Amid 30-day delay on Qualcomm's stockholder vote, Broadcom might have to pull its bid

Today, Qualcomm stockholders were supposed to vote on the make up of the company’s Board of Directors. With 11 seats on the Board, Broadcom lobbed in a slate of 6 candidates, hoping that it could win control of Qualcomm and rubber stamp Broadcom’s $117 billion bid for the Snapdragon chip designer. But some other news has come out that might force Broadcom to put the kibosh on its bid for now, and try again at another time.

The U.S. Treasury’s Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) sent a letter to two Broadcom lawyers on Monday, outlining some issues it had with the …

Android 7.1.1 Nougat starts rolling out to Moto G4 Play after a 6-month delay

It looks like Motorola has finally kicked off the roll-out of Android 7.1.1 Nougat update for the Moto G4 Play. The last major OS update the smartphone will receive is now available for download to unlocked Moto G4 Play units around the world.

Unlike the Moto G4 and G4 Plus that got a similar update last year, Moto G4 Play owners had to wait several more months to get the benefits of Android Nougat. Some of you might remember that Motorola started to push Android Nougat to the Moto G4 Play back in June, but for some reason, the update was only available to a small percentage of users.

Fast …

Following a previous delay, the release of BeatsX is "imminent"

Few products caused for as much buzz and controversy as Apple’s AirPods. The truly wireless earbuds from the Cupertino giant are packing quite a lot of tech inside, and although the appearance of the AirPods created for a lot of talk at first, the delayed release of the earbuds was arguably more controversial than their looks. Originally scheduled to be up for purchase in October, Apple didn’t get around to releasing AirPods until December. The end result ended up being quite good, but the time that it took for AirPods to finally hit the scene certainly wasn’t all that …

Disastrous delay of HTC one resulted into lower profits

The terrible delay of the HTC One handsets would result into lowering down of the profits. In the first three months this Taiwan Company have earned 85m Taiwan dollars profit in the middle of crippling hindrance to the flagship One handset. However the downfall would be jaw-dropping from NT$ 1bn profit during the end of the previous year. This is quite surprising that the company who has once defined Androids can do such terrible mistakes. And this amazing delay would completely tumble down the profits.

The HTC one an android smart handset got delayed according to the plans formulated by the company due to delay in the production of some parts. The hottest gadget faced a troubled path towards the shelves of the shops as the suppliers have given priority to some other phone manufacturer due to which HTC has to suffer a lot.

Declining in the sales implies that HTC is not considered in tier one foremost association producer by the providers of CMOS sensor camera mechanism designed for the one handset 4-megapixel ‘Ultrapixel’ snapper which resulted into no UK release. Due to this delay the handset was not able to release on the date 15 March in UK. The handset was to be launched in about eighty countries but only walked into three moreover not able to hit US and Asia by the end of April. On the other hand the Samsung Galaxy S4, the biggest rival would capture the shelves of the store on 26 April. This is really a matter of shame for HTC as a production delay would decrease the potential of a handset as it is a decent handset.

There are various handsets that are on the way such as the HTC One SV. The handset possess some of the weaker specs along with the 4G contract so it is not at a worth full handset at all. It seems that HTC is turning into a hopeless company or let’s see what would be the future of HTC. The HTC One s deals @ is the most recent flagship handset packed with novel software, a clean camera tricks and full HD display. The handset is made of metal and has a super charged processor that can excite anyone. The company must be doing something of launching its incredible handset in front of the world wide users.

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