New book reveals the inner secrets behind Apple's development of the iPhone

On January 9th, 2007 Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone and it is not hyperbole to say that things were never the same again. For many of our readers, that lone event turned them into big time smartphone fans. Even though there were smartphones available on January 8th, 2007, by the time the sun set over New York City on January 9th it seemed that everyone was talking about this new touchscreen smartphone from Apple.

If you remember those days, and the long wait until the June 29th 2007 launch of the device, you’ll be interested in a new book that will be released this coming …

Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Plus reportedly in full scale development under code names Star and Star 2

Korean media The Bell reports that the Galaxy S8 successor is in full scale development at Samsung under the code name Star. A larger-screen model, possibly the Galaxy S9 Plus, is codenamed Star 2. That aside, there are two bits of new information regarding the Galaxy S9 in the report. First, the phone is said to have similar display technology to its predecessor. Thus, it likely won’t be the foldable phone that’s been rumored for so long, but rather a refinement of the Infinity Display design.

Second, Samsung has reportedly accelerated its component production …

Huawei and Google team up for the first Android development board, similar to the Raspberry Pi

Android developers had one serious problem that made their jobs much harder up until now – they had to develop software for the platform using hardware that’s completely different in just about any way. The community wanted an ARM-based development platform for quite some time now, hoping it would make things easier, and it finally has it.

Huawei has introduced the HiKey 960 board – an ARM-based development board that comes with all the essentials one would need. It employs Huawei’s latest octa-core processor – the Kirin 960 – complete with the Mali-G71 GPU, 32 …

Apple posts job openings in U.K. related to its home grown GPU development

Earlier this month, we told you that Apple said that it no longer would need to license technology from graphics chip producer Imagination Technologies. Apple obviously wants to start building its own graphics chip for future devices. A GPU chip from Imagination Technologies has been in use on the Apple iPhone since the OG unit was launched in 2007. Apple’s home-grown GPU chips won’t be ready for 15 to 24 months, which means that the first iPhone to contain it could hit the market as soon as 2018.

Apple is in the process of looking for people to help design and develop its GPU chip. On Apple’s …

Understanding the Windows Mobile Development Trend

Till sometime back, people said Microsoft was a failure brand when it comes to smartphone market. Ironically, developments in the decent past have promised that Microsoft is soon to become the market leader in Windows mobile phones and applications. In this regard, Windows mobile app development has been assured a highly prospective future. Several ads published by Microsoft have come out highly interesting and alluring when the software giant shows how fast Windows mobiles can perform a task as against the other kinds of smartphone devices. While people might wonder whether Windows phones can beat iPhone, the answer is a big ‘Yes’. In terms of performance, Windows mobile has several added advantages, say the experts. The visible proof to this is the fact that Windows phone 7 has captured about 7% pie in the US market alone.
Symbian is seen diminishing. Nokia has entered into a mutually beneficial and much envied collaboration with Microsoft. Nokia has planned to infuse Microsoft’s Operating System in all of the smart phones manufactured by the firm. Market experts anticipate that the said coming together of these two titans will assure a prospective future to both the firms besides effectively challenging the other kinds of smartphones.
A major portion of the move taken by Microsoft is bent on giving quality. The performance comparison has proved that Microsoft’s device performance is the best when compared with the other bestselling smartphones. It is said that when given any particular task, Windows Phone 7 accomplished it faster by many seconds when compared with the performance of iPhone 4.
Talking in terms of HTML 5 mobile application development, we can say for sure that Microsoft is already an overwhelming winner. Microsoft’s main concern appears to be evolving new ideas and conducting an extensive research in order to give the customers better products and services. Let’s study the overall picture of Windows mobile development in the WP7 area.
Microsoft is said to be an upcoming platform demonstrating a fast growth. It is all set to capture the market very soon. This fact is alluring increasing number of Windows mobile app development professionals to join WP7. Though iOS and Android-based devices are at present showing a lead, majority opinion favours that Windows mobile development is catching up in a fast pace.
Microsoft has brought in a highly useful tool that enables developers transfer their software from iOS to WP7. Though you cannot compare this to a magic wand, this tool can certainly render the whole process of migrating a bit less complicated. One can say that this tool acts something like a dictionary that demonstrates how to write the methods, classes and notification events in WP7 equivalent. In addition, the tool also enables comparing between some sample C# codes and API documentations. We can mention three API that can be mapped including data management, Network and User Interface.
On account of featuring a highly sophisticated technical mind, now the WP7 keyboards can envisage the next word you might want to type. Interestingly, it can also sense when not to predict. Microsoft has ably evolved this feature in order to significantly increase the user’s typing efficiency. One of the striking parts of the whole thing is that the feature enlarges the next key that the user is likely to strike. This enables the right input of the letter. WP7 keyboard is designed to work efficiently on the language pattern and demonstrates that it clearly understands it.
In an interesting development, HTC Trophy has announced that it is all prepared to launch a world phone that works on Microsoft platform. In this device, global roaming is to be enabled and thus it means HTC Trophy is a highly portable device enabling people to stay connected being anywhere on the globe. Notably, it is the first WP7 device in the Verizon wireless arena. The phone is compatible with CDMA, EVDO Rev A, Quad-band GSM and Tri-band UMTS networks.
So, what next? We can see Microsoft turning an undisputed champion of the smartphone arena which can assure a highly promising future for Windows mobile development.

