30+ Beautiful dark wallpapers perfect for OLED displays (Pixel 2, iPhone X, Galaxy S8, Note 8, LG V30 and others)

Predominantly dark wallpapers look great on OLED displays and are particularly good for when you don’t want your eyes gouged out by bright colors late at night. Darker backgrounds are also less obtrusive in general, don’t clash with icons and widgets on your home screen, and can nicely complement the design of any black or gray device.

And this week’s wallpaper collection is all about low-key imagery – dim lights, night-time cityscapes, moody landscapes, dark forests, and more! We tried to pick images that both fit this week’s theme, while not being completely devoid …

Microsoft Edge Preview is getting a dark theme and password syncing

Microsoft continues to update its rather new Edge browser with new features and improvements that will bring it up to par with more popular mobile browsers. The latest update is only available for the preview version of Microsoft Edge since a final version hasn’t been released on Android yet.

The changes Microsoft included in the latest version of Edge Preview are more related to the cosmetic side, but there’s also something that will please those looking for more usability.

So, Microsoft Edge will eventually include a Dark Theme. According to Microsoft, …

Your iPhone X has a dark interface mode that might save you some battery, here's how to turn it on

The iPhone X is Apple’s first smartphone with an OLED display on board and just as any other OLED smartphone out there, it has the same scope of strengths and weaknesses: excellent contrast, vivid colors, but color inaccuracies when viewed at an angle and susceptibility to burn-in. And just as any other OLED display out there, the iPhone X is theoretically going to use less power when displaying dark images or content.
Now, if only the iPhone X had a dark theme to make use of that OLED display characteristic… Fortunately, it sort of has …

Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have a secret built-in dark theme, enabling it is easy

A dark interface theme and theme support in general have been among the top-requested features for any major iteration of Android for more than half a decade now, yet Google still refuses to bake in this already widespread functionality of third-party Android distributions.
Yet the wall is beginning to crack a little, as the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL launcher is, you see, boasting an automatic dark theme that kicks in when you apply a darker wallpaper as a background. So far, it seems to be working with the built-in Pixel launcher only, but we are certain a workaround …

BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition hands-on: the powerful new dark side of BlackBerry

One of this year’s most divisive handsets has been the BlackBerry KEYone. Is its unusual shape and hardware QWERTY keyboard trying too hard to play into the nostalgia some (presumably older, stuffy, businessman-type) users still harbor for the early days of smartphones? Or is this interesting mix of unique input schemes, insane battery life, and pricing that’s on the affordable end of the flagship scale a welcome change of pace in a market that far too often can feel a bit uninspired when it comes to phone choices?

But even if you’re a dedicated KEYone fan, things can get a little …

Smart Invert in iOS 11 is as close to Dark Mode as Apple gets for now

Perhaps it has something to do with joining the dark side, but Apple has teased us for years about a system-wide Dark Mode and has never delivered. Perhaps the force is not strong enough to make this a feature on iOS even though every year there is a rumor that it is coming. While iOS does have an Invert Color feature, this is not exactly what the Apple faithful have been hoping for. The latter feature will invert colors used on photos, emoji and Message attachments.

But with iOS 11 comes Smart Invert. This brings users the same features as Invert Color, but is smarter. In other …

The Mummy Dark Universe Stories coming to Android and iOS in June

Universal announced last month a shared monster movie universe, which will kick off with the launch of the new The Mummy movie starring Tom Cruise and Russel Crowe.

Dubbed the Dark Universe, the new franchise will include new movies like The Invisible Man starring Johnny Depp and Frankenstein, who will be played by Javier Bardem.

If you did not watch The Mummy yet, then you’ll probably want to avoid playing the new mobile game based on the movie that will make its way to Android and iOS devices later this month.

The Mummy Dark Universe Stories will …

People are kissing a car on Facebook Live for a chance to win it, and yes, it's dark


I’ve waited hours for things before, so I can assure you: Standing around with little sign of a foreseeable end is pure and utter misery.

But because humans seem to delight in public schadenfreude, we now have ways to broadcast that misery. And it’s bleak. 

Take the thousands of viewers livestreaming a current “Kiss a Kia” contest on Facebook. Participants are trying to win a Kia Optima by smooching it until they’re the last man standing. Because, late capitalism.

The shameless contest was organised by Austin radio station 96.7 KISS FM. It started with 20 contestants on Monday morning. By the evening, there was only 15 left. Read more…

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The New York Post's push alerts just got real dark


New York Post, is everything OK over there?

On Saturday night, the newspaper’s push alerts became a little ominous, with rhetorical flourishes that evoked both the Bible and Nazi Germany. 

“Hear me now, for I speak as an angel in the words of God,” it wrote, according to screenshots posted on Twitter by bemused subscribers. It’s an interesting take on the day’s current affairs, but fair enough.

It followed that up with a casual, “Heil President Donald Trump.”

Uh, @nypost … call your officepic.twitter.com/jl2ajbbS5T

— Jack Sterne (@JRSterne) April 2, 2017 Read more…

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5 of the greatest Batman games for Android and iOS – fight baddies as The Dark Knight

We know Batman holds a special spot inside the heart of every superhero fan. The Dark Knight is a fascinating character with his penchant for facing terrible tragedy with immense strength. And then you have a roster of absolutely cult rivals like The Joker, Bane, Poison Ivy, and The Riddler – all legendary characters with stories, powers, and agendas all of their own. Oh, and let’s not forget about all the cunning gadgets, vehicles, and weapons employed by Bruce Wayne – many of which you will get to wield yourself in the battle. Batman is a fantastic universe to make a game from, and these …