John Chen discusses his contract extension and his plans for BlackBerry

Yesterday, we told you all about BlackBerry CEO John Chen’s five-year contract extension. Now, the executive will be hanging around until 2023 unless another extension is signed before then. At the same time, his benefits package could exceed $300 million depending on how well the stock does over the five year period of the new contract. Should BlackBerry hit $30 (based on a ten-day moving average), the executive’s complete stock package immediately vests. Considering that the stock closed today at $12.95, Chen has a long way to go for that to happen.

BlackBerry, in case you don’t …

BlackBerry CEO John Chen receives a contract extension to 2023

Has 1,592 days really gone by since John Chen took over as CEO of BlackBerry from Thorsten Heins? Chen, as he promised, continued to push out new handsets until it was obvious that this was not a financially viable survival plan. So the executive made a brilliant move and licensed the BlackBerry name and its version of Android to other companies including TCL. This allowed the company to eliminate its hardware manufacturing business in order to focus on “cybersecurity and embedded software.”

To reward Chen’s turnaround of the company, BlackBerry today extended Chen’s contract by another …

Contract manufacturer Pegatron says it is bullish on high end phones in 2018

The CEO of  Pegatron, S.J. Liao, says that he is very optimistic about the state of the high-end phone market in 2018. The company is one of the contract manufacturers used by Apple to assemble its devices, including the Apple iPhone 8. While the smartphone market is slowing in general, Liao said that his company won’t be affected because of its focus on high-end handsets. He adds that Pegatron won’t even try competing with Chinese manufacturers churning out low-to-mid-range models. The executive says that high-end smartphones will see strong demand this year thanks to the inclusion of AI …

Qualcomm sues Apple, claiming breach of contract

As we have noted before, Apple and Qualcomm have been suing each other left and right over several issues including Qualcomm’s failure to pay Apple $1 billion that Apple claims it is owed by the chip maker. Qualcomm claims that manufacturers that build Apple products like the iPhone and iPad, have withheld Qualcomm royalties at Apple’s request. The latter has attempted to get an injunction against Apple that would prevent the firm from selling the iPhone in China. And Apple says that Qualcomm has refused to license its standard essential patents at the required fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory …

The Essential Phone is free with a signed 2-year contract at Telus

While subsidized pricing has fallen out of favor in the U.S., the practice remains in other parts of the world. For example, Canadian carrier Telus is now offering the Essential Phone for $0 with a signed two-year pact. The cost of the required data plan starts at $95 a month. That’s right, the offspring of the father of Android, Andy Rubin, is free if you lock yourself up with Telus for a couple of years. The off-contract price of the phone is $1,050.

The steep drop in the pricing of the Essential Phone on contract would seem to dovetail with a recent report that claimed only 5,000 units …

Deal: Get the Samsung Galaxy Tab E for free at AT&T, requires 2-year contract

Samsung’s entry-level Galaxy Tab E tablet made its debut in the United States last year. The slate was released with Android 5.1 Lollipop, but Samsung offered users an Android 6.0 Marshmallow update several months later.

AT&T has a great deal on the Samsung Galaxy Tab E if you’re looking for a budget-friendly Android tablet. The US carrier offers the slate for free, as long as you commit to a new two-year agreement.

Keep in mind that AT&T offers the 8.0-inch version, not the larger 9.6-inch model. Unlike the global variant of the Galaxy Tab E that …

Deal: Get the LG Watch Sport with a 2-year AT&T contract for free

The LTE-enabled LG Watch Sport is already available in the United States at various carriers (not Verizon, which canceled it). However, if you haven’t got the time or need to purchase one, now is your chance to make it right if you changed your mind.

AT&T has a promotional offer on the LG Watch Sport, which allows customers to get the smartwatch for as little as $0. There’s a catch though, as you’ll have to agree to a 2-year contract with the carrier if you want to snatch the LG Watch Sport for free.

LG Watch Sport was initially available at AT&T …

Deal: 32GB Space Gray iPhone 6 is just $200 without contract at Virgin Mobile

The Space Gray iPhone 6 is a special edition of one of Apple’s iPhones, which was originally released in emerging markets like India, but eventually made it to the United States and other countries.

Unlike the initial iPhone 6 that came in three storage variants (16/64/128GB), the Special Edition iPhone 6 packs 32GB of internal memory. Currently, the 32GB Space Gray iPhone 6 is available for purchase at AT&T for $345 outright, but another US carrier has a much better offer on the phone.

Virgin Mobile has a great deal on the iPhone 6 32GB Space Gray, as …

What Are The Benefits Of A Prepaid Cell Phone Which has No Contract To Keep You Hostage

Contract phones normally hold an individual into an expensive and unchangeable contract for two years. They are becoming less popular, and prepaid ones are going up in popularity instead. For many people a a phone like the prepaid blackberry would seem like a preferable alternative.

