HTC Desire 12 Plus rumored to come alongside the regular model

Last month, we reported about one of the smartphones that HTC plans to introduce in the not so distant future – the Desire 12, a mid-range device that might not come alone. New information about HTC’s upcoming lineup suggests a Plus version will be unveiled alongside the Desire 12.

Unlike the regular model that packs a quad-core MediaTek processor, the HTC Desire 12 Plus will be equipped with an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 CPU. Also, the slightly beefed up Desire smartphone will boast a larger 5.99-inch display with HD+ (1440 x 720 pixels) resolution and 18:9 aspect ratio.

Other …

HTC Desire 12 partial specs confirmed by leaked retail box

HTC is definitely not in a good spot and I’m not sure how long we’ll continue to report on the company’s smartphones since there might not be any in the not so distant future. What we do know for sure is the Taiwanese handset maker will launch one more flagship smartphone this year, the HTC U12.

However, we’re not going to talk about the top-tier smartphone, but about a rather entry-level device that HTC could introduce very soon. The unannounced HTC Desire 12 looks pretty tempting for those looking for a budget-friendly handset.

The folks over at AndroidAuthority got their hands …

Android 7.0 Nougat hits HTC Desire 530 at Verizon

HTC has quietly started to push the Android 7.0 Nougat update to the Desire 530 now available at Verizon. Launched on the market last year, the HTC Desire 520 wasn’t supposed to be updated to Nougat since it’s rather a budget-friendly smartphone.

Surprisingly, HTC confirmed recently the Verizon Desire 530 is now eligible for an Android 7.0 Nougat upgrade. It even published a very short changelog that contains some of the most important new features and improvements included in the update.

According to HTC, besides Android 7.0 Nougat, the update adds the August …

HTC Desire 555 now available in the U.S. exclusively from Cricket Wireless

If that chirping you heard outside your window was keeping you up all night, perhaps it was a special message that was just meant for your ears from Cricket Wireless. You might not speak cricket, but we do. And we can tell you that the HTC Desire 555 is now available from Cricket Wireless for only $119 when you upgrade to a new phone, or switch to Cricket from another carrier. The Desire 555 features a 5-inch display with a 720 x 1280 resolution (HD).

Under the hood is a quad-core 1.1GHz CPU and there is 16GB of native storage inside. Those seeking additional storage can access the 2TB capacity …

OnePlus' desire to copy Apple caused the inverted panels on the OnePlus 5

You probably know by now about the jelly scrolling that appears on the OnePlus 5. The reason turned out to be an inverted mounting of the screen on the device. OnePlus has fixed the image on the display thanks to a software update, but that doesn’t fix the jelly scrolling. At this point, it seems that this cannot be fixed. OnePlus claims that the jelly scrolling effect is natural. And that is true since it is a natural result of the screen being inverted.

So why was the screen inverted? It was not a mistake made by tired or impaired assembly line workers. According to published reports, …

HTC Desire: – Truly a smart choice

People basically opt for the best multimedia handset which serves every purpose of entertainment and HTC Desire proves the best match for their requirements.

HTC desire sim free has got AMOLED capacitive touch screen measuring 3.7 inches, which exhibits 16M hues and has a dimension of 480 x 800 pixels. The display is linked with other advance features such as multi-touch input method, Proximity sensor for automatic turn off, accelerometer sensor for User Interface auto-rotation and optical track pad. This handset basically comes in three hues namely Silver, Brown and Black.

As per the HTC desire review, it also has GPS sensor for easy navigation and other sensor applications such as Digital Compass, Ambient light sensor, Proximity sensor and Internal GPS antenna.

It proves very useful for capturing good images and presenting them look more desirable. It is equipped
with a LED wink camera of 5 Mega Pixels which has a resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels. Its camera has advanced features like geo-tagging and smile detection. You can also record videos with WVGA quality at 15fps.

HTC desire sim free device is operated by processor of 1GHz, 576 MB RAM and 512 MB ROM which works on Android operating system.

It has become a popular tool for browsing of internet on the move. 3G coverage this mobile allows speed of up to 7.2 Mbps thanks to HSDPA connection with uploading facility available at pace of up to 2 Mbps through the HSUPA.

The device is EDGE and GPRS enabled with the help of which users can surf the internet on the phone. It accesses Wi-Fi through WLAN. With the help of Bluetooth, the device enables receiving and transmitting data in wireless mode. To connect it with computers through wires USB is present in it as discussed in HTC desire review.
For offering entertainment features, the device comes with an in-built stereo FM radio. Speaking about the battery life of HTC Desire, it provides with a backing of 340 hours on standby mode and conversation time of up to 6 hours and 40 minutes. Savor its features by buying this device.

