Samsung's new Battery Pack Kettle design is a cool new take on the external battery

Samsung has a brand new battery pack it calls ‘Kettle Design’ that looks unlike any other external battery and brings a neat additional functionality: it doubles as a kickstand for your phone.
The Kettle Design is a 5,100 mAh battery pack that also features a neat wrist strap and comes with 1 USB type A port and 1 microUSB port for charging the battery pack itself. The port for charging your devices outputs 9 watts of power (5 volts at 1.8 amps), so this is charging quicker than your regular standards, but not as fast as the latest quick charging …

All jeans should have this cool sixth pocket for smartphones

The most uncomfortable part of owning a big smartphone is just how big of a pain it is carrying it in your jeans pockets. Try running errands with a big phone in your pockets and you will know what we are talking about.

It takes a simple solution to fix this problem, but up until now, jeans and pants makers have not taken any steps to make carrying our phones in jeans pockets easier.
This changes with the new Muji jeans that come with a special sixth pocket made specifically for you to carry your smartphone in. The pocket is …

5 cool LG G6 cases that you can buy right now

The brand new LG G6 may not be released before April in the US, but plenty of protective cases for it are already available to purchase. If you know for certain that you’ll be getting the G6, you might as well find out what cases you could buy to keep it unharmed.

Now, we do know that the LG G6 is pretty tough by itself, being able to withstand regular drops better than most flagship handsets out there. However, extra protection is always welcome! Thus, we’re inviting you to check out some of the coolest G6 cases that are immediately ready to ship.

All …

5 cool gadgets that use your smartphone to turn your car into a Smart car

A smartphone can make anything smarter. All it takes is having the right tools. Thanks to gadgets like these, the smart car is no longer a thing of the future, but a practical, and reasonably affordable reality. They take advantage of your smartphone’s connectivity and processing power to enhance your driving experience.

Imagine having your vehicle data and driving performance analyzed and delivered to you straight away, or no longer having to worry about forgetting your car’s parking spot. Mechanic and emergency services are a single tap away and all the music on your smartphone plays …

Cool New Apps For Your iPhone

If you really want to have some fantastic apps for your iPhone, you know that the best place to look for them would be in iTunes. ITunes lists hundred, no make that thousands, of apps and new and exciting ones are getting added every single day. It’s hard to make your choice from amongst so many but they’ve made it easier by categorizing the apps according to their function. So, you can find apps there which are based on Sports, Education, Finance or solely entertainment. Here’s a look at some such apps.

Amazing Hallucinations: What’s the point of calling something an Amazing Hallucinations app if it doesn’t make your head turn a few times over? You could be familiar with these visual tricks but seeing them on your iPhone seems nothing short of a hallucination. It could be the secret in the roses of the silhouette of a girl that changes as you rotate the phone, there’s loads of cool stuff here and who knows, I might just help you make an impression.

A Mister Prank: It’s so tempting and yet terribly nerve racking to try and make a prank call to someone, but with this app, nerves needn’t worry! All you have to do is decide who you want to call, once you’ve chosen your victim, simple turn on the speaker, turn up the volume and get to the home screen to launch this app. That’s it. Mister Prank will now simulate over 50 sentences to start simple conversations.

Music Jam: Always dreamed of instructing your own orchestra? Fancy being a conductor? Well now you can be the conductor to some really messy music and learn just how tough the job really is. How you do this is, by listening to the tune, figuring out which instrument is used and then, have the Herculean task of trying to replicate the tune by taping on the appropriate instrument players! Since there are 8 players, the task is not easy, but if you keep trying you might just get through all fifteen levels!

Palm Reader: Do you want to know what your future holds? Palm reading is the key to the future is what they all say, so grab a hold of your chance to have some fun with your friends while you let the Palm Reader app on your iPhone do all the magic for you. You could make your readings serious or simply trick your friends and even have some silly predictions given that will make you all laugh. Remember though, that this is only a palm reading simulator and doesn’t actually scan or read palms.

