Apple Watch Series 3 availability expanded to more countries (LTE model)

Good news for Apple fans living in four countries, as they will now be able to purchase the LTE version of the Apple Watch Series 3. The Cupertino company has just announced that it has expanded the watch’s availability to four more countries: Denmark, India, Sweden, and Taiwan.

Up until now, the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE was officially available in 12 countries: Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong, the UK, and United State.

If you live in Denmark or Sweden, you’ll be able to pick Apple’s smartwatch from major carrier …

Xiaomi is serious about going global, expands to more European countries later this month

Chinese giant Xiaomi announced early this month plans to enter the European market with many of its products, including smartphones. The company confirmed its smartphones will be available in 3 Group’s stores in Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Sweden and the UK.

In addition, thanks to the partnership with A.S. Watson’s Fortress, Superdrug and Kruidvat stores, many of its products will be officially available for purchase in Ireland, the Netherlands, and the UK.

Today, Xiaomi announced that it will expand to two more European countries by the end of the month: France and Italy. …

Essential Phone is now officially available in five more countries

The Essential Phone was for a long time a US affair, but that’s about to change since the company behind the flagship smartphone announced it has decided to open official stores in four more countries.

In fact, Essential started to sell its smartphone in Canada earlier this month via Amazon, while one carrier offered a limited variety of color options as well. However, starting today, Essential confirmed that customers in five other countries will be able to order the Essential Phone from dedicated stores.

According to Essential, official stores are now opened in five more countries: …

Apple Pay expands to even more banks in the US and five other countries

It’s been less than two weeks since Apple Pay expanded to more markets, but now a new wave of banks and financial institutions from no less than six countries are getting support for the mobile payment service.

Besides the United States, Apple Pay is now available for more banks in Canada, China, Italy, Russia, and Spain. Naturally, the list of newly supported Apple Pay banks is bigger for the US, but it’s quite refreshing to know the service is slowing making its way to other countries as well.

United States: 5 Star Community Credit Union, AlaTrust Credit Union, Apple River State …

Shopping on Instagram feature launches in eight more countries

It’s always about the money. No matter what some young kid who dropped out of college says when he launches his new app, the goal is monetization. After all, it is what makes the world go round. And when Facebook purchased Instagram for $1 billion back in 2012, the big question was how would Facebook turn a profit on the acquisition? Courting advertisers was one solution, and offering subscribers a way to purchase merchandise directly from the app was another revenue producing idea.

Instagram started testing this shopping feature back in 2016. Products are tagged in photos posted on the …

Google expands YouTube offline video download support to 125 countries

Google silently made the ability to download YouTube videos for offline view available in more countries than we had expected. Although the roll-out started last month, the option to download YouTube videos didn’t appear in more than several countries.

In the meantime, the search giant updated the app’s support page with the full list of countries where this specific feature is supported. According to this list, there are no less than 125 countries where it’s possible to download YouTube videos for offline views.

In order to benefit from the new feature, you can now use the dedicated …

Project Fi now works in 37 more countries; buy a compatible phone and get a free month of service

Google’s hybrid MVNO Project Fi has added 37 new countries to its international coverage list. With the new additions, Project Fi now supplies talk, text and data to 170 countries around the world. Pricing remains the same for text and data. Unlimited texting is offered in all countries on the list and data remains priced at $10/GB until Bill Protection kicks in, limiting your monthly payment at $80 ($60 for data + $20 for talk/text). Phone calls outside of the U.S. are billed at 20 cents per minute and are not included in Bill Protection.

Project Fi will even send out a notification to …

Google Assistant to expand to 38 more countries, add 17 languages this year

Do people in countries that support Google Assistant take the virtual personal helper for granted? After all, there are many countries where Google Assistant is not yet available. At the Digital News Initiative Summit that took place in Amsterdam, Google reportedly announced that it will be launching its digital assistant in 38 new countries this year. That will bring to 52 the number of countries that support Google Assistant.

The countries that will receive the virtual digital sidekick include Russia, Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Saudi Arabia and more. In addition to rolling out to more …

Microsoft launches Edge for Android and iOS in more countries

When Microsoft’s Edge for Android exited beta last year, the mobile browser was made available to everyone in select markets, but many haven’t been able to download the app. Although Edge for Android and iOS went live in the United States since its launch, the browser did not benefit from a global release.

Earlier this week, Microsoft Edge’s product manager, Sean Lyndersay announced Edge for Android and iOS has been released in many other countries. According to him, the browser is now being rolled out in most English- and French-speaking markets, including Germany, Austria, Portugal, and …

Nokia 7 won't remain China-exclusive for too long, other countries will get it soon

HMD Global introduced the Nokia 7 as a China-exclusive back in October, but it looks like the smartphone will be making outside this country very soon. Unofficially, the smartphone is already available for purchase at some European retailers, but a few lucky countries will get it through official channels.

Word is HMD plans to launch the Nokia 7 in India later this month. Apparently, the smartphone will be available exclusively through Amazon India for a price that hasn’t been disclosed yet.

But that’s not all, as Nokia 7 is expected to arrive in Europe …