Qualcomm unveils new standalone VR reference design based on Snapdragon 845

Amidst Qualcomm’s latest spree of new product and feature announcements, one shines brighter than the others. That’s nothing but a new reference standalone VR platform based on the Snapdragon 845 chipset. The main pillars that the new VR platform stands are low latency, high frame rates, and smooth head tracking performance, Qualcomm says, ticking all important boxes for immersive virtual reality experience.

One of the more intriguing features of the platform is a new functionality dubbed Adreno Foveation, which tracks the users eyes and concentrates the highest graphics …

Snapchat update adds GIF stickers and some design changes

The team behind Snapchat has just announced new features are coming to its app as of this week. After the users’ backlash following Snapchat’s redesign, the developers have decided to make some changes that should diminish some of the bad choices they made in the past.

First off, the latest update brings GIF stickers, which are now available via Giphy. These can be found in the Sticker Picker tab, along with many other GIF options. On top of that, Snapchat folks have added two new tabs: Friends and Discover. The new tabs are supposed to make it easier for Snapchat users to keep up with Stories …

Sony teases new curved design for upcoming phones

Sony is expected to launch a brand new phone in just about a week and the company has now teased that the device will come with a new design.

While Sony is one of the most prolific Android phone makers – it launched a new high-end phone every six months or so – its design has remained relatively unchanged. The rectangular looks and blocky design of its devices is actually one thing that makes a Sony phone easy to recognize among all others.
This new phone – likely to be called the Xperia XZ2 – seems to have a curved back, an important ergonomic feature …

Apple could avoid the Homepod 'white ring' issue, design experts say

Image credit: Trevor Daugherty

Apple jumped right into the smart speakers market with the release of the HomePod – the tubular-shaped dream of every audiophile – which came with a hefty $349 price tag, but brought an exceptionally good sound quality. The HomePod, however, came with a “feature” Apple had forgot to mention – the smart speaker had the habit of leaving white circles if it was placed on a wooden surface.

The issue has been reported many times in the past few weeks, although …

BlackBerry receives patent for a new camera design

BlackBerry has received a patent from the World Intellectual Patent Organization (WIPO) for a new camera design. The application was filed on December 23, 2016 and the patent was granted three days ago. The title of the patent is “Electronic device and method of controlling same for capturing digital images,” and deals with a camera system that would work on a handset with a slide-out QWERTY similar to the BlackBerry Priv.

The camera would be on the back of the smartphone on the outer housing of the device. The rear part of the sliding QWERTY would feature another lens that would work in …

Sony decides to change its flagship's design at the last minute

Sony is expected to unveil a new flagship later this month at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018, but that’s not the most important news about the Japanese company. It appears that the handset maker had a change of heart concerning the design of its upcoming top-tier smartphone and decided to make some changes.

In a letter to FCC (Federal Communications Commission), Sony Mobile requested that one of its grants be dismissed. According to the Japanese company, the reason for dismissal is “design change.” So, since the device that was granted FCC approval hasn’t been sold or marketed anywhere, …

Huawei Mate 10 Pro vs. Mate 10 Porsche Design – what's different?

Since last week, two of Huawei’s newest high-end smartphones – Mate 10 Pro and Mate 10 Porsche Design – are available to pre-order in the US. Both are offered unlocked, and will work on GSM/LTE carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T. While the Mate 10 Pro costs $799.99, the Mate 10 Porsche Design breaks the $1,000 barrier, as it’s sold for $1,225 (thus being more expensive than Apple’s iPhone X).
But what’s so different about the Mate 10 Porsche Design that Huawei dares asking an extra $425 for it? Well, let’s find out.
The Huawei Mate 10 …

Bluboo's upcoming S2 smartphone to feature new type of bezel-less design

This story is sponsored by Bluboo. PhoneArena’s opinions in this article have not been affected in any way!
The “all-screen” trend has taken the world of smartphones by storm. Bezels have become public enemy number one, and in the past months, we’ve seen manufacturers take different paths in the quest to squeeze out the best screen-to-body ratio for their hottest handsets. Samsung and LG chose to go with super slim top and bottom …

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ rumor review: Specs, design, features, price and release date

We know, it’s rather hard to realize that the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are already six months old – unleashed onto the world on April 21, 2017, these two still look as forward-thinking and futuristic as it gets. Yet, all kings and queens have to relinquish their thrones, which will happen to the Galaxy S8/S8+ in a few months’ time as well.

The newcomers? Well, it doesn’t take a genius to know that the Galaxy S9 and S9+ are about to supersede Samsung’s current flagship stock, and given our general impression with Samsung’s current flagships, it’s definitely hard to NOT get …

Alleged Moto X5 picture shows four cameras, bezel-less design, iPhone X-like notch

New reports about Motorola’s new lineup of smartphones have started to pop up recently. We’ve already talked about the Moto E5, Motorola’s next budget-friendly smartphone coming in the first half of the year, so let’s take a look at yet another unannounced device that should be announced soon – the Moto X5.

The sequel to the Moto X4 comes with a slightly different design. For once, the Moto X5 is a truly bezel-less smartphone, but what makes it stand out is the iPhone X-like notch at the top, which seems to have been included to make room to the dual front cameras.

The …