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Cool iPhone, Cool Mesh Case, Cool Business Model

Perhaps nothing else has taken the technology world by storm with as much vehemence as has Apple’s iPhone. These days, everyone and their mother has a smartphone, a major portion of which have a little apple residing on the back. The iPhone has revolutionized the way that people play, do business, and communicate in one fell swoop. With Angry Birds as its unofficial mascot, the popularity of the iPhone app store has transfigured the software industry, making mobile apps the hottest thing since Steve Jobs put pretty type on the screen.

So what is it about Apple’s iPhone and their other array of ‘i’ products – iTouch, iPad, iWhatevercomesnext – that has us all wanting to slide our fingers across a glassy surface? One thing that is seemingly inherent to Apple’s products is a level of (how shall I put it?) wowness. I know that is not a real word so I am going to use the word iSnazzy instead. Apple things look cool. They exhibit a sort of sophisticated “I come from the future” look that immediately grabs the attention and gets the fingers itching. Surely there must be a teleportation button on something that looks so cool, you think, and are only mildly disappointed at the lack thereof because you are so busy killing zombies with plants.

And if the look of the phone itself was not enough, the ability to customize it to your personality fills in the remaining gaps. Out there in accessory land, smart people are selling clothing for smart phones. The line of apparel includes such things as the iPhone two-piece case, the iPhone mesh case, and even the iPhone kickstand. And what cool new gadget doesn’t need a kick stand? Go on, name one. Knew you couldn’t. The cases and accessories come in more colors and patterns that French wallpaper. Enough said.

But is this all that makes iPhone such a ubiquitous tool? Certainly not. The real power of the rectangular object, small enough to slip into a pocket or a purse, is in its ever expanding variety of functions. It’s a phone, it’s a game system, it’s a camera, it’s a book, it’s a mobile office, it’s a room full of CDs, it’s a GPS, and it’s a flashlight for heaven’s sake. The fact is it’s anything the programmers can make it. What is your iPhone? You’ll find out tomorrow, because tomorrow you will change it. It changes as you do. You start exercising and it becomes your coach. You start dieting and it becomes your calorie counter. I think I’ve made my point.

Now, iPhones are not the only option out there in the world of smartphone technologies, and the future may see them relegated into the realm of Betamax and the Sinclair Spectrum, but I don’t see it happening. Apple has ridden the crest of the technology wave and seen competitors’ efforts mostly by glancing backward. It is because of their innovations that Apple has a large portion of the market share and will continue to maintain it without ever reducing their pricing. Apple doesn’t discount its iProducts; it just makes new ones and charges the same. And there’s no worms in that business model.

WiGO Goods provide customers with competitive products, such as our unique iPhone kickstands, and pricing to support retail sales and point of sale purchases.(

Got an iPhone 6? You Must Check These 10 Cool iPhone 6 Cases Then

iPhone 6 happens to be one of the coolest smartphone releases of 2014 which has totally reimagined the general look of iPhones we had till date. This one’s unique and pretty much in line with the rest of the smartphone industry as far as design is concerned. Being an iPhone user, you would not want your iPhone 6 to look dull and the same as that of others all the time. Instead, you would want to personalize it with modern iPhone Gadgets. By gadgets, we mean these Cool iPhone 6 Cases. Just have a look and get a customized makeover for your iPhone 6 now:

Typo2 Keyboard Case for iPhone 6

Go back to the age of physical keyboards on your iPhone by protecting it with this Typo2 Keyboard Case for iPhone 6. It’s a stunning case as well as a physical keyboard for your iPhone 6 which enables smart typing for those who still prefer the tactile side of typing on the go.

Overture iPhone 6 Wallet Case by Moshi

It’s not just an iPhone case but also a handy wallet with four card slots as well. You can get it in silver or white finish which can make your iPhone 6 look even more gorgeous as a smart device.

Moment Case

A case for mobile photographers that turns your iPhone 6 into an even better camera with a shutter button, lens, and strap attachment. The Moment Case is the first iPhone 6 case that was truly created for mobile photographers.


Prynt is the first of its kind, a smartphone case that turns your iPhone or Android smartphone into an instant camera by printing photos on the go.

