Bargain hunters, use these apps to find deals, coupons, and get cashbacks

Nowadays, there are tons of e-commerce websites out there, competing with one another, battling over prices and customer satisfaction. There are so many vendors selling the same thing that it’s extremely easy to miss out on a deal or the best price for a product.

Luckily, there are services, websites, and apps built specifically for the purpose of helping you either get a great deal, a discount coupon, or even get some money back when a product you’ve bought in the past drops in price.

Here, we will be taking a look at 10 such apps to help you save a little money. Maybe use the savings …

Verizon's Mother's Day deals go live with discounts on Apple, Samsung, Google products

Verizon has plenty of deals aimed at those looking to buy a smartphone at a killer discount. Obviously, every offer made by a carrier comes with some caveats and today’s deals are no exception to the rule.

Last week, we reported that Verizon put in place some BOGO deals on the Apple iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S9 and Google Pixel 2 XL, which would provide customers with one of the three flagships whenever they purchase one and commit to a 24-month payment plan.

The Mother’s Day deals at Verizon are live and you can choose from even more flagships than we initially reported, including …

Buy a 2017 Apple iPhone from Verizon and get free iPhone 8; free Galaxy S9 and Pixel 2 XL deals too

Verizon has a deal for Mother’s Day, which is a week from this coming Sunday. Buy any 2017 Apple iPhone, such as the Apple iPhone X, Apple iPhone 8 or Apple iPhone 8 Plus, and you’ll get a free 64GB iPhone 8. Both phones need to be purchased using Verizon’s Device Payment Plan. No trade-in is necessary, and you will be reimbursed $699.99 through 24 monthly bill credits. Since those credits don’t kick in until one or two billing cycles go by, you’ll have to lay out some money for one or two months for the free iPhone 8. But in the end, you will be reimbursed for those payments. You do have to add …

The best Amazon Prime deals on smartphones

Amazon Prime has always offered sweet deals on phones for its members, though with a bit of a catch. If you went for one of the alluring offers, you’d have to put up with ads on your lock screen. This was a non-issue for some people, but many others did not take as kindly to it. Fortunately, the company has decided to stop this practice and sell the devices with pre-installed Amazon apps instead, which is a much better solution.
So, if you are an Amazon Prime member, and have been holding off due to the annoying ads, now’s your chance …

Pair of patent applications from Microsoft deals with its rumored foldable device

Back in December, Microsoft filed some patents related to a foldable tablet that seemed to have the ability to be manipulated into a phone-sized mobile product. Many considered this to be the long-awaited Surface Phone, and renders of the device showed a dual-screen foldable unit that could be converted to tablet mode, tent mode, laptop mode, and folded mode. Users will reportedly get to take notes using the side-by-side screens as though he/she was using a regular paper notebook. The whole concept is rumored to be called Project Andromeda, and a pair of fresh patent applications pertaining to …

Promo! PhoneArena discounts for the best RAVPower wireless charging deals on Amazon

Apple’s AirPower wireless charging mat may look svelte and top up everything with the fruit logo in sight, but it’s coming much later than its announcement, so what’s a cord-cutter to do when they get their new iPhone 8, Plus or X? Alternatively, Samsung’s new convertible charger may be the bee’s knees, but there is nothing it can do that a half-priced charger can’t.

After all, why have fresh glass backs that pass those electrons through with ease, if not to use the new wireless charging option that most manufacturers (and, finally, Apple) have brought to their phone portfolios. …

T-Mobile and Verizon announce deals on iPhone 8 and 8 Plus (PRODUCT)RED

Following Apple’s iPhone 8 and 8 Plus (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition announcement, T-Mobile and Verizon unveiled their own deals on these models. Besides carrying both smartphones, T-Mobile will add the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition to its BOGO deals starting April 10.

In order to get $700 via rebate towards a second iPhone 8 or 8 Plus (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition, you will have to turn in an eligible device and port in a line. T-Mobile also mentions that pre-orders will start on April 11, while stocks should arrive on April 13.

Verizon announced that it will offer …

Motorola celebrates the 45th birthday of the mobile phone with a heap of awesome deals!

Did you know the mobile phone is turning 45 today? That’s right! On April 3, 1973, the very first mobile cellular phone call was made between prototype units of the Motorola DynaTAC. The DynaTAC, lovingly referred to as the “brick” phone, didn’t become commercially available until 10 years later, however, passing FCC approval in September 1983. It hit store shelves that same year priced at $3,995 (that’s $9,184 in 2018 money!). It measured in at 10 inches in length and weighed 2 pounds! It was literally the size of a brick and weighed as much as… uh… a pineapple! …

Amazon daily deals for March 26: Laptops, headphones, car chargers, and more


Upgrade your gaming setup with 40% off select gaming PCs, components, and accessories. You can pick up a new gaming laptop, hard drive, headset, and more on sale. If your computing needs are a bit simpler, then snatch up this deal on a 2015 Macbook and save $250.

Computer lovers aren’t the only ones who get deals today. You can also save 25% on an 8-in-1 multicooker. There are also great lightning deals on devices like a multi-outlet car inverters, a stylish passport holder, and an RFID blocking travel pouch .

Shop some of Amazon’s best deals below:

Laptops and computer accessories

Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop — $949 (list price $1100) Read more…

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Best Buy's new Galaxy S9 deals let you save $150 (Verizon, AT&T) or $250 (Sprint)

If until now you haven’t found a Samsung Galaxy S9 deal to your liking, perhaps the latest Best Buy promotion will interest you. As of today, March 26, the retailer lets you save $150 on Verizon’s and AT&T’s Galaxy S9 and S9+, or $250 on Sprint’s variants of the phones.  
These new Best Buy offers are different from the other S9 deals currently available in the US, as they do not require new lines, extra bundles, or the purchase of two phones (as any BOGO deal does). However, the $150 and $250 savings are not instant, being reflected in reduced monthly …