Rebel Wilson details own experience with sexual misconduct in Twitter thread


In a lengthy Twitter thread on Saturday, Rebel Wilson detailed her own experiences with sexual misconduct in Hollywood.

Wilson recalled two separate incidents in her tweets. The first involves a male star in a “position of power,” who Wilson said asked her to enter a room with him, then repeatedly requested that she “stick [her] finger up his ass” while his friends filmed on their phones. Wilson also said that after her agent filed a complaint, she was threatened by the male star’s representatives.

Additionally, Wilson said that early in her career, a director invited her to his hotel room for what she thought was a professional discussion about comedy. Read more…

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Details about the next year Samsung Galaxy J3 might have already been leaked

Although 2017 is not over yet, most smartphone companies are already working on their next year’s lineups. Just like it did in the last couple of years, Samsung plans to launch an entry-level Galaxy J handset.

Obviously, we’re talking about the Galaxy J3, one of the cheapest Android smartphones to be released by Samsung each year. However, that doesn’t mean that the phone isn’t improved each year.

Unfortunately, the 2018 model does not seem to pack too many improvements over the current Galaxy J3 (2017) version. According to a listing up at GFXBench, the Galaxy J3 (2018), also known …

Sprint and T-Mobile expected to announce merger details this month

Rumors about the Sprint/T-Mobile merger continue to make headlines, but that won’t go for too long now. Apparently, the carriers are currently ironing out the final details of the deal, so we could have an official announcement laying them out sometime this month.

Bloomberg reports that the companies have reached to the point where they need to decide on the exchange ratio that will determine Sprint’s valuation, one of the last steps before the merger could be officially announced.

Sprint and T-Mobile continue to discuss non-cash items, such as the location …

More iPhone X interface details revealed, will it have Reachability?

Apple already showed us how accessing the recent apps, the homescreen, the Control Center, or Siri, would work on the iPhone X that doesn’t have the signature home button, but its new Xcode software beta reveals some more details about the changes in the X’s interface compared to, say, the more orthodox iPhone 8. First off, the iPad-style dock at the bottom of the display follows closely the rounded corners of the X for a uniform look, and houses four apps, the same that are present on other iPhones. 

The lock screen now prompts you to “swipe …

Apple details the new App Store design and features

With the new iOS 11 release the other day, Apple has brought on a brand new App Store front-end design, too, replacing the aging interface with larger, colorful means to search and preview apps. The more important change is in its organization, though – Apple is now betting on curated app lists, just like Google Play introduced not long ago, plus daily tips, news and featurettes. 

Moreover, since it nixed the alternative way to access the App Store via iTunes on your computer, you are now only able to see it on your iPhone or iPad display, and it …

Huawei Mate 10 Lite leaks out, price and new details revealed

Next month, Huawei will announce a few new smartphones apparently
called Mate 10, Mate 10 Pro, and Mate 10 Lite. While we’ve already heard a lot about
the three upcoming devices, details on exactly what differentiates them are a
bit confusing. Nevertheless, after seeing the Mate 10 in the wild, we can now
take a look at the Mate 10 Lite, thanks to a photo revealed by Venture Beat (seen on the left).


The Huawei Mate 10 Lite looks a lot like the regular Mate
10, with a notable difference: its fingerprint scanner should reside on the
back, not on the front. Another peculiarity is that this …

Powerful Hurricane Irma is a growing threat to the East Coast, but details still unclear


The last thing the U.S. needs right now, in the wake of devastating Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana, is another major storm. But that’s exactly the scenario that is a growing possibility late in the week as Hurricane Irma, which has already reached “major” hurricane status as a Category 3 or greater storm, moves west toward the Leeward Islands and the Bahamas. 

There is a lot of uncertainty associated with hurricane track forecasts at days 6 and 7, so even discussing the storm’s possible impacts on the U.S. is somewhat fraught. However, it’s necessary for people from Miami to Maine to begin preparing for the possibility that an intense, large hurricane will come close to or over their location within a week. Having a hurricane plan and preparing, using materials available on, for example, would be prudent at this point.  Read more…

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Galaxy Note 8 marketing booklet caught in the wild, reveals details about the unannounced phone

So, we all know the Note 8 is coming. And, thanks to a bucketload of leaks, we also pretty much know what it’s going to look like. There’s a point to be made about leaks ruining the excitement of a phone reveal somewhere around here, but we’re not trying to make that point right now.

For a while now, we’ve known that the Note 8 would have a dual camera module on the back. But it has been up in the air how Sammy plans to use it — would it go for a wide lens, RGB and monochrome sensor combo, or do the telephoto lens portrait shooter thing? Well, recent leaks suggest …

AT&T confirms the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, forgets to provide launch details

There’s no doubt that Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is real and that it will make its debut in the United States pretty soon. We’ve been able to learn everything there is to know about the rugged smartphone, but not when it will be launched.

AT&T is still mum on the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active’s availability, but the carrier made a mistake earlier today and confirmed it would start selling the smartphone soon.

The unannounced rugged handset appears in a new promotion that offers customers who switch to DirecTV and buy a Galaxy S8 with AT&T’s Next plan, a …

Google introduces new option for Maps users to add accessibility details

Having a map on a smartphone that helps you get to places you’ve never been is now one of the trivial things we didn’t have ten years ago. Over the years, there were many companies that tried to perfect their navigation maps and systems, but one that ultimately won the race is Google Maps.

With tens of millions of users all over the world, Google Maps has become the main navigational app for mobile devices. Today, the application has gained something that will allow the many to contribute for the benefit of a few.

Google has just announced that they’re introducing …