App for iOS allows the Apple iPhone 7 Plus to copy the black Portrait Lighting background from iPhone 8/X

Those with the Apple iPhone 7 Plus might understandably wish they had upgraded to the Apple iPhone 8 Plus or Apple iPhone X, especially if they like the Portrait Lighting feature on the new models. With Portrait Lighting, users can create certain depth effects with the background of a portrait, including a black background that completely hides the location where the portrait was snapped.

Until now, those with the iPhone 7 Plus had to jailbreak their phone in order to access the feature. But now, a photography app named Focos that has already been sitting in the App Store, has added a new …

Nintendo hid a copy of the NES game 'Golf' on every Switch


In the long history of weird Nintendo moments, this one stands out.

Tucked away deep within the Nintendo Switch operating system is the data for an NES original, Golf. It’s playable by one or two players using Switch Joy-Cons and it even appears to support motion controls… or it would, if anyone knew how to unlock it.

For now, knowledge of Golf‘s existence on Switch comes entirely, a wiki focused on hacking and analyzing the software powering Nintendo’s latest console. It’s not a piracy thing, however; “homebrew” programmers try to crack the code on gaming machines primarily to install software that wouldn’t otherwise be supported. Read more…

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Report says that Amazon Echo 2 will copy Apple's HomePod design

The smart speaker that started the craze, the Amazon Echo, is getting long in the tooth. And while Amazon recently launched a new model called the Echo Show that includes a 7-inch touchscreen and the capability to make and take phone calls, the original Echo is due for a upgrade. According to a report published Wednesday, the Echo 2 will resemble Apple’s HomePod smart speaker that was introduced last month, but won’t launch until December.

That means that the Echo 2 will be shorter, pudgier, and be covered in material. The addition of several tweeters will improve the sound quality of the …

OnePlus' desire to copy Apple caused the inverted panels on the OnePlus 5

You probably know by now about the jelly scrolling that appears on the OnePlus 5. The reason turned out to be an inverted mounting of the screen on the device. OnePlus has fixed the image on the display thanks to a software update, but that doesn’t fix the jelly scrolling. At this point, it seems that this cannot be fixed. OnePlus claims that the jelly scrolling effect is natural. And that is true since it is a natural result of the screen being inverted.

So why was the screen inverted? It was not a mistake made by tired or impaired assembly line workers. According to published reports, …

Kik jumps on the cryptocurrency bandwagon in a bid to copy Chinese messaging apps

You may know Kik as the WhatsApp alternative cool kids use to sext each other, but its executives seem to want to turn it into something a bit different. Once accused of being a clone of BlackBerry’s BBM, Kik now seems to be turning its gaze eastward, where messaging services, such as Chinese giant Tencent’s QQ and WeChat have a variety of other uses, including peer-to-peer payments.

Kik CEO Ted Livingston recently spoke at a TechCrunch event held in Shenzhen, China, where he justified the company’s plans to launch its own cryptocurrency (think …

Android Studio 2.3 released with new App Link Assistant, copy & paste text support

Google recently launched a new version of Android Studio, so those who create apps for its mobile platform will be pleased to know that there are plenty of improvements to benefit from in this release.

The new Android Studio 2.3 focuses on improvements across the IDE. Among the features that have been updated in this release, Google mentions the WebP support for app images, as well as the ConstraintLayout library support and widget palette in the Layout Editor.

Furthermore, Google added a new App Link Assistant, which should help developers build and get a solid view of their …

How to Copy DVD to iPhone 5 for Watching Movies on the Go with Mac iPhone DVD Ripper

