Repairing HomePod costs nearly as much as the damn thing itself


Did you just pick up Apple’s new HomePod smart speaker? Better pray it doesn’t break, because it’s expensive AF to repair it.

Apple’s published service and repair details for HomePod on its website and — holy sh*t — it’ll cost HomePod owners a whopping $280 to repair or replace the dang thing if they don’t have AppleCare+.

For those who are paying attention, that’s nearly as much as the HomePod speaker itself, which costs $350.

Like all Apple products, whatever damage your HomePod sustains might be covered under the included warranty. But if it’s not, you gotta fork over the money to get it fixed. And if you’re going to do that, you might as well just buy a new one.  Read more…

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Better keep it safe: Apple HomePod repair costs $279

If you’ve decided to buy the Apple HomePod – Apple’s take on smart speakers – you better keep it safe. Apple has announced its out-of-warranty repair fees for the HomePod, and they’re everything but low.

If you live in the US, you will have to give Apple $279 if you want your HomePod to live a second life. That’s in case the smart speaker is severely damaged and the damage is not due to a manufacturing problem, which the one year warranty covers. To give you a brief comparison, a new HomePod will cost you $349, meaning that the repair fee is around 80% of the retail price.

To …

Humble Mobile Bundle 22 costs just $5 and includes 8 great games

One of the best point-and-click adventure games launched on Android, Oxenfree is now part of the latest Humble Bundle for mobiles, along with seven other no less important titles.

For the right amount, you’ll be able to get all eight Android games, but if you want a specific game that’s included in a lower tier, you’ll pay less. The absolute lowest amount that you must pay to purchase any of the games included in the bundle is $1.

For $1, you’ll get three games: Splitter Critters, Star Vikings Forever, and Galaxy of Pen & Paper. However, for exactly $4.84 you’ll be getting three …

Great Deal: Motorola Moto X4 now costs just $249 on Google's Project Fi

Released in the US back in September, the mid-range Motorola
Moto X4 was initially priced at $399.99, being sold both directly by Motorola,
and by Google via its Project Fi MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). As of
this week, the Moto X4 can be purchased for only $249 if you’re getting it via
Project Fi before February 14.  


According to Google, to get a Moto X4 for just $249, you’ll
need to activate it on Project Fi “within 30 days of device shipment.”
The great thing about this deal – which saves you $150 – is that it doesn’t
require a minimum activation time. Once you’ve …

The NUU G3 is a Samsung Galaxy wannabe that costs $199 in the US

You may have not heard of NUU Mobile, but the company has been selling unlocked smartphones in the US for a few years now. Its newest handset, the unlocked NUU G3, can be pre-ordered for $199.99 before it launches stateside in February. 
Design-wise, the NUU G3 borrows a lot from Samsung’s recent high-end Galaxy phones, offering a 5.7-inch dual-curve display, and a glass back. Interestingly, the back of the handset hosts a dual camera (16 MP + 5 MP) and a fingerprint sensor arranged vertically – we will probably see a similar arrangement on Samsung’s upcoming …

What cost film studios millions of dollars can now be made with just an iPhone X and few extra costs

What used to cost millions of dollars and was possible only in special movie studios can now be done with just an iPhone X and a few extra costs.

A brilliant illustration by KNL Studios shows how you can use a cheap body mockup model and body trackers with an iPhone X to achieve impressively accurate virtual avatar of your own self.
The technology is possible thanks to the Face ID camera in the iPhone X and below you can see a demonstration of the avatar in action, plus you can see the somewhat crazy mounts and gear used. It’s mind-boggling to see that …

Deal: Unlocked LG V30 now costs less than $700

Last month, LG officially released unlocked variants of its
V30 and V30+ smartphones in the US,
selling them for around $800 and around $900, respectively. Now, the unlocked LG V30
can be bought for just $674.99 if you’re getting it from B&H – that’s at
least $125 off the phone’s original price.


B&H does not say if this is a limited time offer, so we
don’t know if you should hurry up and order the unlocked LG V30. In any case,
if you think you need this high-end smartphone right away, you can buy it via the source
link below.


The unlocked LG V30 works on pretty much …

Xiaomi announces world's second Cortana-powered smart speaker, it costs just $30

Harman Kardon was the first company to launch a smart speaker powered by Microsoft’s Cortana personal digital assistant – the Invoke. Unfortunately, the Invoke is slightly more expensive than other smart speakers that benefit from more exposure, but Cortana might push its sales in countries where the brand is powerful enough.

Invoke was just the first Cortana-powered smart speaker that made its debut on the market this year, but a second should have already been announced by HP. Although that didn’t happen, it looks like another company will be using Cortana to power one of its smart speakers …

Deal: Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (international model) now costs just $730

Buying an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in the US (or anywhere
else) is a costly affair, as the handset is normally sold for at least $900. But
what would you say about an unlocked Galaxy Note 8 that’s offered for only $729.99?
This is exactly the price that a top-rated eBay seller is currently asking for the
international, dual SIM variant of the smartphone, and we don’t remember seeing
such a low Note 8 price ever (though this certain deal was pretty close).


The $729.99 Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that’s available on eBay
is “brand new in sealed box,” and is compatible with GSM/LTE
carriers …

Deal: Unlocked Sony Xperia XA1 Plus now costs $299

The Xperia XA1 Plus, one of Sony’s latest mid-range Android smartphones,
has been available to buy in the US since October. Initially sold
for $379.99, the handset is now $80 cheaper, thus you can purchase it for only
$299.99 (US
warranty included).


You can get the Sony Xperia XA1 Plus at $299 from Amazon,
were the phone is offered in three color variants: black, blue, and gold. It’s
not clear if this deal is part of a Black Friday promotion, so we don’t know if
it will still be available next week. Anyway, if you want to buy this new Xperia right now,
you can find it at the source …