Motorola allegedly scraps the Moto X5, development of Moto Mods limited to only a few

Remember the news about the Moto X4 sequel that Motorola might launch at some point this year? We even had a picture of a prototype unit, so the leak was looking pretty solid at that time.

Unfortunately, it appears that Lenovo has decided to scrap the Moto X5 and not launch another X series phone going forward. AndroidPolice reports that despite the fact that Lenovo reduced Motorola’s workforce considerably, it’s still not enough to turn make the smartphone business profitable yet.

The canceling of the Moto X5 is the direct result of Lenovo’s strategy to cut costs. Moreover, Lenovo …

LG G7 development might have been restarted from scratch by LG CEO

According to a new report from South Korean outlet The Investor, LG’s VP and CEO Jo Seong-jin has ordered the company’s mobile division to start work on its upcoming flagship device from scratch. Citing an anonymous LG official, following CES 2018 the team responsible for the development of the upcoming flagship device which might not be called the G7 after all has been instructed to cease the development and review the project from the ground up.

It seems that the development team received word on these recent developings promptly after LG’s CEO revealed that the company …

Samsung planning to sell 320 million smartphones in 2018, foldable phone in development

Samsung plans to sell as many smartphones in 2018 as it did in 2017: some 320 million phones. The information comes from Korean publication The Investor which cites leaked Samsung projections to suppliers.
With 320 million smartphones sold in 2018, Samsung will keep sales flat and the reason for this lack of growth is a saturated phone market, according to leaked information from the company.
Here are Samsung’s sales projections for 2018 by different types of devices:
320 million smartphones40 …

Samsung seems to be rushing the development of its foldable smartphone, but why?

With today’s leaked photo of ZTE’s foldable Axon M smartphone, a curious question sprung up in many people’s minds: in a foldable smartphone, which fold direction is the better one, inwards or outwards? While the only two implementations of the idea we can think of —  the Sony Tablet P (which is phone-sized by today’s standards, nevermind the name) and the Kyocera Echo — have used a design where the screens point to the inside when the device is closed, the Axon M does just the opposite.

And such a debate might not seem like that …

Samsung, Foxconn back a very ambitious wireless transfer technology, still in development

With technology becoming slimmer and lighter, all the while packing more and neater features and hardware, the need for ports and dongles is becoming a growing pain in everyone’s side. Manufacturers, obviously, push for fewer ports so that they can free up physical space in their devices, and look for wireless solutions, often forcing the future upon the users with a courageous decision or two. This wouldn’t be such a problem if wireless connectivity was fast, stable, and easy, right?

Well, a company called Keyssa is working on a new tech standard for wireless transfers, …

New book reveals the inner secrets behind Apple's development of the iPhone

On January 9th, 2007 Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone and it is not hyperbole to say that things were never the same again. For many of our readers, that lone event turned them into big time smartphone fans. Even though there were smartphones available on January 8th, 2007, by the time the sun set over New York City on January 9th it seemed that everyone was talking about this new touchscreen smartphone from Apple.

If you remember those days, and the long wait until the June 29th 2007 launch of the device, you’ll be interested in a new book that will be released this coming …

Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Plus reportedly in full scale development under code names Star and Star 2

Korean media The Bell reports that the Galaxy S8 successor is in full scale development at Samsung under the code name Star. A larger-screen model, possibly the Galaxy S9 Plus, is codenamed Star 2. That aside, there are two bits of new information regarding the Galaxy S9 in the report. First, the phone is said to have similar display technology to its predecessor. Thus, it likely won’t be the foldable phone that’s been rumored for so long, but rather a refinement of the Infinity Display design.

Second, Samsung has reportedly accelerated its component production …

Huawei and Google team up for the first Android development board, similar to the Raspberry Pi

Android developers had one serious problem that made their jobs much harder up until now – they had to develop software for the platform using hardware that’s completely different in just about any way. The community wanted an ARM-based development platform for quite some time now, hoping it would make things easier, and it finally has it.

