Deal: Grab the Harman Kardon Invoke speaker with Microsoft's Cortana at half price

It looks like both Harman Kardon and Microsoft are looking to get rid of the relatively new Invoke smart speaker powered by Cortana. The device made its debut on the market late last year, but it has already been the subject of some deep price drops.

Back in November, the Invoke went on sale for half off, even though it was launched on the market less than a month prior to that. If you missed the opportunity to grab the smart speaker when its price was reduced by 50%, you’ll be pleased to know the same deal is available once again.

Harman Cardon’s Invoke smart speaker is on sale at …

Microsoft Launcher for Android now includes Cortana integration

The Microsoft Launcher for Android has received an update that adds Cortana integration to version 4.6 of the app. The update also allows you to add the Daily Bing Wallpaper to your home screen or lock screen, or both. You can also choose which contacts to put on your people card, and place widgets into the dock. Lastly, you can also pin a searched app or contact to the home screen.

The Microsoft Launcher allows you to change the wallpaper on your phone, or use theme colors or icon packs. Take a picture on your phone and it will show up on your Windows PC. With the app, you can set up a …

Cortana comes to the Apple iPad with an optimized UI that fits the larger screen sizes

Not every iOS user is in love with Siri. Some have installed other virtual assistants including Google Assistant, Alexa and Cortana. Speaking of the latter, Cortana for iOS has been updated and now offers Apple iPad users a design made “exclusively” for Apple’s line of tablets. The UI matches the look of the Apple iPhone version of the app, but is made to fit the 7.9-inch to 12.9-inch displays that come with the iOS powered slates.

In addition, the changelist for the app points out that Cortana now opens 20% faster. That means you won’t have to wait long to have your inquiry answered, or …

Deal: Buy Microsoft's Harman Kardon Invoke speaker with Cortana at half price

Microsoft fans rejoice, as the company is running a great promotion on the recently launched Harman Kardon Cortana-enabled speaker, the Invoke.

Although previous rumors suggested the speaker may be available on the market for no more than $150, the Invoke hit the shelves weeks ago for no less than $200.

The good news is Microsoft now offers the Harman Kardon Invoke speaker at half price. It’s now available on Microsoft’s online store for just $99.95, exactly $100 cheaper than the retail price.

Also, customers get to choose between Graphite and Pearl …

We can AI, too: Skype gets integrated Cortana to enrich conversations

Back when Google announced the Allo app, it had a special little feature sprinkled on top, which no other chat app had — the Google Assistant. Allowing you to either “chat” with the AI or invoke it during your conversations with friends and acquaintances to perform searches, bookings, event set-up, et cetera.

Well, since Microsoft’s Windows 10 isn’t doing so well on mobile, the company is actively working to bring its own services to the more popular systems — Android and iOS. Cortana — Microsoft’s own AI — is already available for Android, but it’s about to become …

Microsoft says the newest Cortana for Android is a “major evolution”

Microsoft has just released a major update for Cortana on Android devices. The new version of the app is called a “major evolution” suggesting many important features and improvements have been added. Well, let’s take a look at what Microsoft confirmed for Cortana v2.9.4, which has just been published in the Google Play Store.

First off, Cortana users will now be able to create a new list and edit list items on Android devices. Also, smart suggestions have been added too to help users do things faster and easier.

In the latest version of Cortana, …

Devices featuring Alexa and Cortana will be able to swap virtual assistants

With 2017 arguably the year of Alexa, the virtual personal assistant category itself was in the news often, thanks to the emergence of smart speakers. The relatively new device, led by Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot, has branched out into the latest new “smart” tech product that could end up under many Christmas Trees and inside Chanukah gift boxes this holiday season. Each smart speaker utilizes a virtual assistant. The Amazon Echo uses Alexa, Google Home has Google Assistant, the Invoke features Cortana and the Apple Home Pod is equipped with Siri.

This morning, Microsoft and Alexa announced …

Cortana gets a major redesign and a few new features on Android

Microsoft’s Cortana has been significantly improved this year on Android platform thanks to numerous updates released by the Redmond-based company. Of course, the Android version of Cortana is not yet on par with the Windows Phone app, but nice to know that Microsoft is doing everything it can to appeal to Android users.

The latest update for Cortana on Android brings some noticeable visual changes, as well as important under the hood improvements meant to enhance user experience with the personal digital assistant.

First off, Cortana users will notice the …

Microsoft's Cortana powered Harman Kardon smart speaker is called the Invoke?

One of the most innovative new products of the last few years has been the Amazon Echo. This is a smart speaker that features cloud based personal assistant Alexa. The Echo led Google to come up with Google Home, which features Google Assistant inside. Last year, we told you that Microsoft was going to make its own smart speaker that would come with Cortana playing the role of virtual assistant. A Harman Kardon speaker will bring outstanding sound quality to the device.

Two months ago, the product received its Wi-Fi Alliance certification, and now we might have a name for the smart speaker. …

Cortana app on iPhone receives massive update with a new look and plenty of features

If you own an iPhone, chances are you’re familiar with Siri’s many limitations. Other virtual assistants have far surpassed Apple’s AI when it comes to both ease-of-use and functionality, and one of today’s best mobile helpers is getting a fresh coat of paint on iOS – Cortana.

Microsoft officially released the latest update to its Cortana iOS app today (Friday, March 10), and it’s jam-packed with an upgraded look and tons of new features to play around with.  The first thing you’ll notice is the fresh design. The core functionality app is essentially the same, but its …