Apple iPhone X and iPhone 8: here are all new official cases and covers

If you get a $1,000 phone, you might want to keep it well protected.
The iPhone X is just that, a phone with a $1,000 starting price. So Apple has come up with three new cases for the iPhone X: a silicon one, a leather one and a new “Folio” case to keep it safe from scratches and drops.
We are rounding up the colors, the looks and the style of the new iPhone X cases right below.

iPhone 7 and 7+ cases fit the new iPhone 8 and 8+

We also take a quick look at the two cases Apple …

Deal: Select Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ protective covers are now $20 off

Do you own a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+, but don’t have a protective case for it yet? Well, maybe it’s time to buy one, as select cases are now available for $20 off their regular prices. Mind you, we’re talking about official Samsung-made cases that will precisely fit your S8 or S8+.

Here’s what you can get to protect your Galaxy S8 or S8+:

S-View Flip Cover Case – $39.99 (instead of $59.99)LED Wallet Cover – $39.99 (instead of $59.99)Silicone Cover – $9.99 (instead of $29.99) – deal available until August 28Keyboard Cover (S8+ only) – $39.99 (instead of …

Chance the Rapper covers Outkast, Snoop at Bonnaroo festival


Rap music has made it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but you really know the genre is a solid staple of the American songbook when new rappers like Chance the Rapper start doing covers of your favorites. 

Chance used the stage at the annual Bonnaroo music festival this weekend to pay tribute to Outkast with his own version of 2003’s hit song “Hey Ya!” But before that, Chance took the Manchester, Tennessee, audience even further back with his own rendition of the Dr. Dre and Snoop song “Nuthin’ But a ‘G’ Thang” from 1992. 

Your old school hip-hop karaoke taste is no longer edgy or unique, Chance is reminding us all that these are the new classics, and they still sound pretty damn good.  Read more…

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NuAns NEO Reloaded with Android 7.1 Nougat and interchangeable covers is up on Indiegogo

Japanese company NuAns announced back in February that it will drop Windows Phone platform for Google’s Android operating system. Their new smartphone project, NEO Reloaded, is an Android handset with a twist.

Unlike regular Android smartphones, NuAns proposes customers a different formula that might or might not be as appealing as the company hopes. The NEO Reloaded features interchangeable panels, so users will be able to change the back side of the phone.

The back cases don’t just look different, but they also feel different since they mimic various textures …

Don't feel like a 200-page manual? With this short Galaxy S8 video tutorial, Samsung covers all the basics

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ have been finding their way in their rightful owners’ hands here in the US for a week already, and Samsung felt that now is the time to release a short video tutorial on what the phones are, and how to engage with them on a daily basis. Nothing groundbreaking, but it’s clean, concise, and in the trendy sharing format with subtitles, so you don’t even have to put your headphones on to learn about your Galaxy S8 without reading the 200-page manual.

Give Style and Protection to Your iPhone 4 With iPhone 4 Back Covers

Iphone was introduced in the world, at least in relation to the United States, June 29, 2007. Many people argued that the first to get the apple iphone and the majority, they are very happy with their new acquisitions. Although Apple has defined the basic components required for iPhone, like most special things, he arrived on the planet bare. Thus, investing $ 500 to $ 600 with the iPhone it only makes sense to be wise to take a position a few extra dollars for a cover for the iPhone, to protect him.

The initial stress test product Iphone to be very impressive. Apple wisely switched to optical-quality glass that innovative touch to the iPhone is almost impossible to scratch. Despite the importance of. This, however, does not mean that it should not be protected, and the other iPhone remains vulnerable to dents and scratches.

Reply to protect your new iPhone is actually quite simple, though all skins to discuss cases, wallets, and screen protectors can be a bit confusing. Do not worry, there is a choice to protect your iPhone, and the big news is that they usually cost less than the amount of your payment from AT & T.

The iPhone 4 Back Covers are the covers that completely wraps around your iPhone with cutouts to allow you to access the touch screen, the main navigation buttons, along with the side buttons, charger, and camera. iPhone skins are made of silicone, industrial flexible, durable form of plastic. The advantage of the epidermis, it will protect the surface of your iPhone from scratches and dents, as well as offer some protection if dropped. However, do not depend on the silicone skin to provide complete protection against drops.

