A mystery update is delivered OTA to several Pixel 2 owners

A small group of Pixel 2 owners were surprised to receive an unexpected second update this month. The new files weighed in at 41.8MB, and fixes critical bugs while improving the performance and stability of the model. The new build number was revised to OPM2.171019.016, which does not match the number seen on the Factory Images page for the Pixel 2. To deepen the mystery, Google did not issue a detailed changelist for the update.

Google’s MO with the Pixel has been to disseminate an update early each month that brings the latest Android security patch to the device, along with any bug fixes. …

Great last-minute tech gifts you can still get delivered before Christmas (AirPods, too!)

You know the drill – mired in the daily routine, you put off buying Stressmas Christmas gifts for the people of interest in your life until it’s too late, and you have to storm the stores for anything still available. 

This procrastination is an exercise in frustration, but fret not, as we scouted the Interwebs for interesting deals on tech toys you can still get in time for landing them in the happy socks. Check them out.

#1 Apple AirPods

You didn’t think …

Apple iPhone X orders for most U.S. carriers are now being delivered in one to three business days

The last time we checked in on the delivery times posted by Apple for iPhone X orders, it was the end of November and units purchased that day were shipping in five business days. Now, less than two weeks later, the tenth anniversary model is shipping in one-to-three business days for most models ordered through Apple for AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. The same delivery time is seen for SIM-free models. The exception to the rule is the Verizon 256GB iPhone X in silver, which is listed with a delivery date of five business days.

Also featuring a delivery date of five business days are iPhone …

Expecting your iPhone X to be delivered by Apple on November 3rd? Track the order now via UPS China

Now that you’ve pre-ordered your Apple iPhone X from Apple, most people would say that the hard part of your journey is over. All you need to do is sit back and wait for your new phone to arrive. Others might say that the easy tasks have been done and waiting for your phone to arrive is the hardest part. Regardless of who is right, it certainly would help ease the anxiety if you could track the location of your Apple iPhone X, especially if your phone is supposed to be delivered on launch day next Friday, November 3rd.

While normally you might require a shipping number from Apple to track …

Pizza Hut's Pie-Top sneaker can have a pizza delivered to wherever you are

Wearing Pizza Hut’s new Pie-Top sneakers can help you order a pizza and have it delivered to wherever you are. The sneakers use Bluetooth to sync with the Pizza Hut mobile app, enabling those wearing them to order a pie. Pressing the button on the sneaker’s tongue orders a pre-selected pie or the Supreme Pie (by default). Geo-location technology built into the Pie-Tops allows the delivery guy to find his way to wherever you are.

However, don’t expect to see these sneakers available at your local sporting goods stores. Only 64 pairs are going to be made and not too many are going to find …