Update to Google's Gboard app for iOS makes it easier to create your own GIFs

If you’re the type that likes to include home made GIFs with your texts, Google’s Gboard app for iOS now makes it easier to create one. The button to start the process has been moved on the QWERTY keyboard to make it easier to find. Originally, when the feature launched last September, the GIF creation button was found behind the emoji button on the bottom of the keyboard. Accessing it required a long press on the emoji icon at the bottom.

Thanks to an update, the GIF creation button has been moved to the word suggestion bar, making it easier to find (see the arrow on the image at the top …

Create your own Marvel comic strip with the "Create Your Own" app

So you want to create Marvel-esque comic strips, but there is just one small problem; you can’t draw. In today’s world, that’s no problem at all thanks to the upcoming Marvel Create Your Own app. Developed by Marvel in conjunction with TapTap comics, the app allows you to create a comic book adventure, edit it to make it your own, and share it with friends, family and Marvel fans.

Using the app, you select from a group of Marvel characters. Once you pick one, you select the “camera” angle, change the pose and pick the background. You can set the layout for your comic and create the …

Microsoft Launcher update adds option to create folders in app drawer, more

Microsoft Launcher is bringing more new features to its users. After adding a host of improvements to the Android app last week, Microsoft is now delivering another update that includes some of the most requested features.

The most important addition to the Android launcher is the option to create folders in the app drawer. Also, the update brings the ability to select multiple items at the same time, across different pages.

The launcher now allows users to move, remove, drag & drop or even created new folders in home screen or app drawer through …

Choose your favorite Instagram Stories from your Archive to create Stories Highlights

Instagram has introduced what it calls two new tools for members that will allow them to share their favorite Stories with others. Stories Highlights is a new addition to your Instagram profile. You can now make a “highlights” package showing your favorite Stories grouped together, and allow others to see it. This allows some of your Stories to remain on Instagram for more than 24 hours. In fact, they will stay on the app permanently until you remove them.

You’ll find Stories Highlights on your profile below the biography. To create a Stories Highlight, tap on the “New” circle on the far …

How do you do, fellow kids: Facebook now lets you create wacky GIFs, because of course

When was the last time you felt like capturing an augmented reality GIF of yourself, all part and parcel with an animated disco ball and wacky rainbow-colored sunglasses? How about an RGB split, surely you can never have enough of those aesthetic RGB splits! You might as well just fire up the Facebook app on your phone right about now and do just that as Zuckerberg’s totally-not-creepy social network now lets you create GIFs (with a hard “G”) and share them with your buddies.
You can’t just shoot and save these to your device, however, so it’s either just …

Spotify now lets you create Group Playlists in your Messenger app

David Marcus, VP of Messaging Products at Facebook, said at the F8 developer conference back in April that “Music on Messenger is going to be a good thing this year.” Expectations were that Apple Music and Spotify would be integrated with Facebook’s app and allow users to share music in different ways. Well, it seems that the statement bore truth, as Spotify has recently launched a feature in Messenger that allows you to create and share playlists with friends, while you chat away on the messaging app.

Group Playlists is a lovely new feature for anyone in all sorts of ways. Say you are …

Arrow Launcher 3.4 released with option to create app shortcuts, new Notes card

Arrow Launcher is getting yet another important update that adds new features and improvements. If you’ve been following our latest news about Microsoft’s Android launcher, then you might find the list of changes quite familiar.

About a month ago, the beta version of Arrow Launcher received similar improvements with the promise they will be made available to a wider audience if no serious issues appear during beta testing.

Among the many new features added in version 3.4, it’s worth pointing out the ability to create app shortcuts. Also, Arrow Launcher …

Microsoft Teams for iOS updated with video calls support, ability to create new channels

A significant update has just hit Microsoft’s Teams app for iOS devices. As the title says, the update brings video calls support into the mix, as well as other new features.

If you’re using Teams on your iOS device, upgrading to the latest version will allow you to connect face to face using the newly added video calls feature. Also, you can easily add or remove team members.

Another notable change included in the update is the ability to create new channels. Moreover, Teams users can now rename group chats and add new members to existing conversations.

The image viewer has …

This is the iPhone 8 that we wish Apple would create

Apple has yet to say anything official about this year’s upcoming iPhones, but that hasn’t stopped the fine folks on the Internet from coming up with fantastical ideas as to what the highly anticipated iPhone 8 may have to offer. There have been tons of gorgeous concept designs that give us an idea as to what we could possibly get from Apple later this September, but the latest one to surface just might be one of our favorites.

This iPhone 8 concept comes by way of Gabor Balogh, and along with a stunning, bezel-free design, Balogh shows off how Apple …

Prisma gets updated with a filter store, will soon let users create their own

We’ve loved Prisma, the deep learning photo filter app, for a while now, and it seems like it keeps on getting better with every new update. The newest version of the app has just added a store functionality, and a few users can now also create their own filters.

In a surprising move, the newly-introduced Store actually offers everything for free, with no restrictions. Whether that will change in the future is unclear, but most likely won’t, as the feature was likely added as a companion to the new filter-creation utility. Only a select few users will …