If an individual wants to leave a contract, they usually have to pay the provider and early termination fee, which can be very expensive. And while they are in the contract they can not change providers or plans if they want to. There is also a much greater risk of the user getting into debt.

There are no termination fees with these phones at all. The user can control their usage, and manage their spending better, with no chance of going over any personal limit. When they run out of credit, they simply cannot make any more calls or texts until they top up the phone. Phone users that do not use their phone much, will probably make quite substantial savings with one of these compared to a contract one.

Under 18’s, and people who do not have a fixed address would be able to have one of these, where as they would have trouble getting a contract one. Individuals with a low credit rating, would be able to have one as there are no credit checks needed. There is freedom for a customer to change providers and even plans if they wish to.

There will be more of these phones coming out in the future and 20011 looks like a good year for them. The blackberry curve has two out already, and can be found at stores offering them at very reasonable prices. Great deals for blackberry phones that do not have the burden of a phone contract.

Not many people are going for contract phones anymore, Their popularity is slowly dying off. The blackberry prepaid phone deals are brilliant for a person that does not want the burden of a contract phone, particularly in today’s economic state. They are a much better option for someone who is worried about financial problems and getting into debt.

In conclusion, getting a prepaid blackberry awards you the luxury of having all the bells and whistles of a strong smart phone without the chains of a contract.

Find out about the advantages and benefits of getting a prepaid Blackberry right now! When you need to save money and be able to communicate with friends and family easily, prepaid cell phones allow you to have the flexibility you crave.

Know the features of Samsung Galaxy S3 contract before deal

Since is currently approximately usual crossways flagship handsets, single part of glass cover up the whole face, mark by the home key on the bottom with the earphone at the upper. A shiny mob wraps about the Galaxy S III’s surface, along with its curve is absolute by the back envelop, which is white on my evaluation component or a faux-brushed aluminum indigo on the exchange version. I’ve not at all been a follower of plastic creature finished to appear similar to metal — it feels insincere together on the fraction of the company selling the creation with, consequently, the person own it — also I find it makes the Galaxy S III seem low-priced. It’s satisfactory for Samsung to utilize plastic to make this mobile phone, but fewer so to pretend that it’s prepared of advanced-rating equipment. The white version suffers since this matter in a additional diminish mode than the darker variation its silver sides have been matter to a parallel action as the nugget indigo GS III.

Helping you to carry on so as to Android smartphone absent from damage, along with provided that a silky resolution to adding together a line up of defense, are dozens of dissimilar handset cover up. These recommend a dizzying quantity of dissimilar designs with features so as to you might otherwise might not desire.

To assist you decide the accurate cover up for you, we’ve chosen away the greatest Samsung Galaxy S3 cases to purchase, and put them in order of present selling cost.

Samsung Galaxy S3 is not immediately single further revise of the former prosperous Samsung Galaxy S2. It is mode supplementary than that. In this article, we will observe the authorized attributes of this marvelous smartphone.


Extremely earliest, allow talk concerning the massive explain of the smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S3 games actions a huge-size four.8-inch Tremendous AMOLED contact monitor. The explain churns out a compelling resolution of 720×1280 pixels.


Allow us currently discover the smartphone’s processing capability. It is two times the power of the Galaxy S2. at the moment, the majority present installment in the Galaxy S listings propose a powerful quad-core CPU clocking at an amazing 1.4Ghz. The Galaxy S2 bragged a twin-main processor. therefore, the power has been doubled. This is the day of quad-main processors, and the corporation has finished the proper occupation by incorporate a quad-core CPU.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 arrives with 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB surrounded by storage space capacity options & it move toward in among 1GB RAM. Purchaser can enhance the memory up and about to 64GB through micro SD card.

Performance structure:

The Galaxy S3 functions on the fresh except not the most recent Android Ice Product Sandwich, This builds for a good personality proficiency. it require to be memorized that still the Galaxy S2 is acquiring present to Ice Product Sandwich. other than, the Galaxy S3 is slated to accept Android Gingerbread. So, below the Galaxy S3 is clearly the winner. The most modern OS is immediately one of the most important reasons guiding the recognition of Samsung Galaxy S3 extraordinary amongst the customers.

Before I finish, Galaxy S3 Contract is an marvelous handset that is give a strong contest to Apple iPhone and Sony Xperia. It proposes accurate cost for capital. therefore if you are want for an superior smartphone. Phone is high-speed, has get a brilliant camera, along with appears with an wonderful display, after that you should certainly believe buying Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile phone.

Toby ben in the filed of Telecommunication commited to provide services on galaxy s3 contract respect to leading networks orange, vodafone, o2, three, t mobile through monthly line rental. you can also get galaxy s4 contract.

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