It is indisputable that Apple iPhone is one of the most successful gadgets that have been introduced to the world. So each time announcement of new iPhone generation makes a hot wave in the market, a case in point is iPhone 5.
With stunning new 4-inch Retina display, an impressive 1136-by-640-pixel resolution, a minimum 16GB storage and a dual-core CPU, iPhone 5 absolutely catches your eyes and provides plenty space and fantastic visual experience to store and watch movies, music videos, and more on it.
Wanna copy DVD to iPhone 5 for entertainment on the run? It’s a known fact iPhone 5 cannot directly play DVDs for there is no DVD drive at all. So before you import and backup DVD movie to the new iPhone 5, it’s necessary to find a proper iPhone DVD ripper to convert DVD into a format that is playable on your fashionable iPhone 5. Fortunately, MacX DVD Ripper Pro brings a new profile for Apple iPhone 5 to fully embrace the audio and video format for the fifth generation iPhone and helps to copy DVD movie to iPhone 5 flawlessly. Still, copy protections likeSony ARccOS, Disney copy protection, CSS, etc that are put on the new blockbusters are no longer a bother because this DVD to iPhone 5 ripper is able to deal with all encrypted DVDs and helps to decrypt and backuo protected DVDs on Mac, making DVD copy on iPhone 5 without any obstacle.
More about this iPhone 5 DVD ripper can be found at:
How to Backup and Rip DVD to iPhone 5 on Mac OS X
MacX DVD Ripper Pro Makes DVD to iPhone conversion quite simple. The following step-by-step guide will show you how to copy DVD to iPhone 5 on Mac computer easily.
Step 1: Download DVD to iPhone 5 Converter on Mac
After free download this iPhone 5 DVD ripper on Mac, import the DVD you want to copy on your iPhone 5 by means of clicking “DVD Disc” button. Alternatively, you can import files by hitting “DVD Path”.
Step 2: Choose Output Video Format
Since you need to copy and rip DVD to iPhone 5, choose “to iPhone” button as your output video format. MacX DVD Ripper Pro provides a simple and humanized interface. For beginners, you can simply choose the default parameter setting from the drop-down list of profiles setting. But for advanced users, you can set video and audio quality and specific parameters of your choice to make your DVD copy well on your iPhone 5 with perfect video quality and fast speed.
Step 3: Press the “Start” button
You can start ripping DVD to the new iPhone 5 on Mac with this DVD to iPhone 5 converter for Mac. All the tasks can be finished within few clicks at fast speed.
MacX DVD Ripper Pro is also famous for its wide-range output video format supporting like MP4, MPEG, MOV, FLV, AVI, MP3, etc, which are optimized for any portable devices besides copying DVD to iPhone 5 on Mac. It makes your DVD collection more mobile and enables you to experience the shocking visual feast no matter on your iPhone, HTC, Samsung, iPad, or iPod.
To check out full resource, please visit:

About MacXDVD Software, Inc.
MacXDVD Software is a division of Digiarty Software Company, owns a professional multimedia software development team, providing a range of products for Macintosh Computer users, including MacX Video Converter, MacX DVD Ripper, DVD Author, DVD backup tools, etc, series of apps for Apple video player, and iPhone, iPad 2D and 3D video games. More information, please visit For editor or blogger who would like to request a free press kit with register key and full version, please feel free to contact our public relationship representative Sarah at

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Want to copy DVD to your BlackBerry?

BlackBerry made a powerful return in the year 2013, carrying two of its new flagship handsets: Q10 and Z10 to win back its market share. The specs of the cool designed BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone with cool design are on par with iPhone 5, HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4, but whether this star product can save BlackBerry’s future remains unclear. For most DVD movie lovers, it would be cool to copy DVD to their BlackBerry Smartphone and enjoy movie anytime anywhere. Good news, BlazeVideo DVD copy has added support to rip DVDs to videos compatible with all BlackBerry cell phones. It can copy any DVD to BlackBerry with only a couple of clicks. Now follow below steps to do it:
Copy DVD to BlackBerry: Step 1 -> Download and install the latest BlazeVideo DVD Copy onto your computer;
Copy DVD to BlackBerry: Step 2 -> Start up BlazeVideo DVD Copy, select DVD Ripper tab on the head Main Interface, and then insert the DVD you plan to copy.
Copy DVD to BlackBerry: Step 3 -> Click on the Folder icon under “Output Path” option to select a location on your hard drive or BlackBerry memory card to store the result video, then hit the Setting button under the “Output Format” option to find your BlackBerry handset type from Profile Library and press “OK” button, then”Click to load DVD” by simply click on the DVD Disc icon on the main interface. For the last, just hit “Start” button at the Main Interface to start converting.
Note: You can preview each chapter before conversion, just click on the DVD icon of each chapter in the chapter list, and the DVD preview window on the top right would play it automatically.
Note: You can do some settings on the output video size, bit rate, sample rate, channel, codec and frame rate according to your own need. The software would do default settings if you do not make any changes to it.
For more information about this DVD copy software, just move on to BlazeVideo DVD Copy page.

Hi, my name is Daisy Wood. I would like to share cool stuff about the latest multi-media software, tips and tricks for PC. Now, I work as an editor for BlazeVideo, who focuses on developing BlazeVideo DVD Copy for PC.