Understanding the Windows Mobile Development Trend

Hire an iPhone app development company to build professional iPhone apps for you

Apple’s iPhone is a device that has become so much necessary for smartphone-lovers that they can’t live without it. No exaggeration – we have seen folks around us who keep using iPhone no matter wherever they are. There are thousands of apps, games, and interesting iPhone tools that keep iPhone-lovers busy. And while not using them, iPhone users keep talking about their devices. If not about devices, they keep sharing which app is your favorite, what new app you recently downloaded, have you jailbroken your iPhone, and such talks go on. All this is not without any reason; its aesthetics, availability of scores of apps, and continuous updates in software and hardware, both are some points that we can say always attract smartphone users towards it. This is the reason; today iPhone app development companies are on their best times ever.

Mobile development has seriously changed the focus of many software development companies. We don’t need to go so back in the history, this is the talk of just 5 years ago that companies use to develop desktop software and the web applications at most. Very few companies were in to the business of mobile app development. But today if we see we find scores of iPhone app development companies and most surprisingly most of them are so much successful. All this is because of the proliferation and popularity of smartphones as more and more people started using these smartphones to access their emails and surf the internet. And today, according to various surveys, more people use internet through their smartphones. This in return has increased the demand for the companies who do mobile app development. Especially the iPhone app development companies are in high demand since the launch of iPhone 4. Furthermore, the news for the iPhone 5 is also on its boom. More and more companies are now being fascinated for iPhone app development. This is why, daily we see the inception of new iPhone app development companies.

However it doesn’t mean that all of these iPhone app development companies are expert, professional and result-oriented. Most of the people get inspired by the boom of anything and they start a company without proper planning and future thoughts. So beware of such iPhone app development companies who can waste much of your time and money by claiming to be your reliable app development partner. This is the reason you need to make sure about certain things while you are hiring an iPhone app development company to develop professional iPhone apps for you.

Millions of users and billions of app downloads, iPhone app development era is buzzing with activity. As there are variety of users, different sort of iPhone apps are needed. Some like to play games, some like to access social networking platforms, some like to check their IQ, some like to check emails, and the list goes on. That is the reason diverse range of iPhone application need to be developed for all these users that can fulfill their entertainment, business, commercial, and various other needs.

Techliance is a professional iPhone application development company that offers cost effective iPhone App solutions. Contact us today – to get a free quote for your iPhone app solution.

Hire an iPhone app development company to build professional iPhone apps for you

BlackBerry app development for music lovers

This application converts Blackberry smartphone into a powerful music enabled device which lets user enjoy their own music library on the move. The Cloud Paper application uses cloud service, implying that the user can carry as much music content as he wants on his BlackBerry handset without worrying about the space as everything is on the cloud, a virtual memory. The BlackBerry Smartphone known for their smart email and other business applications have become virtual music stations with the use of this Cloud Player. This app enables the listener to place shift their music. The CloudPlayer uses technology (patent pending) to deliver the song s to the user on his BlackBerry mobile devices.