Unique iPhone 4s Cases for public silicone in addition to a number of popular colors that range from pink to black stealth women. Some iPhone skins are available with screen protector and neck strap, but do not forget to look into the details of the product, to be sure.

One step up in the fashion and comfort, of course, iPhone case or wallet. These cases also include a belt clip to help keep you iPhone ready. Unlike mobile phone holster, copying or wallet fully protects your iPhone, to keep. iPhone 4 Accessories like Bags and purses are usually available in both leather and fabric grades and in different styles. Find the type that best suits your usage and expresses your personal style. You can also several cases in addition to the different clothing and occasions!

Apple IPhone screen protector usually does very little in the presence of a thin silicone adhesive layer that covers the entire front of the iPhone. Just like the skin, in addition, it includes a circular hole to show the main navigation buttons at the end of iPhone. The epidermis can go to the screen protector. Not every iPhone screen protectors are the same, though. The more of dust and anti-reflective properties. Many already Screen Protector iPhone case means that you do not normally have to be obtained separately.

IPhone really truly innovative technology products that are really a joy to have. Their owners have everything to be proud of, and can be forgiven, for now at least, to show them every chance they get. And you will say very proud and worthy owner iPhone, because when they decide to decorate and protect their “baby.”

CaseBuzz has captured web world as one of the world’s largest online market place for Tablet and Unique iPhone 4s Cases, Its head office located in Florida-USA, is a leading provider of ecommerce and interactive online marketing services and iPhone 4s Back Covers.

Buy attractive Smartphone covers online for Teacher’s Day

If you have a special teacher who inspires you and you want to make him/her feel special on Teachers day but wondering how, then we have a smart idea for you. Than roaming around retail stores, browsing through unending gift options and estimating if that fits your budget enjoy the pleasures of online shopping. Log online and search for the latest Smartphone covers and cases available online and choose the one that you like best. Designer Smartphone covers are stylish and reasonably priced. Therefore, if you want you can make a Smartphone cover collection or set without paying a bomb and gift it to your teacher.

Prior to gifting, try and analyze your teacher’s personality as that will help you in selecting the apt cover design for him/her. If he/she is an iPhone 4 user and has a penchant for simple and minimalistic design owing to his/her reserved nature then you can browse and choose from the attractive options available in leather flip covers for iphone 4s. Made of high quality PU leather these flip cases are have a soft texture, firm body that encases the Smartphone device tightly protecting it from all kinds of external scratches and damages. In terms of the design, these covers have very delicate craft pieces stuck on them, such as the HappiMori deer’s and decorative that appears akin to a simple but beautiful tapestry.

If your teacher uses a Samsung note 2 and exhibits an aura of vibrancy coupled with non-chalance then browse into the designer collection available for Samsung note covers. The collection offers you a wholesome mix to choose from ranging from diary covers, back cases to flip covers. The most attractive element about this collection is its unique designs. For instance there are coloured leopard print flip covers, diary covers in an executive and corporate style and glossy back covers. Each of them offers unmatched features along with seamless port navigation. Another interesting product variant here is the galaxy s duos covers that are manufactured using UV print technology that makes the cover prints long lasting and scratch resistant.

With online shopping boom there are several options for you browse through, select and then finalize for purchasing. Most online sites offer easy shopping, payment as well as replacement facilities. So log online and search the best Smartphone cover online retailer and place your order today. If you are lucky, you might as well win attractive discounts and products deals.

Wimar iPhone cases & covers with good looks & designs to suits your personality

IPhone cases & covers are one of the most indispensible iPhone accessories when getting an iPhone. On other hand, iPhone cases & covers are one of the most welcome iPhone accessories according to market respond. iPhone cases & covers decorate iPhone in a perfect meanwhile it protects iPhone from anti-scratch and dropping down. You can decorate your iPhone different from others via iPhone cases & covers. Moreover, iPhone cases& covers can be made of in different materials, depending on which material you prefer. There are lists of iPhone cases & covers in market, for example, silicone iPhone cases seem a quite positive respond. There are various iPhone cases& cases in market, such as Jewelry iPhone cases & covers, Bamboo iPhone cases & covers, plastic iPhone cases& covers, metal iPhone cases & covers, silicone. Most iPhone users are fond of owning iPhone cases & covers up to their using experience.