Huawei has introduced the HiKey 960 board – an ARM-based development board that comes with all the essentials one would need. It employs Huawei’s latest octa-core processor – the Kirin 960 – complete with the Mali-G71 GPU, 32 …

Apple posts job openings in U.K. related to its home grown GPU development

Earlier this month, we told you that Apple said that it no longer would need to license technology from graphics chip producer Imagination Technologies. Apple obviously wants to start building its own graphics chip for future devices. A GPU chip from Imagination Technologies has been in use on the Apple iPhone since the OG unit was launched in 2007. Apple’s home-grown GPU chips won’t be ready for 15 to 24 months, which means that the first iPhone to contain it could hit the market as soon as 2018.

Apple is in the process of looking for people to help design and develop its GPU chip. On Apple’s …

Understanding the Windows Mobile Development Trend

Till sometime back, people said Microsoft was a failure brand when it comes to smartphone market. Ironically, developments in the decent past have promised that Microsoft is soon to become the market leader in Windows mobile phones and applications. In this regard, Windows mobile app development has been assured a highly prospective future. Several ads published by Microsoft have come out highly interesting and alluring when the software giant shows how fast Windows mobiles can perform a task as against the other kinds of smartphone devices. While people might wonder whether Windows phones can beat iPhone, the answer is a big ‘Yes’. In terms of performance, Windows mobile has several added advantages, say the experts. The visible proof to this is the fact that Windows phone 7 has captured about 7% pie in the US market alone.
Symbian is seen diminishing. Nokia has entered into a mutually beneficial and much envied collaboration with Microsoft. Nokia has planned to infuse Microsoft’s Operating System in all of the smart phones manufactured by the firm. Market experts anticipate that the said coming together of these two titans will assure a prospective future to both the firms besides effectively challenging the other kinds of smartphones.
A major portion of the move taken by Microsoft is bent on giving quality. The performance comparison has proved that Microsoft’s device performance is the best when compared with the other bestselling smartphones. It is said that when given any particular task, Windows Phone 7 accomplished it faster by many seconds when compared with the performance of iPhone 4.
Talking in terms of HTML 5 mobile application development, we can say for sure that Microsoft is already an overwhelming winner. Microsoft’s main concern appears to be evolving new ideas and conducting an extensive research in order to give the customers better products and services. Let’s study the overall picture of Windows mobile development in the WP7 area.
Microsoft is said to be an upcoming platform demonstrating a fast growth. It is all set to capture the market very soon. This fact is alluring increasing number of Windows mobile app development professionals to join WP7. Though iOS and Android-based devices are at present showing a lead, majority opinion favours that Windows mobile development is catching up in a fast pace.
Microsoft has brought in a highly useful tool that enables developers transfer their software from iOS to WP7. Though you cannot compare this to a magic wand, this tool can certainly render the whole process of migrating a bit less complicated. One can say that this tool acts something like a dictionary that demonstrates how to write the methods, classes and notification events in WP7 equivalent. In addition, the tool also enables comparing between some sample C# codes and API documentations. We can mention three API that can be mapped including data management, Network and User Interface.
On account of featuring a highly sophisticated technical mind, now the WP7 keyboards can envisage the next word you might want to type. Interestingly, it can also sense when not to predict. Microsoft has ably evolved this feature in order to significantly increase the user’s typing efficiency. One of the striking parts of the whole thing is that the feature enlarges the next key that the user is likely to strike. This enables the right input of the letter. WP7 keyboard is designed to work efficiently on the language pattern and demonstrates that it clearly understands it.
In an interesting development, HTC Trophy has announced that it is all prepared to launch a world phone that works on Microsoft platform. In this device, global roaming is to be enabled and thus it means HTC Trophy is a highly portable device enabling people to stay connected being anywhere on the globe. Notably, it is the first WP7 device in the Verizon wireless arena. The phone is compatible with CDMA, EVDO Rev A, Quad-band GSM and Tri-band UMTS networks.
So, what next? We can see Microsoft turning an undisputed champion of the smartphone arena which can assure a highly promising future for Windows mobile development.

Understanding the Windows Mobile Development Trend