This CloudPlayer app for BlackBerry has music literally free as the music is freely available on any mobile or internet enabled device due to unlimited storage space on the cloud. This technology provides the fastest upload speed of any cloud music service. The CloudPlayer app for BlackBerry devices is new and offers lot of new and innovative features being developed. There are no equal applications in the market which can provide the user the flexibility of unlimited storage of all your music files and the added convenience of being able to play it anywhere. It is an indispensable music app for music lovers as they are not bound by limitations of storage space. This Blackberry app has finished the need to carry multiple music devices. the CloudPlayer has completely revolutionized the way we listen to music as it has converted a small device like Smartphone into a powerhouse of music and the listener can listen to his favorite music anytime, anywhere he wants without worrying about carrying all those music gadgets like MP3, walkman etc. moreover the applications saves you any extra charges as only the internet time is consumed.

BlackBerry application development is not an easy task. Only experienced professionals with expertise in development procedure has the ability to develop the desired BlackBerry apps. Powerful business like Smartphone is easy to operate and is available to solve many functions with their user-friendly approach. And the design of the Smartphone is also worth appreciating. Many people want to outsource custom BlackBerry apps to enhance their business operations.

We can’t forget BlackBerry entertainment apps. These are equally helpful in promoting the handset purchases. These days, BlackBerry tabs are also available in the market and apps are developed as per the operating system available in these tabs. Users have the leverage to configure BlackBerry smartphone apps for their tabs at competitive prices.

BlackBerry app development for music lovers

Guide for application development for iPhone

The iPhone is a smartphone that not only serves the purpose of telecommunications, but also as a platform for multimedia. According to Apple, iPhone applications have been downloaded millions of times. Apple Store is a series of applications covering a wide range.

Apps developer singapore is the perfect solution for all application development. Applications for the iPhone are very vast. There is a huge increase in the number of iPhone users. IPhone applications are widely used throughout the world.

Singapore has attracted a lot of labor quality from all over the world. Singapore is home to some multinational companies well known in all sectors. Iphone application development system requires the latest programming languages and better graphics. Much software is readily available on the Internet for various applications.

apps developer singapore are known for creating new and attractive application for iphone. Many programs are available, such as game software, social networking software, news, live TV and many other applications.

There are some general instructions before the development of an application for the iPhone:

1.If someone wants to develop iPhone applications, the first step is to create a clear picture of how existing applications can run on your iPhone. It is said that one can not learn to swim, unless he / she jumps into the water.

2. User must understand that the iPhone business much different from a desktop computer. Operating commands are executed in a certain way the iPhone. If the application does not meet the requirements for the iPhone, will cause the loss of time, money and resources.

3. The user interface is hugely different because the content of the iPhone can only be accessed by your fingers. The screen size is quite limited. There are few opportunities to provide assistance to t the user.

4. IPhone has a series of accelerometers. These sets of accelerometer detect the movement and direction of the device for the iPhone. The iPhone simulator can be used as an iPod Touch, iPhone, or a real one.

5.The iPhone is equipped with a set of accelerometers. These sets of accelerometer detect the movement and direction of the device iPhone. IPhone simulator to be used either on the iPod Touch, iPhone or real.

Iphones are becoming a necessity for the modern society. Mobile phones have went under significant change in last few years. In the near future, we may see even better software for mobiles.

Guide for application development for iPhone

iPhone Still Unbeatable So iPhone Development Has To Stay For Longer

Since 1976 Apple is in manufacturing of consumer electronics and computing devices as well as computing operating systems. It has created a revolution in handheld devices industries by entering through iPhone and iPad later. The name Apple becomes the synonym of innovation and quality. Therefore, name Apple is highly trustful in the American society.

