Fitbit's new Versa smartwatch copies the Apple Watch, but beats it in battery life

Fitbit is probably the company that suffered the most from Apple’s entry into the smartwatch market with the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch ate into Fitbit’s revenues and the company tried to counter it in fall of last year with a distinct smartwatch of its own, the rugged-looking Fitbit Ionic.
But now, Fitbit seems to have decided that the best way to beat Apple is to… copy it.
The newly unveiled Fitbit Versa looks a lot like the Apple smartwatch, except that it lacks the spinning digital crown. Instead of the rugged look and sharp corners …

Notch in my house: iPhone X copies — not so popular

Apple’s iPhone X has a pretty signature — if divisive — look. Yeah, the notch, which eats into the rectangular shape of the screen, is a subject of many debates, the vertically-oriented dual camera module still feels like an oddity, the shiny frame completes the package. And while it’s a unique-looking device, it also has a unique price tag.

But, as with everything that is popular, there are already manufacturers out there making phones that have been so “inspired” by the iPhone X, they kind of look like copies of the phone. But they come at a 5th of the price, …