Alcatel Idol 5 for Cricket (6060C) receives FCC certification

The Alcatel Idol 5 has already appeared a number of times on the Geekbench and GFXBench benchmark sites revealing two different variants. One version (Idol 5S) is powered by the MediaTeK MT6757CH SoC carrying an octa-core 2.3GHz CPU, and the Mali-T880 GPU. 2GB of RAM is aboard this unit. The second model (Idol 5) has the Snapdragon 625 chipset under the hood. This also comes with an octa-core CPU, running at a slightly slower clock speed of 2GHz. The Adreno 506 GPU is on board along with 3GB of RAM.

The version of the Alcatel Idol 5 that comes with the Snapdragon chipset is believed to be …

ZTE Blade X Max coming soon to the US via Cricket

There are at least a couple of affordable ZTE smartphone coming to the United States these days. We’ve already reported about the ZTE Max XL and ZTE Blade Max 3, which made their debut at Boost Mobile ( Sprint, Virgin Mobile) and U.S. Cellular, respectively.

Now, we’ve learned that there’s a third ZTE handset that will be introduced in the US in less than a week, the Blade X Max. The smartphone will be carried by Cricket, but details about its exact release date and price are unknown at the moment.

The good news is we know what’s under the smartphone’s hood. The most appealing piece …

$100 nets you a big screen and a fingerprint scanner if you get the new LG Harmony on Cricket

$100 phones just get nicer with every passing year. If you look back a year or two ago, the choices in this price range were mostly rare and borderline offensive to anyone after a remotely decent user experience. Not any longer. Today, a Benjamin gets you something like the new LG Harmony, which just launched on Cricket.

The phone has a simple plastic build with metal accents, but isn’t ugly in any way. More importantly, it has a fairly big 5.3-inch display with a 720p resolution that’s not as sharp as 1080p, but still quite serviceable. There are an 8MP rear camera, …

Deal: Save $40 when you buy a Moto G5 Plus and a Cricket refill card

In case you’re looking for an unlocked, affordable mid-range smartphone (in the US), right now, there’s likely no better option than the Motorola Moto G5 Plus. Sold for prices starting at $229, the G5 Plus offers long battery life (with fast charging times), Android Nougat, and plenty of other nice features for this price range.

If you’re a Cricket Wireless customer, or want to become one, there’s a Moto G5 Plus deal for you currently available at Best Buy: you can save $40 when you’re purchasing a G5 Plus and a Cricket refill card of at least $40. Basically, you’re getting a refill card …

The LG Fortune is available now from Cricket priced at $89.99 with a smartphone plan

You don’t need to have a fortune to buy the LG Fortune, an entry-level handset available right now from Cricket. The pre-paid carrier is offering the phone for just $89.99 with the activation of a smartphone plan. The LG Fortune features a 5-inch display carrying a 480 x 854 FWVGA resolution. A quad-core CPU is under the hood, running at a clock speed of 1.1GHz. 16GB of internal storage is included, along with a microSD slot with a 32GB capacity.

Both the back and front-facing cameras weigh in at 5MP, and a 2500mAh battery is in charge (no pun intended) of keeping the device powered up. …

Cricket cuts its price for unlimited data, and offers a free phone to those who switch

The latest carrier to make an adjustment to an unlimited data plan is pre-paid carrier Cricket. Owned by AT&T, Cricket Wireless is chopping $10 or 14.3% off the price to $60 a month. When a second line is added, there is a $10 discount that increases to $20 with a third line. A fourth line chops $30 off the price bringing the price for a family of four to $180. If you need a fifth line of unlimited service, add an additional $40.

Besides offering unlimited data, the plan includes free calls from the U.S. to Canada and Mexico, and texting to 38 countries is also free. As with most of …

Cheap Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Heart Rate Monitor Smart Wristband

Mi Band 2 is a smart watch bracelet for you, especially for sports lovers!


Do you know how many steps you take, how many calories you consume, and how far you run? Don’t worry, when you wear the bracelet to do exercise, such as running, climbing, all these data can be synchronized and analyzed on your mobile phone which helps you plan your exercise time and amount more reasonably. It comes with TPU adjustable wristband, giving you a skin-friendly, breathable feeling. When you sleep, it will monitor your sleep. It can also wake you up by vibrating gently.

Mi Band 2 record every moment staying with you. Just to live a healthy life with it!

