8 most delicious iPhone 8 features we can't wait to sink our teeth in

We’re all excited about the iPhone 8. The whole world is excited. But why?
While there’s no doubt Apple has something extremely special cooking up in the kitchen (otherwise why would it appoint a Cook for a CEO?), do we really know what’s going to be so great about it? We mean, obviously Apple hasn’t given us an iPhone that looks genuinely new and different from that breakthrough metal slate it unleashed back in 2014, and with the iPhone 8 rumored to finally shake things up dramatically, both media and consumers are gobbling up every new piece of render or leak as …

Pizza Parliament is a more delicious way to track the UK election


In our Pizza Parliament, Conservatives are blue potatoes, Labour is red pepper, Liberal Democrats are orange pepper, SNP is corn, Green Party is green pepper, UKIP is aubergine, Plaid Cymru is courgette, and other parties are mushrooms.

And everyone thought this pizza would have way more blue potato on it.

When Prime Minister Theresa May called a snap election to strengthen the Conservatives’ majority and solidify the mandate for her Brexit vision, she expected a resounding victory.

But the plan backfired — the night ended with a hung parliament. We tracked the 650 seats topping by topping. Our pizza shows that the Conservatives are the biggest party in Parliament but not the majority Read more…

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