22 more banks and credit unions now support Apple Pay

Apple announced today that its mobile payment service Apple Pay has added 22 new banks and credit unions to the list of financial institutions that support the service. This comes after 26 new banks and credit unions were added to the rolls on February 7th. Besides the domestic expansion into more financial institutions, the tech giant continues to rollout the payment service to more countries. In the beginning of the month, Apple CEO Tim Cook said during a conference call that Brazil will be getting Apple Pay sometime in 2018.

Half of the retail stores in the U.S. now support Apple Pay, …

Verizon to make changes to its prepaid plans starting February 20th; switch and get a $50 credit

Starting next Tuesday, February 20th, Verizon will be making some changes to its prepaid plans. For those who need just enough data to stream a little music and check their emails, a new entry level plan is being added. Priced at $30 a month, you can have unlimited talk and text plus 500MB of data. The rest of the line up includes unlimited talk and text plus 3GB of data for $40, 7GB of data for $50 and 10GB of data for $60. With on-time payments, you can carryover unused data for one month. Add additional data using the My Verizon app.

Big Red is also improving its Prepaid Unlimited service. …

Apple Pay update adds support for 26 more banks and credit unions in the US

Apple Pay works with most of the major credit and debit cards from the top banks in the United States, but there are still financial institutions in the country that don’t offer support for the mobile payment service.

Today, Apple added support for 26 more banks and credit unions, all from the US. You can find below the names of the new banks and credit unions that now support Apple Pay:

ACIPCO Federal Credit UnionArthur State BankBank of Eastern OregonBlue Federal Credit UnionCapital Credit UnionChoice One Community Credit UnionCity BankCommunity Powered Federal Credit UnionDedham …

Android Pay goes live for 80 additional banks and credit unions in the US

Google is doing wonders when it comes to the coverage of its mobile payment service, Android Pay, in the United States. If you’ve been following our reports, then you already know Android Pay supports hundreds of banks in the US and more are expected to get the same treatment in the not so distant future.

Today, Google published a list of 80 banks and credit unions that now support its Android pay service. Here are just some of them, so for the full list make sure to tap the source link: Act 1st Federal Credit Union, Adirondack Trust Company, AllWealth Federal Credit Union, American Bank …

As many as 40,000 OnePlus customers were affected by theft of credit card data

Earlier this week, we told you that OnePlus had to stop accepting credit cards for purchases made on its website. A security breach allowed customers’ credit card information to be stolen while in the middle of completing a transaction online. According to the company, the breach was executed by a malicious script that had been running on one of its payment processing servers since the middle of November. With a third party security firm investigating the matter, OnePlus says that it has discovered how and where the attack was introduced to its server, although it doesn’t know if it was installed …

Update: OnePlus disables credit card payments on its website in wake of reported security breach

Update: OnePlus has now disabled credit card payments on OnePlus.net. Customers will still be able to shop via PayPal. The company is still investigating and also looking for alternative payment options. If you’ve done any credit card payments on OnePlus.net, it’s advised you keep an eye on your payment history and statements. Original story follows:

OnePlus is well-known for offering awesome devices at unbelievably low prices and the company does a few things to make sure its corner-cutting doesn’t come from the actual hardware. Since it started …

PSA: OnePlus website payment system may have been hacked – users report credit card details stolen

OnePlus is well-known for offering awesome devices at unbelievably low prices and the company does a few things to make sure its corner-cutting doesn’t come from the actual hardware. Since it started out small, it built its name via guerilla marketing and selling its phones directly to customers. There are no retailers to take a cut of the pie — you just go to OnePlus’ website and order your brand-new “flagship killer” there.

However, it seems that the company might need to work on its security a bit more. Multiple users are now reporting that their credit card …

Cyber Monday deal: Buy a Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL and get $100 Google Store credit

While Google’s Black Friday sale didn’t include deals on the
Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, both smartphones are now part of a Cyber Monday
promotion. Starting today, and until November 30 (at 11:59 pm PT), if you’re
buying any of the two new Pixel phones, you’ll be getting $100 credit that can
be used to your heart’s desire in Google Store. 


Google is also offering a promo code for a Home Mini speaker
with each new Pixel purchase, thus re-launching an offer that was previously available
only with Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL pre-orders (prior to October 19). Details on
both the $100 store …

Buy the Android One Moto X4 from Project Fi, get $100 back in a one month bill credit

From now through November 30th, buy the Android One version of the Motorola X4 from Google’s hybrid carrier Project Fi, and you’ll receive a bill credit for $100. To qualify, the Moto X4 must stay on the network for at least 30-days. With Project Fi, users connect to Wi-Fi hotspots until they are out of range. When that happens, they connect to a cellular network run by Sprint, T-Mobile, or U.S. Cellular.

The Android One Moto X4 is priced at $399 or $19.44 a month over 24 months. The handset is equipped with a 5.2-inch LCD display with a 1080 x 1920 resolution. The phone is powered by a …

Someone made an Android phone the size of a credit card and it costs less than $100

Despite the fact that phablets have become the standard in the smartphone industry these days, some people don’t like their smartphones to be very large. Luckily, there are still plenty of average-sized smartphones out there, although when it comes to flagships the offer is kind of limited.

Even though there are a plethora of average-sized handsets available on the market, we can’t say the same thing about small smartphones. And when we say small, we mean credit card-sized small.

A Japanese company unveiled its rather niche product (hence the name) called …