Main Features:
Bluetooth Synchronization
With Bluetooth 4.0, this smart watch is available for smartphones with Bluetooth functions.
OLED Touch Screen
Just touch the circular button gently, the OLED screen will display current time, steps, heart rate, distances, calories, etc.
Heart Rate Monitor
It can dynamic-static monitor your heart rate, provide data for you at any time.
Incoming Calls / APP Message Alert
When someone calls or sends any messages in your phone, the watch will remind you via vibrating, so you will never miss them!
Sleeping Monitoring
Accurately monitor total effective sleeping time and motions time every night, also APP will give you periodical evaluation, help you develop good living habits.
Sport Monitoring
This smart watch can record steps, calories and distance. Let you know your sports data, adjust your exercise program and get a healthier life!
Intelligent Alarm Function
Wake you up every morning, will not be late for work; idle alert to remind you with vibration, stretch your legs after working for a long time.
No Passcodes Required
Every Mi Band 2 have an exclusive ID, when your smartphone closes with the band, your phone will be unlocked, just identify yourself with Mi Band 2.
IP67 Waterproof
The IP67 waterproof allows the bracelet to be held in the water for a maximum of 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter. ( Don’t wear the bracelet when diving )
Full Compatibility
Support Android 4.4 or above and iOS 7.0 or above with Bluetooth 4.0.
Download APP
You can search the name “MI FIT” in the “App Store” or “Google Play” to download the APP combined with Mi Band 2 to enjoy happy sports time

Cheap Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Heart Rate Monitor Smart Wristband $29.49 Here

Advantages Of Having Devices To Watch Live Cricket HD Streaming

Most of the people are habituated to watch cricket matches in normal SD TV channels. Now things have changed as most people stay busy in the office or at their business places, and they don’t get time to watch cricket matches at home. So most of the people watch cricket matches through standard streaming services that are available on various websites. Suppose if you have an Android phone, you can download apps and watch live cricket streaming on Android on your Android phone.
Why go for HD streaming?
The popularity of SD streaming is gradually decreasing, and HD services are becoming the norm. The experience of watching a live cricket match in high definition is far better than watching it in regular streams. You can also download live cricket streaming iPad apps that will help you watch HD streams while you are travelling or outside your house. HD streams provide a detail view of the cricket match, and its crystal clear picture will enhance your viewing experience.
Every cricket lover wants to watch cricket matches at high definition because the thrill is much better in HD picture. Through your device you can watch live cricket HD streaming, every detail on the field is very clear that sometimes give you the feel that you are watching live match sitting in the gallery. This is the reason most of the people nowadays opt for watching their cricket match using HD streaming service.
There are various advantages of watching HD streams of live cricket; they are:
* Better picture quality and better frame rates.
* A Proper view of players, crowds and scores.
* Better sound quality throughout the match.
* Improved match experience.
* Paralleling the experience of watching the match live from the gallery.
* The viewer can also project it through the projector in their office or college for enhancing the thrill.
The World Cup Fever
ICC T20 World Cup 2016 will start very soon, and everyone is buckling themselves to watch the thrilling series. Those people who are shade some money to get a better experience of the matches, they are opting for paid live cricket world cup T20 HD service. But if you are not ready to spend money in watching ICC T20 matches then you can easily opt for apps or website that provide live streaming.
Various sports channels are launching new services and apps to help the viewer to have a better glimpse of the matches through their ICC T20 live cricket streaming service. So if you are thinking of bunking your college or work to watch World Cup matches of your favorite team, then you can drop that idea and go for online streaming service.
In early days, there were cricket lovers who wouldn’t spare a single match of World Cup, and if for some reason they could not reach home on time, they felt disappointed. But live streaming has relieved them from experiencing those harsh disappointments because now they can watch every ICC T20 World Cup matches on their laptop or their iPhone through live cricket stream iPad apps.

Live cricket 2016 HD by! You can watch live cricket streaming online by paying affordable cost. paid live cricket world cup T20 HD Live cricket streaming on mobile, iPad is also available here. For more information please visit: watch live cricket HD streaming

Enjoy The Action Of Live Cricket Wherever You Want With Live Streaming

2016 ICC World Twenty20 is set to start in March 2016. This edition will be the sixth edition of the tournament and is being highly awaited by cricket fans all over the world. It is well known that World Cups are epitome of the sport and this time the world cup will come with excitement of T20 Cricket. It certainly is a tournament that the entire world awaits.

