Facebook Lite finally arrives in the US, other developed markets

Facebook launched the lite version of its social app back in 2015, but it didn’t make it available worldwide. Specifically created for emerging markets, Facebook Lite was released in the Google Play Store six months after it was introduced.

Today, the social network giant announced it is launching Facebook Lite in the US and other developed markets. Starting today, the app is available for download in the Google Play Store for Android users in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland, and New Zealand.

With the addition of the new countries, Facebook …

Google closes HTC deal, the next Pixel phones could be developed in Taiwan

Google has just announced it has completed the $1.1 billion HTC acquisition and that it’s welcoming the new teammates from the Taiwanese company to its hardware organization.

The acquisition of HTC’s mobile business will make it easier for Google to build its smartphones since the search giant won’t have to outsource the development of the next Pixel devices to another company. The experienced team of HTC engineers, which brought us the first touch-centric phone and the first metal-clad unibody smartphone, may prove to be exactly what Google needs to further improve its R&D abilities.

According …

Google's Pichai: AI is one of the most important things being developed by mankind

Google CEO Sundar Pichai had some interesting things to say about Artificial Intelligence (AI) while taping a television interview show a couple of days ago. The executive said that “AI is one of the most important things that humanity is working on. It’s more profound than, I don’t know, electricity or fire.” Pichai said that AI could end up helping mankind discover a cure for cancer, or a solution to the world’s climate change problems.

When asked about the technology’s impact on jobs, Pichai admitted that some people should be worried, but added that in general, the world needs to “embrace …

Google has developed AI voice that sounds indistinguishable from the voice of a real human

Google has pioneered a brand new text-to-speech system that it calls Tacotron 2 and it works with stunning accuracy, delivering voice narrations that are indistinguishable from the voice of a real human. This is not an exaggeration: Tacotron 2 is the second generation of the technology and it consists of two deep neural networks, one that converts the text into a special spectogram (like the one you see in the picture above), and the second one, the WaveNet, that reads this chart and interprets it into a real voice.
The system is currently …

First Essential smartphone (developed by Andy Rubin) could be announced next week

Ex-Google chief engineer and entrepreneur Andy Rubin, seen by many as the father of Android, will soon announce a brand new high-end smartphone that’s supposed to compete with the likes of Apple iPhone and Google Pixel.

The new smartphone is developed under the umbrella of an equally new company founded by Rubin and called Essential. Today, Essential announced – via its first Tweet ever – that “something big is coming May 30th.” It’s very likely that the company will officially showcase its first handset on this date, especially since Andy Rubin already revealed …