegged that same “drastically lower latency” as the culprit for the leap in battery life, leading to Internet-of-things …

When are Android devices getting face recognition hardware?

Android’s Open Source Project is an interesting place to explore, as it may give you a brief idea what the future beholds for Android or, more accurately said, what Android beholds for us, the users.
Recently, a line of code was discovered, which may have inadvertently hinted at possible support for facial recognition in a future Android version. Nothing special, you might say, and you might be right, but this code has raised an important question: when are Android devices actually getting a hardware-enabled facial scanning technology?
Software-enabled …

Ubisoft's Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians to hit Android and iOS devices on May 31

Ubisoft’s popular Might & Magic franchise is going mobile, so if you’re a fan of series you’ll be able to play the French company’s game from the end of May.

Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians is developed by Ubisoft Barcelona and promises stunning graphics featuring a Western anime style, as well as fast-paced strategy battles.

While Elemental Guardians is a “fresh take on a classic franchise,” Might & Magic fans will recognize the most iconic characters from the brand. The game includes both a single-player campaign and a competitive PvP mode.

It seems that you’ll …

Google Camera v5.2 brings new features and improvements to Pixel/Nexus devices

Google continues to improve one of the apps that have been specifically developed for its Nexus and Pixel devices. Google Camera recently received an update that includes a couple of new features and improvements, which haven’t been detailed in a changelog like we’re used to.

But no matter, as AndroidPolice dig into the app’s insides and learn everything there is to know about the current version of Google Camera, as well as information about possible future additions to the app.

Firstly, Google Camera v5.2 adds a new “Show dirty lens warning” option in the Settings menu, which …

Google Keep is getting a major redesign on Android Wear, support for iOS devices pairing

Google has just released a new version of Keep for smartwatches, and it looks like the app received a major facelift. The application has been completely redesigned to offer a much smoother experience and be easier on the eyes.

For example, Google Keep now features a brand new black background and the fonts are more pronounced so that they could be easier to read on small screens. One thing to note is that the new app does not feature the option to open a note on the smartphone.

Lots of bug fixes and performance improvements have been implemented as well, along with support for iOS …

Microsoft confirms Skype has been optimized to work on older Android devices

Great news for Skype users who still own older Android devices, as Microsoft has just announced the application has been specifically optimized to work smoothly on devices powered by Android 4.0.3 to 5.1.

The new version of Skype is smaller in size and eats less memory, thus allowing for greater speed and better audio and video quality on budget-friendly Android devices. Moreover, Microsoft promises the lighter version of Skype will offer increased performance even in areas with “challenging network conditions.”

It appears that Microsoft will kick off the roll-out of the update in …