Bitcoin got you down? New Coinn app makes cryptocurrency investing less scary

You’ve heard about Bitcoin, right? How couldn’t you, it’s the most famous cryptocurrency, and its wild ride from $2000 to $20,000, and now back to $8000 or so in the span of months is a boon for trigger-happy speculators investors.

Trading cryptos could bring pots of gold for those who know what they are doing, resulting in cryptocurrency brokererage apps shooting up to the status of most popular iOS entrants in the App Store. …

Cryptocurrency ransom demands popped up in recent cyberattacks


One of the most common, and irritating, cyberattacks — the distributed-denial-of-service (or DDoS) — now has the potential to come with a twist of cryptocurrency mining.

Security researchers with the internet services company Akamai have noticed something unusual as they’ve responded to a spate of recent DDoS attacks. Buried beneath the traffic deluge designed to grind a target’s web traffic to a halt are ransom notes.

“It’s actually like a DDoS attack with a phishing attack with an extortion attack all rolled into one,” said Chad Seaman, a senior engineer with Akamai’s security intelligence response team, in an interview with Fortune. “When we saw it we were like, huh, clever bastards.” Read more…

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Meet the SikurPhone – the device aimed at cryptocurrency maniacs

Mobile World Congress 2018 is almost over, but it did not lack in smartphones – we saw the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+, Sony’s Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact, and even an Android phone for children. But we might have not seen everything yet, as Brazilian company SIKUR, which focuses on… security (SIKUR… secure… get it?) showed its latest project – the SIKURPhone

SIKURity is a priority

The SIKURPhone is a successor to the released in 2015 GranitePhone – a smartphone, which encrypted all of your e-mails, contacts, …

Man sues T-Mobile after thieves steal over $20,000 in cryptocurrency

The recent surge in Bitcoin to nearly $20,000, and the subsequent fall to $7,500 has people thinking for the first time that some of these currencies are really worth money. A man in Washington by the name of Carlos Tapang allegedly had $20,000 worth of OmiseGo tokens and BitConnect coins stolen by hackers. The thieves got into the crypto-wallets that were stored on the handset that he originally used on the T-Mobile network. Mr. Tapang is suing the carrier, seeking a jury trial and accusing T-Mobile of violating the Federal Communications Act, breach of contract, negligence, and breaking Washington’s …

Kik jumps on the cryptocurrency bandwagon in a bid to copy Chinese messaging apps

You may know Kik as the WhatsApp alternative cool kids use to sext each other, but its executives seem to want to turn it into something a bit different. Once accused of being a clone of BlackBerry’s BBM, Kik now seems to be turning its gaze eastward, where messaging services, such as Chinese giant Tencent’s QQ and WeChat have a variety of other uses, including peer-to-peer payments.

Kik CEO Ted Livingston recently spoke at a TechCrunch event held in Shenzhen, China, where he justified the company’s plans to launch its own cryptocurrency (think …