Image that without any protection, how distressed we are if we drop down our iPhone? Image that without any protection from iPhone cases, how regret we will be if our iPhone get any scratch. You may say that iPhone is hard enough from any scratch, but what about sharp stone corner? It is better to own iPhone cases in hand before it happens. Of course, iPhone cases are in different prices with high and low cost, some of which cost you leg and arm compared to others. However, some are practical and economical. For example, Wimar technology ltd launch one series iPhone cases& covers in an acceptable price and good quality. Wimar iPhone cases& covers cater for most iPhone fans tastes with variety of different carton images, secular pictures, abstract photos…. On other hand, Wimar iPhone cases & covers show your personality and own character, identifying your own thoughts and ideas through popular Wimar iPhone cases & covers.

Have you ever met iPhone cases& covers along with built-in battery? Of course, Wimar technology ltd launch this kind of iPhone cases for a long time ago. With lithium polymer battery built-in, Wimar iPhone battery cases provide emergency power to iPhone. One point, lithium polymer is safe and far away from explosion. With IML (in mould label) treatment on surface, a same process as iPhone, Wimar iPhone battery cases look smoother and brighter. Wimar iPhone battery cases provide one full time charging to iPhone, juice power anytime and anywhere. Wimar iPhone battery cases get high reputation all around overseas market, especially European market and USA market. What’s more, Wimar iPhone battery cases provide a Micro USB cable to charge itself. Packed in a gift box or blister box, Wimar iPhone cases are very clear about to know just from the packaging. It is easy to operate and easy to handle. Wimar iPhone cases are the most useful and practical cases you would have ever met.

Hereby, Wimar Technology will launch iPhone 5 cases & covers in next month in order to keep up with this society and satisfy with Wimar good cooperated clients. Then, if you have any interesting to be Wimar iPhone cases& covers distributors, please catch this opportunity and pick up your phone to contact Wimar Technology Ltd. BTW, Wimar headquarter located at HK, a place full of trading, you can freely to speak English to contact with them without any problems. Of course, Wimar iPhone cases & covers will be another big storm in market without any doubts. Wimar iPhone cases & covers are the best!

This Article is written by Sino Electron which is a professional manufacturer & supplier of iPhone Accessories, mobile phone battery, iPhone 4 & iphone 5 case, backup battery for iphone, tablet pc chargers which can be a good choice for festival gift or Christmas gifts for your dearer. For more details, visit

Protecting the Upcoming Samsung Galaxy A-Series Smartphones With Samsung Galaxy Phone Covers

The news regarding the Samsung’s upcoming A-series of smartphones has been in the air lately. The rumor about new A Series signifies an announcement coming in the near future, and that could be just what’s going to happen in this case. According to the rumors, the Galaxy A5 will already be in the shops and online stores by November, 2014. If that’s going to be true, then we may surely see it get officially unveiled around the end of this month.

According to the sources, the Samsung Galaxy A5 Smartphones should cost around $ 400-$ 500 without a contract. It is clear that these A-series smartphones will feature similar design like Alpha and will have a premium feel; however, it is unclear that whether Samsung is using metal or any other material to build it. Hence, all you can do is to search for the best Samsung Galaxy phone covers to protect the device.

Apart from the Galaxy A5, the other models that are on the way will include Samsung Galaxy A7 and A3. The biggest model among the three is the Galaxy A7, which has so far been said to come out with a big 5.5-inch screen. Galaxy A5, on the other hand, will feature an AMOLDED display with a 13 megapixel primary camera and a 5 megapixel secondary camera. The A5 will be molded with a Snapdragon 400 processor, 16 GB of internal storage, with Android 4.4 Kitkat version, dual SIM slots, and a 2,330mAh battery.