HTC Desire: – Truly a smart choice

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HTC Desire S

The HTC Desire S is the new updated version of HTC Desire. This leap has made it all the more efficient and advanced than its predecessor. Every feature that this phone houses on the outside and inside is a mark of genius therefore the phone is capable of astonishing anybody who buys it. If one looks at the phone at first he probably would think that the phone is quite bulky but as soon as the phone comes in to ones hand the story is all the more different, the phone stands merely at 130 grams which is indeed quite paradox to its size.
The HTC Desire S comes with 3.7 inch LCD screen is quite large. One would definitely enjoy recording and watching High definition videos on such a large screen. The phone comes loaded with a HTC Sense 3.0 User Interface with which you can tailor your panels and home screens according to your requirements. With an inbuilt proximity sensor the phone saves the battery by switching off the light while you move the phone near your ears when you receive a call. The phones battery life is great since the phone is empowered by a 1450 mAH Lithium-ion battery.
Though the phone comes with an Android v2.3 operating system it can be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich Android OS that means you can have an access to more applications at no extra cost. If you ponder on the connectivity options you surely would not be disappointed.
In fact HTC offers one of the best connectivity options in the business with which you can access internet at a very fast speed and do tasks like chatting, downloading music and pictures and sending them within seconds. This phone is for sure, a treat for everyone and serves all purposes. Something that makes this phone work on all aspects efficiently is its 1 GHz Scorpion processor; it therefore stings any glitch that comes on its way like a scorpion does.
With Ice Cream Sandwich Android OS that this phone can get updated to apart from fiddling with its user interface you can easily resize the widgets that you use on a frequent basis according to your comforts and as the android market promises you get an access to over 4 lacs applications most of which are free to use.

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HTC Desire case – Safeguarding mobile phone against protection

HTC Desire case has been designed for protecting the lovely HTC desire mobile phone against scratches, abrasions, dust or any sudden impacts. These cases can be considered as useful asset. These cases are designed in such a way that you can access all the functionalities of the mobile phone with utmost ease.

Along with the protection aspect, HTC Desire case also adds to the looks of mobile phone. Cases made of leather are durable and provide long life to mobile phone and also give elegant appearance. These cases increase the life span of mobile phone and also are helpful in retaining the charm and appearance of mobile phone.

HTC Desire cases are made with supreme quality of material such as leather and silicon. You can avail cases designed with attractive hues, styles and designs. With the increase in demand for these cases, many manufacturers of mobile phones have come up with cases for users. Some of the cases are very light in weight such that you will hardly feel the presence of case even if the mobile phone is in the case.

Users can pick the desired one among the collection of HTC Desire cases which best suits their requirement and budget. When you have invested for the mobile phone then a little bit of investment in buying these cases should not be a big deal.

Budget-conscious people can opt for cheap cases and can fulfil their requirement of protecting the mobile phone. With these cases, you can remain tension free as these cases maintain the freshness of mobile phone and also give true value for your money. Check the quality of material used in making HTC Desire cover as you will be using to protect your HTC desire mobile phone. Isn’t it?

It is advisable to purchase these cases at the time of buying HTC Desire mobile phone so at later time you don’t have to suffer. These cases also give worth for your money. Users can get more information regarding HTC Desire cover by browsing various websites and online portals on internet. Thus, HTC desire case can be considered as protective gear for mobile phone. is a UK based online mobile portal that offers HTC Desire case and HTC Desire cases online at lowest price with free shipping in UK.

HTC Sensation vs HTC Desire HD – FIGHT!

Just recently, one of the main Taiwanese phone companies has introduced the discharge of the latest product, the HTC Sensation. Throughout this era, the majority of the particulars regarding its specifications happen to be shrouded in uncertainty. The cost is unknown yet. The storage capacity is not obvious to a lot of, and it is processing speed continues to be suspected to become nearly 1 GHz only. As stated by many, the most recent release by HTC may be the new and enhanced version from the Htc Desire Mobile Phone HD. In several aspects, the HTC Sensation could be stated as getting all Htc Desire Mobile Phone HD’s features drawn on using the latest development for mobile phones, specifically in processing speed, and motion sensitivity.

Now, let’s compare the way the Sensation and also the Desire HD have commonalities and variations.