Sticking with this brand impression Apple has release consequent versions of iPhone with advancements from each previous version therefore, iPhone is getting momentum with each new release with new features and functionality at both side hardware and software. The same rules were implemented in App store were 3rd party iPhone apps development companies and iPhone apps developers are selling their applications giving commission to the Apple. Its strict rules for quality made the applications in App store a landmark and got tremendous success to improve productivity of iPhone devices.

Due to such extraordinary devotion selling of iPhone is touches new high with each release and latest iPhone 5 has broken the all previous records. The same is true for iOS 6 which has unmatched features and functionality that makes it an outstanding operating system in all mobile platforms. The best thing for iPhone application development community is that the users of iPhone are very active and coming from the upper strata of the society. Therefore, they downloading lots of useful iPhone applications and never hesitate to experiment new and innovative software. This special trait of the iPhone development industry makes it economically attractive for iPhone app developers.

Initially iPhone was a mere phone but with pace of time technologies got advancements and becomes a tiny computer with handsome functionality. At present nearly 35% people use iPhone as a sole device to access internet and nearly 60% iPhone users use their devices for business purposes thus a new concept of BYOD is working in corporate as well as medium to big businesses world. Cloud has added more spices in the augmentation of iPhone brand and most of the iPhone application development companies are now offering cloud related iPhone apps development.

Many new age iPhone applications like augmented reality apps and other location based apps are now most sought after categories in iPhone business apps development. With pace of time iPhone developers have got maturity and learned many technologies as well as good lessons to make highly advanced iPhone applications. Outsourcing iPhone application programming companies have learn many lessons and prepared themselves for the stiff competition by giving high quality iPhone development with least margin and within shortest span.

There are many other smartphones are rocking in the market particularly with Android OS which has largest user base in the world but due to fragmentation in Android devices their app development is daunting task and not giving much return whereas iPhone has single identity and that ease iPhone app programmers to create fabulous apps for their audience. In short we can say that iPhone has superior quality than other smartphone platforms and there are chances to upgrade its technologies further and give more chances to the iPhone developers to earn some more fortunes from the market.

iPhone Still Unbeatable So iPhone Development Has To Stay For Longer

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Mobile development by Virginia based companies.

Asian countries ruled the offshore mobile development market for long. Today, we find certain emerging destinations for outsourcing such services. Companies from the US, Eastern Europe and Russia have lately hopped on to the mobile app development wagon. US based companies have been rapidly expanding their market share. Let’s dig out some of the competitive advantages of Virginia based mobile development companies.

Communication: Majority of the mobile development demand comes from the countries like Australia, USA, UK and Canada. Companies from the foreign lands sought mobile development services from the eastern countries, specifically India, Pakistan and China. Reason? Low cost of app development due to currency difference. Outsourcing from the Asian countries can slash down mobile development cost drastically.

Outsourcing comes with its own set of challenges as well. The biggest challenge for the client company is managing the communication gap. English is not the first language for most of the Asian countries. Not being able to get the app developed as desired, is more out of communication issue rather than technical issue.

Mobile development by Virginia based companies eliminate the language issues. By hiring a mobile developer from a Virginia firm, you can totally focus on your core business rather than having to worry about communication issues.

Expertise: The sun rises from the east and technology from the west. iPhone, BlackBerry, Android all these are a brainchild of the companies strongly based in the western half of the world. Technology is contagious. There are plenty of mobile development companies that have worked on app development projects requiring complex coding.

Mobile development by Virginia based companies will offer you flawless app development on the platform of your choosing. They have the versatility and technical expertise in bringing app ideas to life. What about the costs? When compared with their Asian counterparts, Virginia based companies are on the higher side. However, the quality product justifies the costs involved.

Help in app marketing: Some mobile development companies in Virginia have gained grounds in helping their clients to effectively market apps. They help clients to draft and implement an app promotion plan. It frees the client company from fretting over advertising the app and generating downloads. The mobile development company especially from Virginia helps its clients right from app design to generating app downloads.

Rising Tides Solutions, LLC (RTS) is a Mobile Development company in Virginia. It provides mobile development solutions for Android, iOS and BlackBerry OS. To know more about the company visit,