Hoping to appeal to Apple, Qualcomm lowers licensing cost for 5G patents

After hearing plenty of criticism over the last couple of years about its patent licensing system, Qualcomm announced this morning that it is switching to a different, lower cost licensing model for its 5G products. While aimed at all smartphone manufacturers, the focus is on Apple, which is involved in a number of suits against Qualcomm over patents and royalties. Apple reportedly decided to drop Qualcomm as a modem chip supplier for the 2018 iPhone models, and the San-Diego based chip maker would love to get that business back.

Smartphone producers have two licensing options when dealing …

The OnePlus 6 could cost as much $600 according to reliable source

The OnePlus 6 looks set to become the most expensive OnePlus device so far. It has been rumored for some time now that the OnePlus 6 would continue the company’s trend of pushing its prices upwards and, thanks to information revealed to True Tech by a reliable source, this appears to have been confirmed.

The source in question previously provided the Indian pricing of last year’s OnePlus 5 ahead of its official debut and, if the information provided is once again accurate, the OnePlus 6’s pricing looks set to kick off at Rs. 36,999, or $555. This price would be related to the entry model, …

Upcoming 6.1-inch Apple iPhone might cost as low as $550

Apple has yet to confirm anything regarding its 2018 iPhone lineup, but we’ve already heard quite a lot about it. While the next top of the line iPhone model will likely be at least as pricey as the iPhone X (pictured above), Apple may be readying a surprise for users who’d love to see an affordable new iPhone. 
According to 9to5Mac, reputable KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has updated his forecast related to the 6.1-inch iPhone that Apple is seemingly planning to release this year. Reportedly, prices for this handset could start at just $550 – that’s significantly …

Here are nine more paid iOS apps that won't cost you anything for a limited time

The other day, we showed you seven paid iOS apps that are currently available for free. Just in case you couldn’t find an app that you could use, we now have another nine paid iOS apps that won’t cost you a penny to install on your iPhone or iPad. As usual, we should point out that these apps are free for a limited time only which means that if you do see something you like, download it immediately. The app won’t get any cheaper if you wait.

Among the apps available for free and three that can turn your iOS device into an extension of your Mac’s QWERTY keyboard, a remote control for your …

The Vernee X gets another price-cut: massive battery and solid specs at a mouth-watering cost

This story is sponsored by Vernee. PhoneArena’s opinions in this article have not been affected in any way!

About a month ago, Vernee introduced its new heavy-hitter — the Vernee X. A smartphone with a total of four cameras, a gynormous battery, 18:9 display, and a price so low our “buy now” sense was tingling. It looks like whatever initial batch of the X Vernee had on stock is out the door and the phone is back in a pre-order stage… with an even …

What cost film studios millions of dollars can now be made with just an iPhone X and few extra costs

What used to cost millions of dollars and was possible only in special movie studios can now be done with just an iPhone X and a few extra costs.

A brilliant illustration by KNL Studios shows how you can use a cheap body mockup model and body trackers with an iPhone X to achieve impressively accurate virtual avatar of your own self.
The technology is possible thanks to the Face ID camera in the iPhone X and below you can see a demonstration of the avatar in action, plus you can see the somewhat crazy mounts and gear used. It’s mind-boggling to see that …

The hidden cost of affordable high-end phones in China

“Affordable high-end phones.”
This phrase sounds like a self-contradicting mix of words, but it is exactly what flagship phones in China seem to be. Launching at prices severely undercutting high-end phones like Samsung Galaxies and especially Apple’s iPhones in the West, these devices claim to have an identical set of features and hardware, just for a lower price.
But there is a catch.
One of the big stars of the Chinese smartphone market is Xiaomi, a poster child for the “affordable high-end …

Crazy: The iPhone X can cost over $3,000 on Amazon

Amazon is not among the official channels that are offering
Apple’s iPhone X, but various third-party vendors can use Amazon’s platform to re-sell the new handset. Right now, if you’re searching for an iPhone X on Amazon,
you’ll find that you can order one for prices significantly higher than those available at Apple and
major US


One particular third-party seller says it can ship the
iPhone X in 2-3 days – which sounds nice, given that stock shortages are
expected to affect the device’s general availability. However, to get the iPhone X in
2-3 days from said vendor, you’ll …

How much will an iPhone X screen repair cost? Apple now has the answer

If you intend to buy an iPhone X (now that it’s
available to pre-order), perhaps you should first know that repairing its 5.8-inch Super Retina screen will be a pricey affair. Of course, the new smartphone itself is expensive,
being offered for $999 (64 GB) or $1,149 (256 GB), so we’re not surprised to
find out that repairing it will be anything but cheap. 


According to Apple, a single iPhone X screen repair costs $279,
while repairs for “other damage” will cost users a whopping $549. To be clear, these
are prices for screen and overall damages that are not covered by Apple’s
standard …

HDR streaming for your phone to cost more, as Netflix raises subscription plan prices

With $5 billion in current debt, and $6 billion to be spent on original programming this year, it was bound to happen sooner or later – Netflix raising its subscription plan prices, that is. Yes, that also includes the plan that lets you stream 4K HDR content to your flashy iPhone 8, Galaxy S8, Note 8, LG V30, Xperia XZ Premium, or any other phone certified by the streaming giant as having a display that can show those wide color movies and TV series in full bloom.

The top-tier plan that lets you stream 4K UltraHD definition movies shot in the HDR10 …