Back to the Future iPhone Case

You’ve seen this fictional automobile a number of times in the Back to the Future trilogy but now you can have the same as your iPhone case too.

iPhone 6/6+ Mahogany Wood Wrap

These are vinyl wraps which come with the beautiful texture of real wood grain that not only look great but feels awesome too. It will provide your iPhone 6 with the perfect durability and protection required from a wrap and will look stylish at the same time.

Hex Solo iPhone 6 Plus Wallet Case

What makes the Hex Solo iPhone 6 Plus Wallet Case more than a mere phone case is the additional card slots. This proves to be of good use especially in today’s world when your credit card holds your entire wallet.

iPhone 6 Air Case Cover by Jisoncase

This ageless combination creates a classic look that is a staple of sophisticated style. Folio standing design for iPhone 6. Standing style and Folio open,especially standing function meet many buyers’ favor.

Wally Stick-On Wallet for iPhone 6

The Wally is a convenient stick-on leather pocket that holds your must-haves right on the back of your iPhone or even on the case you already own. Carry your ID, credit card, debit card, folded cash or business cards up to 3 items.

Seidio Surface iPhone 6 Case

Seidio’s SURFACE with Metal Kickstand Combo contains a SURFACE with Metal Kickstand case and a SURFACE holster. The SURFACE with Metal kickstand is the right case for those who want a slim case with functional features, such as a metal kickstand.

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Asus ZenFone 5 Review: Best and Cool Offering Under 10K

Asus has entered the Smartphone shred in India and propelled five Smartphone’s in one go. The Asus Zenfone 5 is the best placed of the part, offering a 5-inch HD screen, Android 4.3 and 2 GB RAM and even now holding the cost under Rs 10,000 for the base variation. Be that as it may, not at all like most Android telephones today, the handset is controlled by an Intel processor, not Qualcomm or Mediatek.

Does it drive well against the Moto G’s base variant? Should you purchase this cell phone or use an option Rs 4,000 and try for Xiaomi Mi 3? We answer these inquiries and all the more in our Asus Zenfone 5 audit.

Design and display:

It has a downplayed look, with the organization picking to a great extent for plastic development with just an insight of metal. The plastic utilized here is not shoddy and has matte complete that feels great to the touch. In any case, the look is fairly plain and does not separate the cell phone from the opposition either. The screen’s color proliferation is adjusted, conveying faultless and adjusted shades by and large. Being an IPS board, it offers great survey points, guaranteeing that shades don’t wash out when seen from the sides. Pixilation is not observable either.

Software inbuilt:

Zenfone 5 comes preloaded with Android 4.3; however the Android 4.4 overhaul is around the bend. There is no expression on Android L discharge for this cell phone. An alternate peculiarity worth specifying here is Easy Mode, which gives you a chance to pick and control those applications you may utilize generally regularly.

Performance Scale:

Zenfone 5 did not come up short us even once, conveying predictable execution without a solitary glitch. The cell phone performs well as a gaming machine as well; however asset hungry diversions feel somewhat moderate to begin. The Power VR Gx544mp2 GPU renders rich design without a hitch. The recreations we attempted, Real Racing 3 and Dead Trigger 2, played easily and there were no casing drops.

Camera Strength:

It has 8MP camera, and particularly useful for the sub-Rs 10,000 reach. However, Asus has uniquely added a few gaming peculiarities to give users a cluster of picture catching choices, for example, Depth of Field, Miniature, Smart Remove. You can make Gifs using the Smartphone, much like Nokia Lumia telephones’ Cinema graph. The Miniature peculiarity gives you a chance to get a solitary article center, while keeping the rest blurred. The Depth of Field peculiarity works well, however is somewhat abate and it took us a few tries before we got an acceptable photograph.

Rachna Arora is a professional writer likes to share articles regarding new mobile applications, Asus Zenfone 5, new mobile products for multiple mobile companies and mobile services like mobile phone buying tips, Motorola Moto E, steps before purchasing new mobile phones in india.

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