Ways of Watching Live cricket

The traditional way of watching cricket is television, but in recent years, more and more users have started watching live matches online. This is the main reason why many people are searching for ways of ICC world cup t20 2016 Live Cricket Streaming. When the World Cup arrives, you wouldn’t want to miss any match and with live streaming, it is very much possible.

Benefits of watching World Cup Live

Watching live cricket online has lots of benefits, some of which include:

Watch Anytime and Anywhere:

It is not possible that you will always have access to television. You might be stuck at office or other such places, this is where ICC World Cup Live Cricket Streaming comes into play. With the availability of live cricket streaming, you are ensured live action anywhere you want. You just need a stable internet connectivity and compatible device; you are all set to go.

No Delay:

Delayed streaming is one aspect that most people are skeptical of, particularly with free live streaming. However, with Paid Live Cricket Streaming, this is no longer the problem. Nowadays, there is absolutely no delay and cricket is streamed as soon as it is available on live television.

No Interruptions:

Another benefit that comes mostly when you buy World Cup Live Streaming, there are no interruptions to annoy you while watching matches. Imagine something like and ad pop up during a critical moment of the match, such situation can be avoided by paying for you watch.

High Definition Streaming:

If you have a compatible device and good internet connectivity, live streaming is also available nowadays in high definition. Watching world cup matches in HD quality while still away from home is something you would certainly want.

Why Should You Pay For Live Streaming of World T20 2016

As mentioned before, paying for live cricket streaming has several benefits, when compared to free cricket streaming. Non-Delayed and uninterrupted streaming are amongst the major benefits you get if you buy ICC World Cup t20 2016 Live streaming. Subscription to live streaming is offered by several sites. They are available in different packages and each package have their own benefits.

If you are a cricket lover, you would not hesitate in paying for having easy access to Live Cricket Streaming t20 World Cup 2016. If you subscribe to a site, you are ensured live cricket action whenever you want. Another great benefit is that once you have paid for live streaming, you can watch live cricket on any compatible device. Most of the well-known sites even offer live streaming on smartphones.

Live cricket 2016 HD by! You can watch Live Cricket Streaming HD by paying affordable cost. Live cricket streaming on mobile, iPad is also available here. For more information please visit:

Finding The Best Live Cricket Match Streaming Service

Watching live cricket matches on TV is now mainstream, but many people don’t get time to watch them because either they are outside or working in the office. Nowadays, people watch live cricket streaming online through their phone or laptop. You just need to have a good internet connection to watch live cricket on your device. Watching cricket streaming is a modern trend, and it has reduced the need for reaching home quickly to watch live matches.
DTH era
Various DTH service providers offer DTH boxes that have the capability to record live matches so that you can watch it later whenever you get time. But the thrill of watching a live game can’t be compared with a recorded match because by the time the match ends you already know the score and the final result.
With recorded matches you won’t find the heart-pounding thrill and the sheer joy of the winning moment. Sports channels also showcase repeat telecast of the match for the viewers who missed it for some reason, but there is no joy in that because the excitement is probably long dead.
Current trend of live streaming
But if you watch live cricket streaming online through your portable device then there is no chance you will miss any moment of the match. There are a large number of online services that provide free cricket streaming. Renowned sports channels have now launched live streaming service for their viewers so that they don’t miss any bit of the match.
You can also get paid cricket HD streaming service if you wish to watch your match in high definition. But if don’t want to pay then you can browse to various sites that provide live cricket streaming HD service at free of cost.
Ways to access live streaming
There are different ways through which you can access to live to stream.
* You can access to live match telecast through popular websites that provide free service to viewers.
* Sports channels provide paid services so that user can watch it at an optimum rate.
* You can download various apps in your Android or iPhone that will help you in watching live streams of cricket matches while you are on the go.
* If you have a smart TV, you can also watch live cricket match streaming on TV.
Various online cricket websites now have launched apps that use minimum internet data to provide a flawless cricket match live streaming. Suppose if you are in the office or travelling somewhere but a cricket match is going on, you can download the app for live cricket streaming for iPhone from the play store to enjoy every bit of the match.
So, if you are a big fan of cricket and don’t want to miss any moment of the match, then you should opt for live cricket streaming. It is the easiest way to watch live matches and doesn’t depend on your location. Whether you are working in an office or studying, you can easily watch your favorite cricket team playing in the field.

Live cricket 2016 HD by! You can watch live cricket streaming online by paying affordable cost. live cricket streaming HD Live cricket streaming on mobile, iPad is also available here. For more information please visit: Buy ICC World Cup t20 2016

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