Snapchat will soon feature community created AR effects

Back in December, 2017, Snap released its second app called Lens Studio. It was essentially a toolkit for Windows and Mac that allowed users to create their own AR effects, which could be further used and shared on Snapchat. In an attempt to further popularize the user created AR effects, called Lens, Snapchat plans to feature them on its main screen.

Starting late March, Snapchat will show a selection of community created Lens on its homescreen. Clicking on any of the AR effects will show you a window, including the creator’s name and a “created with Lens Studio” tag. Snapchat’s …

Someone created a fanny pack with your Super Bowl viewing party in mind


If you don’t mind looking ridiculous, the No Fumble Fanny Pack by Heluva Good! could be the perfect accessory while you watch your games. The fanny pack has 3 pouches for you to stuff anything from your chips and dip to your beverages. The fanny pack was created to eliminate mess and allow your hands to be free from holding all your snacks. 

If you’re into this fanny pack, you can score a free one hereRead more…

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Google releases video showing how Android Oreo's statue was created

Android 8.0 Oreo is the next version of Android, despite previous rumors stating otherwise. As with each new iteration of the mobile platform launched, Google places a big, nice mascot in front of its Mountain View headquarters that represents that version of Android.

The recent launch was no exception and Android Oreo has its own statue that’s been built in much secrecy by the artists that Google chose. A video that goes through all the manufacturing process of the statue and its unveiling has been recently published by Google.

It appears that the status …

Latest Apple iPhone 8 dummy created to show a "live" look

The most recent news about the 10th anniversary Apple iPhone that has been dubbed the iPhone 8, are the images and videos showing so-called “dummy models.” These aren’t the dummy units that you might find at Best Buy. These are creations put together from leaked schematics and other rumored information. Benjamin Geskin, who has created a number of iPhone 8 renders that have captured the attention of many an iPhone fan, has created a dummy model showing what he believes the device will look like when it is turned on.

To create this look, Geskin posts on his Twitter account (@VenyaGeskin1) …

Microsoft has created the first stylus with no perceived lag: the new Surface Pen

Microsoft claims to have created the “fastest pen in the world,” but what does that even mean?
It’s quite simple actually: after years of research, Microsoft has finally been able to make a stylus that works with almost no visual delay, a paramount change in the experience. This is the new Microsoft Surface Pen, and it’s got other super-powers as well: a whopping 4,096 pressure levels and the ability to recognize tilt, so that you can use it to shade things, just like with a regular pensil.

“Never has there been a digital …

Blackberry: The device that created sensation

Among the devices that have created sensation during the recent times, Blackberry is one of those devices that have created a sensation for being a device that allow people to send and receive emails while on the move. However, there are other uses of this device that includes sending text messages and sending faxes through the internet. If you are a proud owner of this cell phone, you must understand how to utilize these applications at its best. Bespoke development is another way of expressing your views and opinions about a particular technology. It is essential to remember that technology has no restrictions and you must learn to utilize them in the best possible manner.

When it comes to Blackberry device, it is primarily used by those who are involved in business work or companies with executives who are always on the move. After all, delivery of email is one of the primary requirements for communication in the present day world. On the other hand, the social networking apps that are available in various devices nowadays also help people to keep in touch with people across the globe. However, communication in this case also refers to the marketing requirements of companies. In short, the social networking sites allow the companies to showcase their products and services. Thus, it is easier for marketing employees to carry on with their efforts in an easier manner.

There are so many things to know and understand about the new devices that are being brought to the market that owning a Blackberry seems to fall short of these unlimited expectations. Q/A testing services help the business organizations to test the software before it is being used for any application. This will not only help these companies to reduce the risks that are involved in particular ventures, but help them improve the quality of the services that are offered by them. After all, business has now crossed several barriers and the whole world has united to become a single entity.

While businesses have grown quantitatively, quality has gone down in several ways. However, efforts are on as companies are trying to use Bespoke application for more clarity and the testing services for abolishing the unpredictable quality that is offered by them. Thus, communication is one of the realms of business, which is handled by Blackberry whereas the quality of business services are being taken care of with the help of the services that are being researched and developed during the recent times.

For maintenance and support, there are a variety of applications that are available on the internet. However, less than half of the population is actually interested reading and learning new things that are regularly introduces in the market and even less than that realize the taste of positivity while learning those things. There is tremendous potential in every filed of technical advancements and the only thing that is required nowadays is to correspond to the matters in a timely manner. Whether you are dealing with a new device or a piece of technology or a web supplication, there is no alternative to knowledge.

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HTC Have Created A Sensational Mobile Phone

Many people are still using regular cell phones, however, many are thinking about switching to some wise phone. Individuals who are thinking about upgrading in mobile technology should result in the HTC Sensation their first choice.

HTC Sensation was created by HTC, a Taiwan-based company that’s noted for many firsts. Among its many accomplishments, HTC was the first one to create a Microsoft powered smartphone along with a Microsoft 3rd generation phone. Additionally, it developed the predecessor of HTC Sensation, the Htc Desire Mobile Phone.

You will find lots who still don’t realize why is Android phones stand out. In the to begin with, the word “android” calls in your thoughts among the figures in the Steven Spielberg blockbuster, “Artificial Intelligence (AI).” This term suggests the presence of a man-made being that could feel and look human, but has super human abilities. In the same manner, an Android phone, more generally known as the wise phone, looks and processes just like a mobile phone along with a pocket PC, however it has super phone abilities. It’s wise, in ways, since it is capable of doing many functions and handle programs that regular phones and PDA’s cannot.

Some cell phones can access the web and therefore are outfitted with 3rd generation technology to permit customers to surf the internet faster. However, the 56 killerbytes per second speed of the regular phone cannot rival the 14.4 Megabyte per second internet speed from the HTC Sensation. It’s like evaluating a crappy pre-compensated, dial-up internet having a high-speed, cable connection. In the rate it is going, customers from the HTC Sense wouldn’t need to bother about uneven streaming videos or slow loading movie trailers. Furthermore, using the HTC Watch, they are able to watch a common movies online with no loading disruptions.

Cell phone and PDA customers can check their mail through their mobile phone models. But, given their limited interface, it is not easy, otherwise impossible, to allow them to multi-task. Usually, they’d need to minimize their browser before they are able to text or play games. Using the HTC Sensation Sense 3. Interface and Active LockScreen feature, customers can multi-task by simply hitting the use of their choice they wouldn’t even need to unlock their phone to gain access to their application cutting corners. They are able to also keep several programs active without worrying in regards to a frozen screen due to this wise phone’s 1.2 Ghz dual core processor. This really is something which clearly differentiates the HTC Sensation from the competition because, despite the fact that it is simply 11.3 mm thick, it really is a giant of the phone.

The HTC Sensation’s specs don’t hurt either. It features a 4.3 inch display by having an impressive resolution of 540 x 960. Additionally, it comes with an 8 megapixel camera with dual Brought expensive and HD video recording capacity having a resolution as high as 1080 pixels. It’s SRS virtual multichannel audio as well as an expanding memory as high as 32GB.

In line with the feedback of some tech gurus, this wise phone has indeed gained the title of the super phone. Although there’s still some room for improvement, the HTC Sensation has set the bar for Android phones. Obviously, additionally, it is dependent about the user however it wouldn’t hurt for first-time Android phone proprietors to create this their walking stone into the field of super technology.

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