When it comes to weight, Sensation is simply a little lighter compared to Desire HD which has a weight of 164 grams or half the load of 1 small bottle of ketchup. Meanwhile, Sensation includes a weight of 148 grams or even the weight of the pack of 12-piece chocolate snacks. However, the dimension from the Sensation has elevated by hardly any so it’s not worth talking about the consumer will almost not have the difference in dimension when both mobile phones have been in his hands. Not a difference in weight, but nonetheless worth mentioning. How big the screen didn’t change Sensation still supports the same 4.3 inch touchscreen the Desire HD has however the resolution has considerably enhanced in the typical 480 X 800 to 560 X 960 qHD (quarter Hd).

As pointed out earlier, among the significant enhancements the HTC Sensation has in the Desire HD may be the processing speed. From Desire HD’s 1 GHz processing speed, the Sensation has showed up in a speed of just one.2 GHz in dual core, but don’t simply take it through the amounts. A rise of .2 GHz will considerably boost the speed of loading high bandwidth webpages and opening multiple tabs, and by using a dual core processor, this loading speed just becomes faster. Both models operate using Android 2.2 with HTC Sense.

Remarkably, the storage capacity of Sensation moved from the predecessor’s 1.5 GB to at least one GB only, with similar RAM of 768 Megabytes. However, this default storage capacity can nonetheless be broadened by placing an Sdcard 2. of even as much as 32 GB, making this very little of looking after about.

The specs of HTC Sensation’s camera have considerably enhanced when it comes to video recording, while taking of photos continues to have exactly the same quality. HTC Sensation has maintained the 8 megapixel auto-focus dual Brought expensive that it is predecessor had, but has enhanced in video recording from 720px to 1080px.

Overall, it really is better to buy HTC Sensation if you’re still searching for a brand new smartphone however, if you have the need HD, it might be easier to stay with it for longer since you will find no sky-rocketing enhancements to its specs yet.

I take great pride with my career and currently have been writing for longer than I can recall.

There are some fantastic HTC Sensation deals to be had at the moment or you might prefer a Blackberry Torch contract.

Mobile Cell Phone Reviews – HTC Desire Various Deals

Ever known for its high standards in quality and modern designs HTC has been dealing with smart phones from the commencement of their industry, producing phones that are good to look at. Their innovative features have always been welcome with delight by mobile phone fans that normally wait with great enthusiasm for the latest design from HTC. When the HTC Desire deals came out, the fans of HTC were not disappointed. It surpassed their wildest expectations and has now become one of the most popular phones available in the market.

The sleek new look of the HTC Desire with its touch screen has become the rave feature of this delightful new phone. The 3.7 inch screen with its high resolution 480 x 800 pixels enable the viewer to enjoy amazingly clear images apart from which it also has the added capacity of capturing images that goes even beyond that of the standard 5MP camera. Being extremely powerful and efficient, the HTC desire has an internal memory of 576 MB RAM and 512 MB ROM which means it has sufficient memory capacity to stores all your important data and files.

Being a super slim phone with dimensions of 119 x 60 x 11.9mm it can be easily slipped into a pocket and weighs around 133g. Social networking is a breeze with this user friendly mobile phone and makes it so much easier to connect with your family and friends through Twitter, Face book and flicker if you so require. If it’s music that you are more interested in, have no fear, the HTC Desire deals come with features of audio and video in MP3, P4 and AAC+ formats while the game lover will be thrilled with the number of games you can download from it. You can also go in for Google Talk, Gmail, Google Search, YouTube etc. which are some of the other useful features in the HTC Desire.

As for the cost, UK network providers such as Orange, 3 Mobile, Vodafone etc. Are offering some very attractive deals to buyers of the HTC Desire Deals. These phones are sold at £25 that comes with 300 minutes of free talk and text messaging, apart from which you can also get LCD TVs, laptops and games consoles without having to pay anything extra. If those are not bargains, I don’t know what is? So why don’t you check these networks online to see what you too can get out of these HTC Desire Deals. If you wish to do so, you can compare the HTC Desire deals with other mobile cell phone reviews online and check which you prefer.

The HTC Desire is also a very comfortable little phone for long conversations. Most mobile phones are designed with sharp top edges which makes it painful to hold them against the ear for a long period of time because it tends to cut into the ear. The smooth curvy top edge of the HTC Desire is devoid of this problem and is ideal to have a lengthy conversation. It also has a well set central button that makes it easy to manipulate apart from the usual buttons of menu, home, back and forward. Everyone seems to like to HTC Desire Deals, so why don’t you visit their website and find out if it’s what you want as well?

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