According to the recent reports, the Galaxy A7 is going to feature a full HD display with a resolution of 1920 X 1080 Pixels. Whereas ,the Samsung Galaxy A5 will feature a 5 inch HD display with a resolution of 1280pixels. With such a big display, all you will want is nothing but the best Samsung Galaxy Phone covers to protect the stunning display. Consumers should keep in mind that this new Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphones may not get a worldwide launch like its counterparts, the A3 and A5. However, it is confirmed that over in China, the Samsung Galaxy A7 will feature a full HD display instead.

More or less all the members of this A-Series Samsung Galaxy phones should have a metallic frame, which will emulate the design of previously launched Galaxy Alpha. However, since the rumor about Samsung Galaxy A-Series smartphones is in the air, everyone is talking about this magnificent device and on the search for the best Samsung Galaxy phone covers they can find.

Samsung is going to launce their Galaxy A-series smartphones with LTE connectivity. However, it seems that the Galaxy A7 is not to be launched globally like other two A-series phones and A7 will only be available in selected countries, although the reason behind this ‘limited country launch’ is still unknown. One probable reason may be that Samsung believes that Galaxy A7 might not do well, since the low budget and mid-range smartphones is stealing all the attention from the high budget gadgets. Another reason may be that Samsung is afraid of the fact that Galaxy A7 will eat into the sales of the Galaxy Alpha, the most important offering in Samsung’s Galaxy A series Lineups.

Charles Bradford is a freelance writer and has been writing gadget reviews, smartphone reviews, and informative articles on Samsung Galaxy phone covers, and accessories.

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Sony Xperia Z5; Cases and Covers Necessary.

For the latest version of its flagship Xperia phone, Sony has made small improvements while keeping the overall look and feel more or less the same. Sony fans who were looking for huge improvements when the new Xperia Z5 was announced, are going to feel a little let down but there’s a lot to like here and very little to complain about. The problem then, is that like with almost all the phones in Sony’s Xperia brand lineup, there’s very little to actually be excited about with the new Xperia Z5. It has the same monolithic design with square edges and a completely flat front and back, both glass covered, which makes Sony Xperia Z5 cases & covers a necessity. It also has the same overly large chin and forehead on the front of the phone which makes the chassis needlessly large for the screen size. While almost every other manufacturer seems to be finding way to shrink the bezels at the top and bottom of the display, Sony seems to be holding on to its design, almost like Apple with the iPhone, resulting in a phone with a very unimpressive display to size ratio.

Some great features but mostly boring.

The somewhat uninspiring design of the Xperia Z5 does have a few advantages though. For one, those huge bezels at the front mean that Sony has been able to fit a pair of front firing stereo speakers that are amongst the best in the market today, second probably only to HTC’s Boom Sound equipped phones. The completely flat back hides possibly one of the best smartphone cameras available in a phone today, without an unsightly camera bulge, allowing the Z5 to be laid completely flat on its back. Though the back is covered in glass, which makes it necessary for owners to opt for Sony Xperia Z5 cases & covers, it is frosted glass, so if you decide to use your Z5 without any case on it, at least the back wont get covered in smudges and fingerprints.

Putting the camera in cameraphone.

One of the few really exciting features on the Z5 is its truly great camera. Sony has always been known to make great camera units and it even makes the actual camera unit that goes into the worlds most popular camera, the iPhone. With the Z5, the camera unit has been bumped up to an amazing 23 Megapixels. While this amount of pixels isn’t truly stunning for a flagship smartphone in 2016, digital camera enthusiasts will know that the mega pixel count is only half the story. The true highlights of the Z5’s camera are its fast focussing speed, it’s tack sharp focus and its ability to get great results in low light; the usual stumbling block for many otherwise great smartphone cameras. In addition, the camera can also shoot really great looking video in 4k resolution. Owners of previous smartphone users will be well aware of the propensity Sony’s cameras have had of shutting down after overheating, while shooting video in particular but the company claims it has finally solved these issues with the Z5.

Nahid Ahmad is an internet marketing expert and blogger. He is working with eCommerce startups DailyObjects which have a wide range of designer cases and covers for Sony Xperia Z5. If you are looking for more models as well as design visit official website www[dot]dailyobjects[dot]com

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