New Samsung Max app saves data, protects your privacy

Samsung just announced an Android app made with two goals in mind: to let you browse more and to help you do it more safely. It is called Samsung Max and it can be downloaded today from the Google Play store.
How does Samsung Max work? One of the app’s primary functions is to reduce the amount of data you consume without this hurting the experience. It can compress web pages, photos and media that you access through the web browser or other apps — you get the same content delivered to your screen, but it takes less megabytes to do so. Additionally, the app can point …

This is the data usage for Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint, where do you fit? (results)

We asked you last week how much mobile data do you consume on average per phone line, and it turns out that 28% of our 1322 respondents fit neatly into the sub-5GB average that the big four US carriers report. Most of you consume less than 10GB a month overall, yet there are plenty of people who are letting their hair down on unlimited plans, and get to 20, 30, and even 50+ GB of cellular data on a line, and that number is only set to grow in the future.

If you have ever been curious how much data are Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint using …

This is the data usage by type and plan for Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint, where do you fit?

If you have ever been curious how much data are Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint using by cellular and plan type usage, the latest AppOptix report by research firm Strategy Analytics brings us the answer to that pressing question. Not that it comes as a huge surprise, but folks on the cheapest unlimited mobile data plans – those of T-Mobile and Sprint – are using much more bytes than those on the “expensive” carriers like Verizon or AT&T.

As you can see from the graphs below, T-Mobile subscribers are the absolute leaders in monthly data usage among all four major US …

5 of the most important skills data analysts can learn using Microsoft programs


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Are you the type of person who flaunts their Excel and Powerpoint skills at every opportunity? Microsoft’s Office Suite is pretty much essential to any kind of job, and knowing how to use it efficiently can make a big difference in how you do your work. But there are a few Microsoft apps that aren’t as well known and can make your life much easier if you work with data regularly. 

Being a data-driven worker makes you a more desirable candidate, so even if you think you might not need these skills, think again. Read more…

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Apple starts collecting heart rate data from Apple Watch users for a new heart study

Back in November, Apple asked Apple Watch users if they wanted to take part in a study called the Apple Heart Survey being conducted by Apple and Stanford Health. Now, Apple is telling those who opted-in that the study has begun. Tapping on the notification takes participants to the Heart Study app where they must confirm that they are “comfortable” speaking and writing in English, and haven’t been diagnosed with Atrial fibrillation or Atrial flutter. In addition, participants cannot be on blood thinners like Coumadin, Pradaxa, Xarelto, Eliquis and Savaysa.

If  the Apple Watch user …

Download this: YouTube Go is here to save your data plan


YouTube doesn’t have to be a data hog.

At least, not if you’re using YouTube Go, the company’s data-saving version alternative for video streaming. First released in India in 2016, the Android app has now expanded to 130 countries.

YouTube Go is designed to give users more control over how and when their data is used. The app lets you preview a video before you commit to watching the whole clip. If you do want to watch a full video, you can choose how much data you want to use at any given time. You can also download clips you want to save for later. Read more…

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Buy an Apple iPhone from Virgin and get 6 months of high-speed data for $1 per month

Pre-paid carrier Virgin Mobile is offering consumers who purchase any Apple iPhone from them, 6 months of unlimited talk, text and high-speed data for only $1 a month. Taking that into consideration, you could purchase a refurbished 32GB Apple iPhone 7 for $299.99, or a refurbished 32GB Apple iPhone 7 Plus for $349.99. Add to that the $6 it will cost you for 6 months of wireless service through Virgin’s Inner Circle plan, and you will end up paying $305.99 for an iPhone 7, or $355.99  for the iPhone 7 Plus, with half a year of high-speed data. There are two caveats, neither one an insurmountable …

OnePlus releases statement denying that users' clipboard data is being sent to China

Recently, images disseminated on social media made it appear as though Chinese phone manufacturer OnePlus was sending information from the clipboard on your OnePlus phone to China. From there, the rumor mill worked overtime, speculating that your clipboard data was being received by authorities inside China’s government. This morning, OnePlus issued a statement that explains everything.

Apparently, the whole misunderstanding is related to a file in OxygenOS named badwords.txt. Just that name alone was enough to add fuel to the fire. However, OnePlus says that the file is inactive in OxygenOS. …

Sonic games on Android platform may have leaked user location data, SEGA investigating

Last week, security company Pradeo issued a statement that claimed many of SEGA’s Sonic games listed on Google Play Store are leaking user location data and device info. Among the mentioned titles – Sonic Dash, Sonic the Hedgehog Classic, and Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom are said to have security issues that could have affected between 120 million and 600 million users.

Those numbers are mostly based on the number of downloads each of these games have accumulated on the Google Play Store, so their accuracy might be a bit off.

According to Pradeo, each of these games have 15 vulnerabilities …

iOS 11.3 features a new Privacy icon to keep your data and Apple ID password safe

Earlier today, Apple previewed iOS 11.3, the latest version of the company’s famous mobile operating system. While Apple revealed a lengthy list of new features that come with iOS 11.3, it did not present all the improvements included in it. 
One of the things that Apple didn’t specifically mention is a new Privacy icon – spotted by developer Dean Murphy in iOS 11.3 beta. 
According to info found in the beta, the Privacy icon will show up on your device when a legit Apple-made “app or feature is asking to use your personal information” …