Apple iPhone with damaged battery and screen catches fire inside repair shop (VIDEO)

An unsettling video obtained by ABC’s Las Vegas affiliate KTNV shows an unknown Apple iPhone model suddenly bursting into flames inside a repair shop in Las Vegas. The unit in the video was in the shop to replace a bloated battery and a cracked screen that broke when the battery expanded. Paul Tartaglio who runs Gadget Repair in Las Vegas, which was not the shop in the video, says that the high triple digit temperatures in Vegas cause batteries to warp.

Tartaglio has two helpful tips for those who live in sweltering hot areas of the country. He says that phones should be kept out …

Apple will replace some damaged iPhone 6 Plus units with the iPhone 6s Plus through March

So there you are, sporting a non-working Apple iPhone 6 Plus that by one reason or another, qualifies for a replacement unit through Apple. Well, we are here to give you a little bit of good news. An internal Apple memo, sent to Apple Authorized Service Providers, says that from now through the end of March, “orders for whole unit service inventory of some iPhone 6 Plus models may be substituted to an Apple iPhone 6s Plus.”

In plain English, it means that if you are due a complete replacement of your iPhone 6 Plus, you might just luck into an iPhone 6s Plus instead. An older internal document …

Apple rumored to unofficially repair or replace Hurricane damaged iPhone and iPad units

So let’s say that thanks to Hurricane Harvey your Apple iPhone or Apple iPad sustained serious water damage that basically destroyed one or both devices. Despite the IP67 certification rating on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple has made it clear that water damage is not covered by its warranty. So under normal circumstances, the flooding in Texas would normally lead to water logged iPhone units that would not be replaced by Apple, even if they are supposed to withstand a submersion to 3.3-feet for as long as 30-minutes.

But that doesn’t mean that Apple isn’t going out of its way to …

Results: have you ever had a smartphone damaged by water?

Nowadays, water-resistance or at least some type of splash-resistance seem to be a must on flagship (and midrange) smartphones. It used to be a rare commodity and mostly featured on rugged phones like the Galaxy Active series or any one of those tanky CAT handsets. Now, you can usually breathe calmly when your phone is near the kitchen sink or next to a spilled drink.

But anyway, we thought it would be a fun — in a bittersweet way — trip down memory lane to try and remember how many handsets we’ve had drown on us before. We thought we’d ask you — how many smartphones have you managed to …

Have you ever had a smartphone damaged by water?

Nowadays, water-resistance or at least some type of splash-resistance seem to be a must on flagship (and midrange) smartphones. A feature that used to be reserved to the rugged CAT handsets, Galaxy Actives, or phones covered by super-ugly cases is now pretty much mainstream. And sure, it definitely gives us a peace of mind when we have our handset near the kitchen sink, but we certainly still don’t feel brave enough to go ahead and jump in a pool with our phones in hand (despite the fact that Samsung and Sony commercials keep enticing us to do so).

But anyway, we thought it would be a fun …

Norwegians desperate to get damaged penis-shaped rock formation back up


Here’s a weird thing: After a beloved penis-shaped rock formation in Norway was left damaged by vandals this weekend, Norwegians donated their hard-earned cash in hopes of getting it back up.

Per the Associated Press, the Trollpikken rock formation showed signs of vandalism, including drilling holes. Runners spotted the damage on Saturday morning.

Trollpikken in its glory days.

Trollpikken in its glory days.

Image: Ingve Aalbu/EPA/REX/Shutterstock

Unwilling to stand for this environmental injustice, more than 500 Norwegians emptied their pockets to raise money for Trollpikken’s speedy restoration. By Sunday, donations totaled almost 90,000 Norwegian krone, or about $10,650 U.S. dollars. Read more…

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